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HuhHelp, I am turning everywhere. I have been on bipap for about 20 years and now, I am not sure what has happened, the last few years, when I get up I am totally exhausted, like I have climbed a huge mountain. I am not out of breath, I have O2 connected, they have done all the sleep studies. I got a new machine about 5 years ago, unsure of when this started to happen, don't think with new machine. I tell my doctor this 1,000 times, but he can't figure out what to do. He says the pressures are fine. I get up, and spend the rest of the day on the couch recooperating from the 5 hours on the bipap. Help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would appreciate alllll advise.
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No worries, this can be figured out.

But first of all what's needed is your current experience. What is your AHI? What are your OA's, CA's and so forth. I don't know if your machine can interface with the Sleepyhead software or not, so come back with your exact model number and that can be determined.

The thing is "your pressure is fine" doesn't really say much. It could be it is not high enough anymore to control your apnea. It could also be your condition has changed and you are experiencing too many Central events. So more data is needed.

Also, what is your leak numbers with your current mask? How long have you been using this mask?

Come back with as much info as you can.
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What is AHI, OA, CA wow, u are very advanced. machine is Bipap auto sv advanced by Resporonics. The doc told me i had like 1 mask leak last time.
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Encorepro smartcard
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AHI tells us how many apnea events we experience on average per hour of sleep. OA, CA, and a couple of others tell us what kind of events those are. For instance OA is an obstructive event and CA is called a "Central Event."

Mask leaks are reported over the course of a night in liters/minute. To say you had "1 mask leak" is not very helpful. Typically you probably always have a mask leak going on. It's just that if it gets over a certain level, it can cause your therapy to be not as useful.

I also wonder about your mask. It is important to replace the masks occasionally. And it's very important to wash them frequently. There are air release vents in the mask that allow for removal of spent air. If those are not kept clear, the symptoms you describe could develop.

Keep coming back!

One of our guys that knows a lot more about the Resperonics than I will be along to help figure out the machine/model stuff.
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(08-15-2014, 09:22 PM)ctolstad Wrote: Encorepro smartcard

Ok, that's helpful. Not to me, but to some of our other rocket scientists....
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Do I obtain all this info off a printout from from doctor when he runs the card???? To provide you with info u need to help me??????
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What you do is install the software on your machine and look at your data yourself. Hang in there for someone a little better versed with your machine than I. While you're waiting, go here and download this software. I'm pretty sure it's the one you will need. http://www.apneaboard.com/forums/Thread-...8#pid57428
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The DME can print reports or you probably can do. I dont know if sleepyhead is compatible with your pap (I think it is) http://www.sleepfiles.com/SH/ It's a software to read you sd card and it will show you everything you need to know about AHI OA HI and so on. Check it out. Like retired_guy said, rocket scientists will eventually arrive. unfortunatly that wasn't me Smile Hang in there .
To avoid any confusion you should follow retired_guy advice Smile
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You guys seem very knowledgeable. If you know all this stuff, why doesn't my doctor help me??????
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