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[Symptoms] New. No CPAP yet. Oximeter results inside.
I'm on the second day of 3 night at-home sleep study, using take home equipment from SNAP I got from my family dr.

It has a usb port and a memory card - any tips on downloading my own results before I send the machine back?

I'm curious what it's finding... :-)

Going without my retainer, and also going without the pillows on each side that I've been using recently to help keep me on my side.
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Finished my third night of the in-home study, turning the device back in today. Also wore my own oximeter last night.

I wasn't able to read the SD card from in-home device. Windows said it needed to be formatted... So I just left it alone.

My oximeter data in sleepyhead showed 92 desats in 7 hours, a big chunk of them in the first hour. Min o2 was 80%. It doesn't always flag what looks like consistent stairstep down patterns though. The software that came with the oximeter shows 20-50 o2 events per hour.

Looks like I was partially awake for a couple of hours - one in the middle and one near the end - based on a fairly high and flat o2 during those two periods.

The A10 is looking like a good choice, online price is pretty decent. Mask type - I don't know about that yet. We'll have to see. Thinking of starting with a full and later trying a nose only (but not too keen on the idea of the nasal pillows).

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for my guesses, I use a 3X factor, if you have 92 O2 desats in 7 hours, I would guess that the AHI recorded will come to about 92/7 = 13.1/3 = 4.4 per hour.

if the home study did not provide a positive pressure to breathe against, then I suspect the doctor will say you have no apnea or MILD apnea, and would be hesitant to prescribe CPAP treatment.

prepare yourself for that, and be ready to explain that what is going on is really affecting you, and desire a prescription so you can take positive steps to change it.

UPDATE: I re-read your post and would take the 20 to 50 per hour from the oximeter and apply my factor. 20/3 to 50/3 or AHI of 6 to 16. That still puts you in the MILD category unless on the high end, over 14, so potential is still that you'll have to talk the doc into it.

Dedicated to QALity sleep.
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check your bloodpresure when you wake up in the morning then at noon then at 6pm then before you goto bed ,,. apea will give you a high morning blood pressure ..
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