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Thank you from a brand new member
I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who contributes to this board. I found the board this morning and have been reading non-stop.

I have severe sleep apnea with an AHI of 44/Hr during my study. Decent coverage at work enabled to get the ResMed S9 Elite with the H5i. I went with the WISP nasal mask. I had used a mirage Fx mask during my study, but the minimal design of the WISP really appealed to me. I've only had the machine 2 nights but I think the WISP may have been a mistake. I slept okay during my study with the mirage, but the 2 nights at home have been less than pleasant. The first night I kept it on the whole night, and ended up with a sore red mark on the bridge of my nose that still hasn't gone away. The second night I tried to adjust the position a bit, and ended up taking the mask off after about 2 hours, because my nose was too sore.

It's comforting to know that others have had a similar issue and also to read about how many masks people have tried.

I was also excited to read about sleepyHead. The people who sold the machine to me told me I could bring the SD card in every few months to download data. They didn't mention that there was FREE software to allow me to monitor the quality of my sleep as often as I wanted.

Thanks again for the wealth of information!!!!Thanks
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Get that SleepyHead program going.
That will help nail down all kinds of problems.

Try putting those small square bandaids on your nose where the irritation is cropping up.
Try as many different masks you can get your hands on too.

"With ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable." - Thomas Foxwell Buxton

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Hi mjb,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
There is a lot of helpful information to read here.
The mask is the hardest part of this therapy, so don't be hesitent to try as many as you need 'til you get just the right one.
Hang in there for more responses to your post and best of luck.
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(05-15-2013, 11:34 AM)mjb Wrote: It's comforting to know that others have had a similar issue and also to read about how many masks people have tried.
Its very common to try several masks to find the right one and size is important too. Good fit essential for effective treatment
Mask has to feel comfortable and seal well without over tightening the headgear

See your DME about mask returns, some accept returns within 30 days

Some people use mask liners, padacheek and Remzzz make some and you can make your own from from an old T-shirt or similar material
Gecko nose pads: http://www.resmed.com/us/products/gecko_...clinicians

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Hi MJB - welcome!

I've just finished trying out a Wisp Mask, I really liked it and had a hard time making up my mind between it and another. One thing I found while using it was I had to be careful not to over tighten and also after masking up with pressure running and laying down, if I pulled the mask itself slightly away from my nose then let it return it would 'seat' itself making a seal.
I believe if you've a spot on bridge of nose you've had it tightened to tight. Also, did they make sure and use the card that comes with the mask to be sure you have the correct size?

As the others said you should be able to trade out for another type as most do this. I've been thru several in the last 30 days - it is the hardest part of therapy so be vigilant finding one your comfortable with and reading all the tips from others here helped me so much.

Happy Zzzzzz's :-)
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Update after night 3.

Much better last night. I managed to keep the mask on and felt like I got a decent night's sleep. I also have the sleepyhead software running, but i do have a couple of questions.

My AHI last night was 5.04. A huge improvement from the 44 in my sleep study. Does that typically improve further as you adjust to the CPAP?

Second, my average leaks is 4.11 and 95% leaks is 20.40. It's hard to know if those numbers are good or not without some context. Can anyone offer up some guidance on what those numbers mean?

Thanks again!
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mjb, that AHI is near the magic number of five. You want your AHI under five, eventually. It may take awhile to get that AHI down. Do you have a follow up appointment? Some fine tuning of the pressure may be needed. I also use the Wisp and think it's the best mask I've ever had. It really doesn't have to be cinched down tightly. The Mirage FX is also a fine mask. If you've already getting a sore on the bridge of your nose it does sound like you're wearing the mask too tight. I found a mask with a gel cushion to cushion the mask at the bridge of my nose to work best. Band-Aids work well to cushion the bridge of your nose. Masks have really come a long way in just the five years I got the machine. I never understand the leak numbers- mine is zero with the wisp.
Good luck with therapy and thanks for posting. We never learn all these is to know about CPAP, that's why we're here. By the way- you got a fine machine .
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Are you shutting the machine off whenever you remove your mask or unhook from your machine? It's a bit difficult to remember in the middle of the night but once I started doing so my leak went to zero. I was unhooking my hose when up for the bathroom and leaving my machine running.
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(05-16-2013, 07:46 AM)mjb Wrote: Second, my average leaks is 4.11 and 95% leaks is 20.40. It's hard to know if those numbers are good or not without some context. Can anyone offer up some guidance on what those numbers mean?

Thanks again!
95% percentile does not mean leak was at that number for 95% of the time just at or below that number for 95% of the time.
The below part is important, leak graph would show the details

Anything below 24 L/min is an acceptable leak
Because the median leak is low, maybe a bit of mouth breathing every now and then
Chinstrap can helps keeps closed and minimize mouth leaks
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I started on CPAP November 27, 2012 and had my battles with pressure sores on my face and the bridge of my nose. I found if I sprayed them with Colloidal Silver they healed quickly. Once I had to switch to a hybrid that covered the mouth and had nose pillows until my nose healed. Since then I have been okay. I just think perhaps the skin in these areas must toughen up or get used to the mask. At any rate I haven't had any problems recently. I wear the Quattro FX FFM and find it is best for me, though I also use the Quietus Mask Liners as it feels better on my face.

Fast forward to March when my sleep doc had me do a bi-level sleep study, which subsequently lead to my being put on VPAP in early April. With VPAP I have done even better than with CPAP; less leaks and less waking to fix leaking mask during the night.
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