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[Symptoms] Periodic breathing
Thanks for that. I just had a half hour nap with the new brevida mask that arrived this morning. It feels so much more comfortable to breath through than the dreamwear. I like the dreamwear but as soon as I put it on I feel as if my breathing becomes a bit laboured. I suspect at the medium size the air opening is a little small and it doesn't cover both nostrils. The medium wide is far to big and gives leaks. The brevida seems to be clearer and at even ramp pressure the pressure seems much stronger. Oddly after thirty min nap, on my back which is unusual as I sleep on y side, the AHI was 24 ?. 90% pressure at max. So I've now set it at fixed pressure of 9 with flex off. What's the difference between a flex and c flex?
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Aflex is available on auto cpap using auto mode and provides a pressure relief at both the beginning of exhale and beginning of inhale. Cflex only affects exhale. It is a momentary dip in pressure unlike Resmed's EPR which is a true bilevel implementation that reduces exhale pressure for until inhale is detected. It is mainly a way of rounding out the pressure changes. For some reason, complex and central patients seem to do better without either Flex or EPR.
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Thanks, learning a lot here. I had an echocardiogram done last week, not seen consultant yet but the technician said my left ventricular ejection fraction is preserved at 60% with very mild LVH and good systolic function. He noted some right sided enlargement and the report said right sided dilation. It says RV dilated with good systolic function. So I don't think any of that indicates congestive heart failure. I'm due for a catheter ablation for paroxysmal atrial fibrillation next week and I'm on abeta blocker and flecainide (antiarrythmic). I've read that sleep apnea can cause right sided dilation and that it remodels after CPAP often.
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Hi sleep rider, recent echocardiogram shows normal ejection fraction and mild right dilation with right and left good systolic function. So no heart failure. I read that right side enlargement is common with untreated apnea and often goes away with CPAP treatment. 

I tried a fixed pressure of 9 last night with the brevida mask I bought yesterday. I had a 30 min nap and AHI was 24 with no ca's just oa and hypopneas, then this morning after 6.5 hours of sleep it was 19 equally divided between clear, obstructive and hypopneas. It does feel like the pressure is higher with the brevida for some reason? . With the dreamwear and pressure at 9-11 my AHI was between 1.3 and 6.5 with an occasional 13/16.
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What percentage of periodic breathing should be a concern? I looked at an overview of my last 200 days and have had nights where PB is over 10% with a high of 18%. Looking at the graphs I'd say the average is 6%. Should I be concerned about this? I was recently cleared by my cardiologist of any heart issues.
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It might be a positional issue. Tucking the chin, for example, may increase apneas by bending the airway.

How do you sleep - on your back, side, stomach.
What, if anything, do you use to brace, support, or cushion yourself and how?
- pillow(s)
- neck collar
- other?
Please organize your SleeyHead screenshots like this.
I'm an epidemiologist, not a medical provider. 
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I'm a side sleeper, don't change position much, usually sleep 5-6.5 hours. Last night with brevida AHI was 4.5. Not sure if related but I've been on beta blocker and flecainide for past two months and started CPAP at same time. Yesterday an de today my waking breathing seems so much easier. Went back to apap pressure of 9-11 last night as well. Use a chin strap and tape.
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