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[Symptoms] Newbie help - snoring or apnea
Read the mask primer. A FFM is just 1 solution to mouth breathing.

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New to Apnea? Helpful tips to ensure success
Mask Primer
Dealing with a DME
Download SleepyHead
Organize Charts
Attaching Charts

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hi Bonjour,
thank you for the link which was very helpful.
i've now ordered a few masks to hopefully find one which fits well - as although the first night was a good improvement, on night 2 onwards i've had a disturbed night with leakage and fekt a but knackered since.
the masks i'm going to try are Resmed ones, so fingers crossed they fit a bit better than the cheepo i tried from Amazon.
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I can guarantee that the Resmed masks will work far better than the cheap one you purchased on Amazon... My favorite after trying a fair few was the Airfit P10 and I use a chinstrap (search for Halo Chinstrap) or the "Ultimate Chinstrap" which does help you keep your lips closed if air insists on escaping through there. As Bonjour mentioned above, a full face mask is only one solution for mouth breathing and in my opinion not necessarily the best solution. But the F20 as suggested above was the best FFM I trialed.

The next thing you need to do now that you have an excellent data capable machine (the best APAP out there in my own opinion...) is to download Sleepyhead software and post some data. Use the links in my signature below and make sure you organize the data as described below.

Once we get the settings dialed in with you you'll be getting the best sleeps of your life! Here's to a new you and onwards and upwards! Congratulations on your success so far and for your initiative in taking charge of your own health.
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thank you for your reply. I spent the past couple of weeks getting used to the machine. things are definitely improving. i have loads more energy, and my previous moments of fatigue have almost disappeared. I'm a lot brighter in the morning, and nowhere near as cranky as i used to be.
i opted for a Resmed Mirage Liberty as it felt there was less leakage around the eyes compared to the others i tried. I'm still getting used to it, and how much i can move at night - i might need to invest in a special pillow to accommodate the mask when i sleep on my side, as i do notice a small amount of side/mouth leakage if i'm not careful.

i've uploaded my screenprints for the past 2 nights. i know they are only a very mild level compared to some, but i can honestly say this machine has had a massive positive impact in my life, so i'd really like to that those that have commented, as i would not have had the courage to purchase without advice from those on this site. I'm still waiting for my NHS referral, so i am hoping by the time i get to see them, the treatment will be going really well and it'll just be a case of confirming everything is okay, and carrying on.

all the best.

(hopefully this link will work - thank you for the tip on how to post the data, and for mask fitment. i'll hopefully train myself to become a nose breather...with time.

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i had my sleep study last week. just waiting to hear the results of it....... Thinking-about
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long time no write.

Follooing my Sleep Study in June, i have today seen the consultant. She confirmed that i have a Mild OSA. She is happy for me to continue with my Autoset10 machine, and was impressed with the knowledge i had of the condition, and that i had self diagnosed.
i'm just relieved it now has a name, and there is nothing more sinister amiss.  The Hospital trust have issued me with a new mask, went through a proper mask fit session and demonstration of the device - although i'll be continuing to use my current own device, as the Hosptial currently issue the older model.

Thank you for all those who have commented, and gave me the confidence to buy my machine back in May. There is no way i would still be in business with my company if I had not taken those actions at that time. I've gone from working 4 hours a day to 8-12 hours.
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Sounds like a great success in many ways. Welcome back, and hopefully your story helps others.
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Wonderful to hear! Keep up the good work and stick with it. We're here if you have any further questions.
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Hiya Sleepybones

You are quite an inspiration. Self diagnosis with the help of this forum-quite amazing. Leading to a short cut to relief from Sleep Apnea exhaustion.

Others reading my posts will know I have had a epic journey with the NHS which I trust and love mainly. It is only far too slow due to lack of ££££ per person. My journey of diagnosis took, in all, from August 2016 to final collection of my own CPAP in April 2017. It then took the lovely gurus on this site a further few months to 'dial' me in.

So, hats off to you for taking your own health and comfort in your own hands. Wish I had the nerve to start with - but hey......I am here now.....better late than never and all that.....
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