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Taping mouth
Taping mouth
So after starting on this CPAP again after 2 weeks I realize that my mouth actually does open while sleeping. I’ve caught myself doing it and my girlfriend had noticed it. 

I really need to avoid the FFM if I can. 
And a chin strap has hurt me in the past. 

I see a lot of people mention about taping your mouth. 
Any tips about this?  And what is the best stuff to get?
Tape left to right? Up down?

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RE: Taping mouth
I use tape that's used for taping bandages

3m microspore tape
Right to left
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RE: Taping mouth
Is tape tape wide to completely cover or pretty narrow?  1 strip?  More than 1 strip?
I had tried that a few years ago and it had come off, which is why I am asking for tips as perhaps I got the wrong stuff or doing something wrong.
Also makes me a bit nervous, but I'm desperate to get the CPAP to work for me this time.
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RE: Taping mouth
Hi, this is a subject close to my heart, as only have just mastered mask taping after much trial and error.

Key points in my experience:-

1. Tape must go beyond corners of mouth by at least 2 cms. This a weak area for leaks. 

2. Use tape 5cms wide. (2 inches)

3. The top level of tape needs to just over upper lip. The bottom level down as much as possible below lower lip (area of max traction when jaw drops in deep sleep cycle, - muscles relaxing.

4. Make sure you press down carefully to ensure good adhesion. This can make a big difference. Downside may be a llttle difficult to take off in the morning, even with one end "dog eared". I dampen it a bit and is OK.

5. Watch out for skin creases/folds. Make sure tape is well pressed down here to stop a channel for !eaks. There are pretty strong forces at play with  air pressures and chin drop at night.

I use 3M Micropore tape. The adhesive odour is not so nice, but does the job.

There is quite a good Youtube video by The lankylefty on this subject. Should watch.

I have now ordered Cover Roll Tape to try as an alternative as elastic...
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RE: Taping mouth
I would like to add that you need to add about 8 cm to the length, so you may fold over the ends, 2 cm fold on each side, for quick release pull tabs.
Crimson Nape
Apnea Board Moderator
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RE: Taping mouth
Thanks for that.
A bit scary to have your mouth taped at the same time. I will see about getting that tape today and trying tonight.

Could a person still breathe somehow if the nose was plugged somehow at some point in the night? Not suffocate?
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RE: Taping mouth
(04-12-2022, 08:01 AM)Crimson Nape Wrote: I would like to add that you need to add about 8 cm to the length, so you may fold over the ends, 2 cm fold on each side, for quick release pull tabs.

Great idea.  Thank you..
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RE: Taping mouth
My new sleep dr. had a one-word piece of advice for me. I think it was "somnifix". We ordered a two-month supply of somnifix. Some nights it came loose, so for awhile I added a short piece of tape at each end. So-- I have been using a nasal mask for two months now, instead of the FFM that I had used since I started. YAY!
When we went to the somnifix website to order new supply of strips, we discovered that we could order a one-year supply with auto-reorder for a reduced price.
Thirteen small boxes--they fit into a space in my bedside table so they are not lost. Yes, it looked like a lot of money to spend all at once, but they are helping me.
My CPAP therapy / and my sleep are greatly improved with nasal mask.
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RE: Taping mouth
Also, does it work ok with facial hair? Have to wash face beforehand?  Does it matter?
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RE: Taping mouth
I used 3M Micropore also, and I never had tape across my entire mouth. It might have been their 'Gentle Paper' type. I used two vertical strips of 1 inch wide tape, each about 2 inches long, spaced apart. I guess it depends on how hard you might try to open your mouth at night without realizing it, because those two strips was all I needed. I bought some skinny cocktail straws so I could slip the straw through the space between the two strips and take a sip of water during the night if needed. I can't recall exactly, but I think after 4 months I started just using one strip in the middle and then a couple of months later I discovered I didn't need to tape at all anymore. Originally I never thought I could break that habit of sleeping with my mouth open, because I had to doing that for decades.

If you are worried about suffocating, I'd suggest starting by not taping across your entire mouth and see if that is sufficient to keep your mouth closed.
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