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[Symptoms] hypoxia with cpap
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Machine: Res med aircurve 10 asv
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hypoxia with cpap
Diagnosed with severe central apnea. Failed cpap. (no improvement) At first with bipap improvement with alertness, energy, only mild headache. But after two weeks I went down hill and felt like I was dying. Had severe symptoms of hypoxia and refused to use the machine. Another sleep study (3rd one) I now have an ASV. Same problem. Two grand weeks of feeling mostly normal and then sliding downhill with classic symptoms of hypoxia: severe headache, dizziness, inability to wake up, (until late night when I've been breathing deeply all day.) When I stop using the machine, within 24 hours I "Wake up" and feel great. During those first 24 hours I'm air hungry and more dizzy then is comfortable. On the ASV, as was true with the Bipap, My sleep numbers are well within normal range. But I'm a mess. Cannot think straight, walk, drive, and the headache is severe requiring Vicodan (which doesn't help respirations) . My oxygen sat level during sleep study dropped to 76. Doc refuses to Rx supplemental O2. Any ideas? I'm a retired RNP but sleep apnea is a real so many of you know!
10-19-2016 03:49 PM
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Machine: Resmed Aircurve 10 Vauto
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RE: hypoxia with cpap
Patty, you can download SleepyHead for free and see why your problems are continuing to return. You have a great machine, and part of how we can help is to look at your settings, along with the Sleepyhead data and maybe come up with some ideas. There are a number of members here with complex and central apnea problems, and lots of ideas on how to optimize the Aircurve 10 ASV.

If you don't already have it, get the provider manual for your machine. Follow the link at the top for CPAP Supplier manuals. A good start will be to enter the provider menu and record all the settings. If you post them here, it may help us get started.

Good luck, you can do this. Welcome.

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10-19-2016 04:05 PM
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RE: hypoxia with cpap
Hi pattyrosen. Welcome to the Apnea Board. My first recommendation is to install the Sleepyhead software so that you and we can get a look at your data. For many people with Central Apnea the ASV machine that you have is a miracle cure. For you, it doesn't seem to be going that way. So, something else (maybe "else" plural) is going on. We are going to need to see several 1 to 5 minute snapshots of your machines activity along with an overall picture of your nights "sleep". We will also be able to see your machines initial settings when you start posting data. This sounds a bit complicated but you are in the right place to get some help.


Apnea Board Member RobySue has posted a Beginners Guide to Sleepyhead Software here:
10-19-2016 04:06 PM
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RE: hypoxia with cpap
Hi pattyrosen,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
I'm sorry you are having such a rough time with your CPAP therapy but I want to encourage you to keep trying.
I wish you good luck on your CPAP journey and also good luck on getting your therapy fine-tuned to better meet your needs, hang in there for more responses to your post.

10-19-2016 08:41 PM
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