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[Symptoms] Dehydrated
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RE: Dehydrated
Opal Rose
Last night did not go as well I woke up to go to the bathroom after 3 1/2 hours cold not get the mask back on without a leak blowing in my eye; I was sleepy I so I gave up and left the mask off or the rest of the night. I have attached the screen shot; up at the top where it shows events there are yellow rectangles that have numbers in them; obstructive 12 hypopnea 10 and RERA 0.

I was assuming these were seconds but if that is true why do the RERA read
02-15-2016 11:58 PM
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RE: Dehydrated
Under the details list at the left, if you click on an event, a drop down box appears listing how many events you had with (seconds) in brackets and should correspond with the event flags graph.
I've never seen one bracketed in red like on your graph.

Your leak rate is too high, obviously with mask problems. You may have to try a different mask if you can't get this one to work.

Trying to figure out your pressure the top left it says 11-13, but under the daily stats, it says min pressure 6.82. Do you have ramp on? If so, it is too far away from start pressure.

Your pressure is staying at max set of 13, and will probably have to be raised, but with your mask leaks, I wouldn't make any more changes until you get that under control. Your AHI could be suspect with high leak rate.

Try to get your leaks solved, and then if pressure is still staying at max, you will need to bump it up.

Hoping someone else will look at your charts and advise. Would like to see your get off to the right start.

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02-16-2016 08:53 AM
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RE: Dehydrated
The events you're having are obstructive (OA, H, RERA) and the pressure is being driven by flow limitation. I think you need to open up the maximum pressure and see if you can clear up the obstructions. Continue to use EPR for comfort, but a maximum pressure of 16 may reveal where you get some relief. Minimum pressure is kind of irrelevant as the machine never really drops below 12 due to flow limitation.

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02-16-2016 10:04 AM
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