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TSA broke part of my machine
I just traveled from NY to FL with my Airsense 10 in my luggage and sure enough they checked my bag. Well I finally was about to go to sleep tonight and the on/start/stop button is pressed in slightly and won't turn on/off the air or on/off the machine.

I finally figured out that the smart start was the only way to get it started, so that was a relief. 

I still need a new machine though and I'm away for a couple months. My DME is in NY. I'm not flying back just for a new machine. Will they ship one out to me? How does that typically work in these scenarios? Thx.
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That's a worry just as I'm about to fly to the UK. What documents do I need to produce to show that my machine is FAA compliant? Its the one in my signature.

I'm going to carry the machine on board without the humidifier and use it thus. The humidifier will be in my checked luggage. A business class seat will mean that I will not necessarily annoy my fellow passengers. Anything else I need to do?
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I am a little confused. Was it in checked baggage or carried onboard?

Where are you? All we know is not in NY. Domestic vs. international?

If you are talking about having your insurance-paid DME replace it, I expect it is likely that you will have to ship it back to them so they can mess with it for a week or so to see if they think it's broken and then start the process of replacement. And then maybe send you a replacement (used?) ... Is it still under warranty? That may come into play. Then again, it may come down to a peeing contest between manufacturer, TSA, your airline, etc...... All while you don't have a machine.

If you are outside the US, you may likely be able to buy and have shipped a unit from a friendly online provider (I know one supplier, numbered more than one but less than three that has good deals on new and used machines and is rumored to ship internationally - and offers good customer service.) If in the US, get a copy of your Rx from your doc and you can order one direct.

Reminder to everybody (whether applicable or not in this situation). When traveling, CPAP/APAP/BiPAP should never go in checked luggage. Ever. Unless you're OK with never seeing your machine again. Because.

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I just put it in my luggage, just like I do with my laptop etc. I didn't check it or do anything special. It's basically like a portable electronic fan so I didn't think anything of it.

I flew from ny to fl. I'm in Florida. My dme is in ny. My insurance is paying for the machine so far.
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I usually keep the machine as carry-on. As a medical device it does not count against your carry-on allowance. That said, the damage will be covered by your DME, however you may want to file a claim through the airline to document when and where the damage occurred.

Holden4th, the FAA compliance stickers are on the machine. Just look at the labels, and you don't need anything else.
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Carry on the CPAP. TSA sees these things all the time. Usually they just want the carrying case open when it goes through the xray, sometimes they want it out of the case. You put it all in a bin and run it through. TSA should never touch it unless they want to do a bag check, and then you'll be nearby anyway.

No paperwork involved, and it does not count against the one carry-on limit.

Putting it in checked luggage leaves you at the mercy of the baggage handlers and how much they throw your suitcase around.

If it was in checked luggage you might be able to file a claim with the airline but I doubt it will go very far. Maybe your warranty will cover it unless the manufacturer finds out it was in checked luggage.

It sounds like you put it in a carry-on, along with your laptop, and then your bag was gate-checked? At that point it's already past TSA and just the baggage handlers are dealing with it.
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I put it in my suitcase and checked the suitcase. Then when I arrived I saw the TSA notice in my bag (this happens all the time for some reason). It must be my pills or something that looks suspicious or I'm just really unlucky.

I'm not even going to tell my dme about it being damaged in flight (unless there's some benefit). I'm just gonna say the button is broken on the machine. Also, not even worth dealing with the airline imo.
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(03-02-2017, 10:56 AM)JohnnyGobbs Wrote: I put it in my suitcase and checked the suitcase. Then when I arrived I saw the TSA notice in my bag (this happens all the time for some reason). It must be my pills or something that looks suspicious or I'm just really unlucky.

I'm not even going to tell my dme about it being damaged in flight (unless there's some benefit). I'm just gonna say the button is broken on the machine. Also, not even worth dealing with the airline imo.

Ah.  Still, can't tell if the damage was from TSA rooting around in your underwear, or some gorilla baggage handler beating it up or dropping something heavy on it. TSA xrays checked bags and they might be getting a trigger on that CPAP inside, it might not be the pills that are drawing their attention.

It's a pain to carry it on, but it's the only way you can keep it from being banged up inside a suitcase.  It doesn't count against you, so you still can have one carry on, but it is one more thing you have to lug around with you.  If you have a padded backpack, that's a bonus that you might be able to use and keep your arms free.

Going through the xray line is no problem, just ask if they want it out of the bag or if you can leave it inside the bag.  Either way, put it inside one of the bins and send it through.  There should be no need for them to even touch it.  They see CPAPs all the time and I've never been asked about mine.
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If they do wish to "touch" it, you should politely ask them to put on new gloves.

I have a feeling that most checked bags are going through an X-ray scanner these days.
Also, bags are checked by dogs.  JG:  It very well could be that your meds are attracting attention either on X-ray or by canine.
So could your CPAP machine.

@Ray:  You can say Supplier #2   In fact typing it with the # symbol now creates a link to the supplier page -- an update from our Admin.

Admin Note:
JustMongo passed away in August 2017
Click HERE to read his Memorial Thread

~ Rest in Peace ~
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Never ever put your CPAP in your checked luggage. And this is why. You are extremely lucky your DME is willing to replace it.

More than likely it was the luggage guys that broke the machine. Probably another suitcase or object was placed on top of yours and the button was pressed too hard for too long.

To everyone else: every airline has on staff a person called the Conflict Resolution Officer (CRO). If the airport is open, that person is there for each airline. Don't let them tell you there is not. Should you have a problem with the airline (such as damage to equipment), ask to speak to this person. If you leave the airport before speaking to them, they can say there is no proof the damage was done elsewhere.

We also have a wiki page on traveling with your CPAP. It has more information.
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