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The Nightmare has Ended
The Nightmare has Ended
First of all, thanks to all who have replied to my earlier threads with helpful tidbits, and to those who have set up the information on this forum. It has all helped me get out of my nightmare situation, and on the road to good recovery.

I finally changed therapist companies, and am so glad I did. The first one that my doctor sent me to was closer to where I live, but they ended up to be out for the money, and could not care less about my health. A couple of the things they tried to do were to give me only the mask that I had used on my sleep study, because they said it was part of my prescription, and to scam me out of a new machine. I was given a machine that is not a regular CPAP machine, but one that's top of the line and does everything except cook me breakfast. The therapist had to learn how to set my machine up. They were clearly disgruntled that I wasn't buying a machine from them. They had me sign a form that was supposed to check my insurance to see what coverage I had, but when they sent it in, they specifically asked if I was covered for the machine I already had. While that was being done, they then told me that my machine wasn't able to write on my card, and that I needed a new machine on warranty. Thanks to the forum here, I was able to read my card and get my data myself. They were trying to get me to take home a new machine, and then when they found nothing wrong with my machine, charge my insurance for the cost of the new one. I also had to take half a day off work every time I needed to go see them. Everything had to be by appointment. During the week where I was waiting for my new machine, they had me using one of their lend-outs. When I went to their office after I was able to get my data, they ready what I had, and then changed my machine without even reading the week worth of data off of their machine. As a side note, they did not want me making changes to the settings, or else they would charge me an $80 fee for machine setup.

I went home, got my prescription sent to a new company, and used my machine for a few days. Then I did a detailed report myself, emailed them a copy, and they got back to me later that day to make changes on my machine. I went yesterday to their office, and they installed a new modem to my machine, so that every morning my unit will send them the data from my night's sleep. They can also make changes to my machine right from their office. I was also fitted for a new mask, because the one from the other place was too small. To not have to take time off of work and have all my data read by a professional is nice. A professional that cares and is not out for money, that is. They gave me a medium cup to try out with the face harness I already had. If it works out good, I'll purchase a new mask from them so that I'll have a spare. After that, I can purchase the face cup part by itself from this company, instead of the other guys where I could only buy the package with everything in it.

Last night was the first night in over 3 years that I never got up to use the bathroom, and I slept for almost 9 and a half hours. I did wake up 4 or 5 times due to mask leaks, which caused some OAs, but once I figure out the fine tuning of the mask fit, they should stop. By the looks of the data, I'm close to my sweet spot pressure setting. The doctor got them to start me at 14 and work up from there to a possible 19. I'm at 17 now, but I think I'll need 18 at least.

I'm thankful to all the information from this site. To be able to read and get informed about everything here gave me the knowledge and tools to get out of a bad situation and into a good one!
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RE: The Nightmare has Ended
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  • Place your tongue behind your front teeth on the roof of your mouth
  • let your tongue fill the space between the upper molars
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Practising during the day can help you to keep it at night

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RE: The Nightmare has Ended
Hi DBTaylor,

It's great to hear that you are finally getting better quality therapy with your new provider.
Keep up the good work.
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