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[Symptoms] Hi all
Hi all, I am a 20 year old male and recently been diagnosed with mild-moderate sleep apena. I'm pretty sure I have had it all my life. Went for a sleep study about 2 months ago and went to a sleep specialist and I was shown that I sometimes stop breathing even for a minute. I don't ever wake up feeling like I can't breathe though. I went for another sleep study about a week ago and tried out a CPAP machine and didn't really sleep due to uncomfortableness of the mask. I have yet to hear from my sleep specialist to see how I went that night.

I'm pretty sure I have had sleep apena my whole life as i watched a video on a sleep apena and CPAP machine on the 2nd night of my sleep study. People on the video with sleep apena stated they had lack of concentration, lack of confidence, lack of memory etc which I all have and a CPAP machine fixed those things. I struggled through school and my parents always thought I had an excuse that I didn't want to do the school work but I guess it turns out now that it's because I have sleep apena.

So I'm going to hopefully start using a CPAP machine soon. How long would it take to fix the problems I have? It's really a problem for me, I do forget some important things quite easily and I have trouble concentrating on some things and it's bad at this age. I have a casual job in security but it's barley a job because I only get work when there are sport events or concerts on because it's what that security firm looks after. I pretty much also have the lack of interest and that lack of interest is what I really want to do with my life or lack of continuing to study, all I do is sit at home and play video games or hang out with friends when they are free.
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Welcome! It is hard to say when you will feel the effects, everyone is different. For me, the morning after my first full night on CPAP I could think more clearly than I have in a long time. It was like a light switch going on. I still feel sleepy often, six weeks in now, especially if I have a bad night. It takes time to recover physically. I am still waiting for my energy levels to improve. But my concentration and memory have been consistently much better than before.
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Hello, lgray. Welcome to the Apnea Board forum. I've been a member here and using CPAP therapy for about three months. Based on my own experience and what I've read from other people posting here, the speed of improvements in concentration after beginning CPAP use vary widely.

Some people immediately feel much more alert and attentive. For others, it can take longer. Sometimes people feel much better for 2-3 weeks then regress for a little while then start gradually improving again. (That's what happened with me.)

When you start using a CPAP machine, you are getting enough oxygen while sleeping again, so that's a big plus. Your body/brain also starts to put your sleep stages back in order, and that takes a while. You very likely have not been getting enough deep sleep for a long time, and it can take a while for this to be corrected.

I think that's why the rate of improvement is not the same for everyone.

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(04-29-2016, 07:56 PM)lgray95 Wrote: So I'm going to hopefully start using a CPAP machine soon. How long would it take to fix the problems I have?

It really depend on your comorbidity (what else ails you) and your fitness level (The ability of your body to adapt to change)


You are young that usually means your body will adapt faster than in us old people. oldman

Above all don't give up, never surrender to the issues that come up. Many quit b4 seeing any results. Unsure

Remember the forum is a great recourse to resolve the issues you encounter. Okay

I am looking forward to hearing more from you on your quest for the perfect night sleep Eat-popcorn

2004-Bon Jovi
it'll take more than a doctor to prescribe a remedy

Observations and recommendations communicated here are the perceptions of the writer and should not be misconstrued as medical advice.
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An important part of getting better, is taking control of your therapy. The forum can help you to know what machines to select or avoid, and to help you get both effective and comfortable treatment. You need to begin NOW to know about the different machines and especially what you should want or avoid. Most of us do best with an auto CPAP like the Resmed Airsense 10 Autoset, or the Philips Respironics Dreamstation Auto. Both of those machines can change pressures within a range to minimize apnea and improve comfort, regardless of your sleep position, sleep stage or changes in your health or weight. Don't wait to be dispensed a machine before you start researching. You need to know to avoid the Resmed Airsense 10 CPAP and P.R. Dreamstation CPAP. Neither of those machines provides useful waveform data that you need to be in control and knowledgeable about the effectiveness.

Also, there are many masks on the market. Getting the right style and fit is the most important single thing you can do to improve comfort and get good sleep. If you can use a nasal pillows mask like the Resmed Airfit P10, then you will have a mask with minimal contact that is easier to use and it doesn't cover your face and look "medical" like a full face mask, or even nasal mask. Do some research, and be prepared to try several masks. Doing this will shorten the time it takes to feel 100% again.
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So after I found out I had SA, I talked to my father in law and he got tested, worse then me. All he has adjusted is humidity and he is doing great: no more snoring, sleeping 9 hours a night without getting up once (grrr).

I however seem to be more sensitive to everything and have had two sleep studies, APAP then VPAP, adjusted the crud out of all my settings and finally as I come close to a year, I am sleeping like I have no memory of sleeping before. 9-11 hours a night, getting up only once or twice, and actually thinking about doing some things I have not done in years-like woodworking.

Who knows were you will get to or how long, but if you stick with it and as above take control of your therapy (do NOT just sit there and wait for it to work) you will be where you should have been all along. You may have to do some focusing on changing some habits and discover more of an outgoing life style, but hey that's a good thing.

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Hi lgray95,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
I took to CPAP therapy right away, but is takes some people quite a while to adjust.
Hang in there for more responses to your post and much success to you as you start your CPAP journey; it will be good to hear how things go with you so keep us posted.
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