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Thanks for the Help! Another CPAP Rookie
Well 5 nights on the machine and all is well. Doc called and told me to try the AutoSet and I programed it to a low of 7 and high of 12 per his instructions. We will see if this works as well as the straight CPAP mode. I have had very little trouble with the straight CPAP mode but he said this might even be more comfortable. Really like how my Doc and his staff have called a few times to see how it is going! Only issues so far have been some minor leaks and getting the hose out of the way.
Headboard project was scrapped after wifey spoted a dresser that had a pull out shelf to expose the machine and could be tucked in during the day. So now its off to the drawing board to plan making a new cabinet for my side of the bed...will be a lot less work than a total headboard rebuild...or should be anyway. Been looking at servo powered track sliders like I put on my TV consol...I like to push buttons and watch things move!

Going to play with Sleepyhead and Rescan this weekend and see if I can figure out what im looking at. I am hoping this dream machine just keeps getting better and better...can't believe how much more energy I have now!
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TinyL, you're no rookie. You did your homework and were able to express yourself with the therapist so well that you got the machine you wanted. Great!
For five years my machine has been a couple of inches above my mattress. I know that's not the recommendation, but it works fine for me.
Actually, we are all rookies and our knowledge base should always grow as our experience grows. I really used to have my head in the sand thinking I had read the manuals and hung around the forums, but I am ashamed at some of the attitudes I've had.
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AHI 2.0 last night...the AutoSet mode seems a little easier to breath with. In fact I kept feeling for leaks since the pressure seemed so much lower, but all was good and no leaks. Did not get woken up due to pressure changes...so I guess I will work on slowly tweaking the high and low settings over time as I have read so many have.
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Hi TinyL,
That's good to hear that your Dr. and their staf checks to see how your therapy is going, most people aren't that fortunate.
It's GREAT to hear that you are doing so well with your CPAP therapy. You might want to wait a week or so before you start tweaking with your pressures because every night is different. Wait a week or so and you can begin to see a trend in your data to better help you set your pressure to what works well for you.
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(05-04-2013, 05:49 PM)Sleepster Wrote: You may get rain out regardless of the height of the CPAP machine and the way you route the hose. If you need the humidity so high that you are getting rain out then you need either a heated hose or a "blanket" that wraps around the hose and insulates it. Especially because you like the room so cold.

Hi TinyL, what Sleepster said.

The heated hose works far better than the insulating wrap, and the wrap would make the hose too stiff, also.

Take care,
--- Vaughn
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