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TOTALLY NEW, what to do, what to do??
TOTALLY NEW, what to do, what to do??
I just had my sleep study done 3 nights ago. A little bit humiliating to have someone watch you sleep, kind creepy even though he wasn't in the room... still the camera was looming overhead! I waved a couple of times. Ugh, I'm glad it's over, but the technician (who said he was no doctor but...) said I've probably got it.

He said my doctor would get back with me and they would do another sleep study with the mask. Fun stuff, I just finished washing the goop out of my hair...The technician said for that reason he LOVES bald guys.

But in the meantime, what can I do to keep from thinking I'm going to "blow up" or suffocate during the night??

You know that saying "Ignorance is bliss", well just thinking I was having trouble sleeping was a whole lot more "blissful" than now knowing I've probably got Sleep Apnea. But then you all probably know that.

I miss the bliss!! Gosh, darn, golly I DO!

SO, what can I do so I'm not SO nervous about going to bed? Knowing my insurance, it will take FOREVER to get an appointment, I'm just going to get MORE nervous. I feel like my bed is a battleground now. There seems to be SO much now that I am NOT looking forward to, especially the "no cure" part. That really sucks. As if we all don't have enough things to obsess about these days.

Sorry, I'm a complainer. It helps me cope...I've already been though the "woe is me" stage now its time to complain and rant a bit. But I can't help feel that I have no right to do EITHER because I'm a FATTY who brought this on herself.

Lots of emotions...thanks for listening!
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RE: TOTALLY NEW, what to do, what to do??
All of us here have been there.

I like to think of it like this. You're going to get a tool, like a toothbrush is to cavities. Your CPAP machine is the same thing to your heart. Use it everyday, to help it healthy. Start watching YouTube videos and read message boards here, you will have a pretty good idea what you want.
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RE: TOTALLY NEW, what to do, what to do??

while you are waiting, here is some reading about what sort of machine to accept when you get to commence treatment

and some advice on how a DME should operate so that you know something doesn't smell right if they don't
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Tongue Suck Technique for prevention of mouth breathing:
  • Place your tongue behind your front teeth on the roof of your mouth
  • let your tongue fill the space between the upper molars
  • gently suck to form a light vacuum
Practising during the day can help you to keep it at night

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RE: TOTALLY NEW, what to do, what to do??

It's now 3:47am, I'm assuming I "woke up" because I am awake but that line between trying to fall asleep and being asleep is so blurred. I guess the thought all all the horrible noises and awful things that are happening as I sleep, that I'm not even aware of, is a bit terrifying! I must sound like a total MONSTER when I'm sleeping!

But then I've been sleeping poorly long before I had the sleep study. This just adds a new twist to it all. Yes, I'm preaching to the choir here. You all have been there done that. But I don't have anyone to talk to.

I'll try those exercises, thank you. I guess you just trust that they're helping because without a camera on you as you sleep how do you know? But I will do that whenever I think to.

That makes a lot of sense, Legcramp ( I hope that's not your REAL name, LOL)

I've just got "bottom of the barrel" insurance. It took 5 months to get an appointment for the sleep study. I'm just afraid it will take just as long to get the CPAP and when I do it will be wooden and held together with twine and duct tape or something like that. To be honest, I don't know that I'll even have a choice.

Thank you for your responses. I guess there's not a whole lot that can be done while you're waiting for the machine. I'll just try lie on my side and not die. Bug-eyed I'm being sarcastic of course.
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RE: TOTALLY NEW, what to do, what to do??
Welcome to the forum Dianea!

You're on your way to getting the treatment you need. It's hard to have patience waiting for a diagnosis to really get things going. But you'll get there.

If you're really worried about sleeping on your back, sew or attach some tennis balls to the back of an old shirt and wear that at night to stop you from sleeping on your back.
APNEABOARD - A great place to be if you're a hosehead!! Rolleyes

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RE: TOTALLY NEW, what to do, what to do??
What to do?
#1 Breath in. Breath out.
#2 Keep repeating #1 regularly.
#3 Don't panic. If you do, go back to #1
#4 Realize that treated sleep apnea is nothing to lose sleep over.
If you end up with a CPAP, just think about the whole thing as about your regular cycle. Inconvenience but it can tune you into bloody mess only if you don't take care of it.
#5 Smile and go back to #1 If you think that this is nothing to laugh about, check the following threadhttp://www.apneaboard.com/forums/Thread-Sleep-apnea-funnies
Everything I post on this board is nothing more than an opinion expressed by an apneak. Normally, it's based on facts and experience but sometimes, I may get things wrong or not have all the facts.
I reserve the right to change my mind. Why? Because tomorrow I may know better.
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RE: TOTALLY NEW, what to do, what to do??
Hi Dianea,
Welcome to Apnea Board!

You can be your worse enemy or your best advocate for your medical care.

You do have choices, be a squeaky wheel. Depending on where you live, it can be a waiting game, but call the sleep center or sleep doctor and get that appointment made. They are not going to be in a hurry to call you. Nothing will be done until a doctor reads the study, and writes the script.

In the meantime, educate yourself on your condition and the different machines available, as suggested by DariaVader.

Until you get your machine, try sleeping elevated, and stay off your back.

I was very much like you before I got my machine. I feared bedtime when I realized my diagnosis, but now I look forward to sleep. Smile

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RE: TOTALLY NEW, what to do, what to do??
Hi Dianea,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
I wanted to tell you that skinny people have sleep apnea, too, so don't beat up on yourself about that. Of course, loosing weight is a good thing, but that's not the only cause of sleep apnea.
AS far as your doc and insurance goes, Call them everyday 'till you get results.
Hang in there for more responses to your post and much success to you as you start your CPAP journey.
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RE: TOTALLY NEW, what to do, what to do??

You mean like sleeping sitting up, recliner style or elevating the legs at the top of your bed? And Mapnut, are you meaning breathe in and out just to calm down for the moment or is that something to do prior to going to bed? I'm thinking both! Would deep breathing help to kind of "stock up" on Oxygen? Maybe there's some way to exercise and loosen up or strengthen your windpipe area or whatever you call that area, just thinking outloud and throwing it out there.

I need to get more Oxygen flowing anyway for Neuropathy/circulation. This just adds to my list of reasons why I am a mess. But I'll adjust if I let myself go through the stages...it just sucks when the list starts to get long as we age.
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RE: TOTALLY NEW, what to do, what to do??
Most people say that weight is not an issue in most cases, don't beat yourself up
Most people have spent time and money getting comfortable with sleeping: mattresses, pillows, toppers, blankets, sheets.... This is just the latest thing.
It does indeed get better, I too used to put off going to bed as long as possible and now I actually watch the clock so I don't go to bed too early. Turns out I really like sleeping.
You will get the machine your doctor prescribes, make sure that your doctor knows what you want.

I started with a wedge and ended up sitting up before I got my machine. Don't assume and wait for anything, call them and confirm. Don't accept the standard two weeks or whatever they tell you. Call the Doctors office, call the DME, call your insurance company.

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