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The Hybrid Mask
Hi, I just can't seem to train myself to keep my mouth closed and have been using a FFM. Just ordered a hybrid mask(pillows and mouth cover) and was wondering if anyone else had any experience with these masks. It's just been awful trying to find an interface that is comfortable and maximizes my therapy. Thought a hybrid might be the answer. Anyone else using the hybrid, and are there any drawbacks that anyone has heard of?
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If you are using a full face mask, you do not have to keep your mouth closed. The mask is designed for people like you. Opening your mouth is fine.

A hybrid mask is part nasal pillows, part full face mask. I've tried the Liberty a long time ago. I cannot use nasal masks because we could not find one that did not cause leaks into my eyes. The Liberty would have been a way around that. But I hated the mask. Instead I went to just regular nasal pillows and that was that.
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I haven't used a hybrid but seems everyone likes the different pillow mask that are out there .. I use the Wisp its a nasal mask and use a chin strap sometimes to stop mouth leaks .. I tend to open my mouth when I am really tired .. guess I relax my jaw muscles ..

I practiced holding a lifesaver candy against the roof of my mouth while watching TV and have just about trained my tongue to stay there .. thus closing my airway .. have heard others doing the same ..
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(10-30-2014, 08:13 PM)PaulaO2 Wrote: If you are using a full face mask, you do not have to keep your mouth closed. The mask is designed for people like you. Opening your mouth is fine.

One codicil to that statement. I use a full face mask because I can not keep from leaking at my mouth with a nasal mask. and it does rectify the therapeutic portion of the equation. Using a full face mask and still not being able to stop mouth leaks can end up giving you dry mouth similar to what happens with a nasal mask and mouth leaks. I think the full face mask does make it easier to eliminate mouth leaks because of less pressure differential.

With my FFM my leakage rate is fine but i have been fighting dry mouth still. It is not as bad as when I was trying to use a nasal mask but it has not been eliminated yet. I am finally getting close.

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This thread doesn't seem to have advanced very far and until now I have ignored due to the work my bilateral total knee replacement (BTKR) is presenting me.

The subject seems to be a "Hybrid" mask, and I am uncertain if that is the Innomed Hybrid or some other mask

I own an Innomed Hybrid and have used it successfully a few nights since starting CPAP therapy early this year. The Innomed Hybrid was purchased to give me a backup for the Airfit P10 should my nose ever block severely enough to make the P10 unusable (it never has and by now likely never will unless an accident befalls me and breaks my nose or some such.)

Several people love the Innomed Hybrid (I believe there is a hybrid made by Resmed as well, and maybe one or two others)

I don't ENJOY using the hybrid but can make it work, through mouth or mouth & nose if my nose is open enough. I like it far better than the F & P Oracle 2 (oral mask) which I originally obtained to bypass my supposed nasal congestion.

Turned out the P10 was able to keep my nose open once I used it successfully and the only need for the Hybrid as been to test it a few nights to ensure it would work for me if needed.

I can think of some issues with the Innomed Hybrid that likely affect all of the similar models, most importantly the problems of leaks you get with any nasal mask and the issues of using either both breathing sources or being able to switch comfortably from nose to mouth and back as your airway changes.

Remember, if you CAN breath through you nose you likely CAN learn to use a nasal pillow mask like the P10 (or F & P Pilairo Q) so the charm of the Hybrid loses some points once that is possible.

If you use the Hybrid mainly to avoid mouth leaks while using a pillow mask (the Hybrid) for breathing then that might make more sense for some people who have trouble keeping their mouth shut (with or without straps) but remember that by the time you strap on the Hybrid mouth portion you would likely be as, or more, comfortable with just adding a strap to the P10 (or other) nasal pillow.

The Innomed Hybrid WORKS for me but it is nowhere as comfortable as the P10 so I hope to never need it.
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