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Had a visit with a sleep doc today, boy am I glad I had been on this board and got some heads up on the attitude out there..
Did not want to see Sleepyhead data, stuck to mainstream medical attitude, ie, the patient knows nothing...
I was surprised he put me forward for the overnight sleep study, just a straight respiratory study, no titration...
Anyway, just wanted to thank you all for educating me, it made the experience a lot easier...

Sleep study, 24 Oct...

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Oh.... Some of them HATE that.

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Since YOU are the one who are living in YOUR body you have the right to have a say in your treatment; though not all medical people agree. Ah well. Smiles, persistence and knowledge will win.
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Diagnosed: 44 AHI when supine, O2 down to 82%
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Wow Storywizard, that doesn't sound like the best appointment - where are you going for your study - VGH or Abbotsford?
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This is at the UBC sleep clinic...

it was a little disappointing but not surprising...:-)

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I'll be interested to hear how it goes - keep us posted.
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Best of luck to you.

My Primary Dr seems pretty happy that I have educated myself on the condition, and he freely discusses what he knows with me.

My Sleep Dr was awesome when I first met him as was the clinic, but the follow up hasn't been so well received. Frankly though, I just needed the diagnoses, the machine, and the script, now the rest is really in my hands.

The hardest part is communicating not that you are educated, but that you aren't insistent that you have something you don't have. I guess people read things see one thing and insist that is it and this si why they seem to get annoyed. I reference a favorite episode of friends when the Dr tells Joey he has Kidney Stones, and Joey tries everything he can think of to say maybe it is something else and the Dr keeps going back to Kidney Stones. I think they get way too much of that and so they shut down a bit. If you can show you can speak with him logically on the subject they generally change their tune.

The funny part is this whole SA thing reminds me of Having Kids vs getting a drivers license. Anyone can have a kid, no learning required, but you can't get a drivers license without some schooling. In the same way anyone can get SA be handed a machine and told virtually nothing. Whereas a Diabetic would never be told- Here's a meter and some insulin go home with no information or schooling.
If everyone thinks alike, then someone isn't thinking.
Everyone knows something, together we could know everything.
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I've never met my sleep doctor. One time I got the receptionist to go ask him a question! The PA is nice although he is mostly interested in talking about his farm...

This forum and the Mayo Clinic website are my primary sources of info.
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