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The "Don't get discouraged" thread
Ok...lots of good questions on the board and some great success stories too...but I'm not seeing a lot of "I had a hiccup" threads to help new users know that, well, hiccups happen. Thought it might be useful as part problem solver and part encouragement.

So, after about 6 months, I've had a hiccup. Not quite sure what it was that got me, though. I was trying a new pressure (my DME had given me two to try out when I switched to a nasal mask from pillows and I was about 1/2 way through the week trial of the lower of the pressure settings to try), but things were otherwise normal to start. Hadn't had issues in the preceeding days, so wasn't thinking there should be one that night...

Well, a couple hours in, the mask just didn't feel right. I tried re-adjusting but it just didn't want to settle down. Didn't seem to be sitting right at all, including below the nose. Rather than wake up too much, I swapped over to a ffm I have access to. Not my #1 preference, but it got me through the night.

Looking at the numbers in the morning...it was a train wreck. AHI was up almost 10x from my "normal" (still not too bad for therapy, but far from what I had gotten used to) and my respiration rate and tidal volumes were higher too... and centrals...not usually my thing, but I had a swack of them.

So, the next day, I went over things carefully, re-cleaned and assembled the nasal mask, re-trimmed the moustache and went back to the previous week's settings. Basically looking for anything that might have set me off. I don't know what it could have been, but it had to be pretty minor as everything looked pretty normal.

Well, last night, I got ready with a liitle bit of trepidation...would it happen again? Guess what....I slept like a baby. Everything was back to normal...AHI was back down, basically no centrals, no issues with the mask.

Morale of the story: there are a lot of little things in CPAP therapy that can trip you up...not all of them are obvious. Even those who have been on it for a longer time (6 mo, a year, many years) have bad nights. The important thing to remember is that therapy holds a potential for better sleep and better health. Stick with it and use the resources on the forum to help get past the rough patches, especially in the early stages of therapy.

Cheers Smile
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Don't forget about the aliens!

Sometimes, when the aliens run exceptionally rough "experiments" on us, they mess with the data on the machine to make it look like we just had a bad night. They think they are fooling us, but I'm onto them! Sometimes they put my mask back on wrong and I get bad leaks.

You have to watch out for them, they are tricky little buggers!

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Hi, PsychoMike, When you woke up and changed from the nasal mask to the full face mask, did you also change the mask settings on your ResMed S9? I don't know if that would make a difference or not, but, maybe it did. I've done that before (switched in the middle of the night from pillows to full face mask) and didn't change the mask settings and I didn't sleep well that night. The time I switched from a full face mask to the nasal pillows in the middle of the night I noticed a difference right away! Could be "all in my head", but I felt like the nasal pillows here howling and screaming with too much air. SO, I got up and switched the mask setting back to "pillows" and it helped.

I like that you've started this thread! And you're right: Don't get discouraged!
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(09-11-2013, 01:04 PM)MAPnea Wrote: Hi, PsychoMike, When you woke up and changed from the nasal mask to the full face mask, did you also change the mask settings on your ResMed S9?

Yup....I was awake enough to remember to do that Wink Realistically, even with the change in mask (and settings), it still wasn't a great night sleep...but I did get some sleep at least. Smile

jg...I never forget about the aliens! I've got one living upstairs (3 y.o. daughter) Wink If we ever forget to close certain doors, my wife and I can be subject to our daughter's little experiments as her little fingers like to push buttons and turn dials Wink
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Bah...wouldn't ya know it. I got a little tangled last night and sure enough...rolled over. Oh well, it's not recommended to pull your CPAP off it's perch, but it happens. At least it was just as my alarm was going off in the morning Wink
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Don't feel bad. I pulled mine off the nightstand a time or two - it landed upright both times and didn't even spill a drop from the humidifier tank. Never got an alarm. It was one of those, where'd it go when I went to turn it off. I have since started using the 10 foot hose and haven't looked back. Only thing is I have to remember I can't do a full 360 roll. Grin
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Well, with hopes not to jinx it...things went fine last night.
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Well, been having mixed success trying a ffm to deal with a cold. Plugged up right now and can't use the nasal mask Sad I also over-did it a bit in the last week.

So, last night I wedged myself into position to give my back and shoulders a break...sleeping supine (on my back) is not the greatest position for me. AHI jumped up to 2.0 (which for me is high during treatment). I can feel the difference this morning...but it is still better than before treatment.

For those starting off, there are ups and downs....I am going through some right now...but stick with it: the benefits can be well worth it.
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