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The Hen's First night with Nuance Nasal Mask
RE: The Hen's First night with Nuance Nasal Mask
(01-31-2015, 09:58 PM)quiescence at last Wrote: No one mentioned compliance, or lorded it over me. It didn't matter because I use the machine every chance I get.


Compliance doesn't matter to me either. I am averaging 9 hours per night. Why would I not participate in treatment if that is what has been prescribed? Today I even took my first nap, and, I used the CPAP.

On another note - that drives me crazy. The dr's office instructed once I got the CPAP to call their office to make a follow up appointment in 3 to 4 weeks. I did that - three weeks ago. Today I get a letter in the mail that the dr wants me to call the office to make a follow up appointment - argghhh!

On a happy note, I made weekend plans to go to Ogunquit Maine the end of April - it will be first time CPAPPY is travelling with me Smile
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RE: The Hen's First night with Nuance Nasal Mask
(01-29-2015, 04:23 PM)TheManseHen Wrote: [font=Times New Roman][size=large]

I do wish they had an easy release or some such to get in and out of the Nuance.
Because of the sticky anti-slide hair part and me having girl hair, it is painful/challenging to slip on without changing mask adjustments. I did try rolling the back part to the silkier side to put over head, and then flip to the sticky side, but that was only so/so.

Having "girl hair" (mid-back length), I was stymied at first at how to keep the headgear from sliding off my head entirely. Solved that by pulling my hair through the straps, that keeps it on nicely. The back strap has folded in half so I don't have to deal with the sticky-ish side. The gel inserts on the side bugged me so they got yanked out after a couple weeks. Works for me.

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RE: The Hen's First night with Nuance Nasal Mask
Hi Anankae, I do that when I wear my p10 ! I didn't stay with Nuance long enough to try it. I have not heard a single person who liked the Gel inserts long term but I'm sure they're out there.

Others- Compliance not an issue for me either in that I avg over 9 hours a day every day. I would be peeved if I was told different things though, and Sparkle, when I first read you say somewhere else, about the 21 days having to be consecutive, that worried me a bit, and it seems wrong...I hope that isn't so, even though I am compliant. How could that work? I mean if a person missed one night on day 9/10 or later in the 30 days, they'd be "non-compliant"...that makes no sense and it would be horribly discouraging.

Nocturia, simply means peeing at night, and the Nocturia with Apnea often has Polyuria as a feature, which means a large volume of urine compared to usual, each time. That was me (and sometimes still is as i'm not "there" yet) I'd go and go and it would be nearly clear. Happened when I napped too but not other times. So I was put on oxybutynin (sp?) for about 8 years, and it hurt my teeth terrible (causes dry mouth which leads to dental woes) and now they've decided that oxybutynin and other drugs in it's class can contribute to the development of dementia. GREAT.

So yes, women with Nocturia (and men, though they also need to be checked for prostate and some need to be checked for diabetes, though it is not night time only) should keep apnea in their minds as a possibility. And if need be, as I did, come prepared with pubmed studies saying the link is established. It's not just a theory, it's been shown again and again since the early 90's at least.

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RE: The Hen's First night with Nuance Nasal Mask
Susan, was wondering how you were getting along with the Nuance. Besides the sticky strap problem, did it help with your TN? I think I will stick with my P10 unless something better comes along.
Now about the Nocturia, I look back over the years and wonder why my Doctor (after many complaints from me about having to get up every other hour to use the bathroom ) that he didn't zero in on Sleep Apnea?? He would just say I was getting older...bla, bla, bla.....
I believe I've had Apnea at least 10 years before being diagnosed. Just now discovering the damage it has done to me.

Sparkle, It was explained to me that the compliance period would be any consecutive 30 day period within the first 90 days, with at least 4 hours usage a night. It may be different depending on your insurance. It only matters if your in a situation like being on Medicare where they pay for the rental of the machine for the first 13 months. You don't actually own it until after that. If you aren't in compliance, then they will stop paying.
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RE: The Hen's First night with Nuance Nasal Mask
Hi OpalRose,
I don't think the Nuance is for me. The sort of rubberyness (even though they are silicone) of the gel pillows on the nose, was irritating. And I felt like no matter how loose I made it, and I laid it on my face, no strap tightened, with machine one, and tightened straps only enough to have the leaking stop, my nose felt jammed up into my face. It seemed very well made, the headgear seemed to be well designed, I liked the two different adjustment points esp after the sort of sloppy (but COMFY) p10. But at days end, I'm back with the p10. Playing with sticking hair out between the two straps to keep them from sliding up or down back of head. It's holding on okay. I'm sort of learning how to move in my sleep I guess, so as not to press the pillows on the p10 to cause leaks. I have a small amount of large leaks but in the acceptable range. You?

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