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The ProVent Thread
I apologize for starting a new thread but wasn't able to post in the Provent thread. It said I don't have permission. Perhaps an admin can merge this.

Noticed in that thread that it was repeatedly stated that the study was blinded and one member felt he was in the control group. Having used the ProVent sister product TheraVent, I'm trying to imagine there would be anyway to blind the study.

With TheraVent it's difficult to exhale and takes some real getting use to. As I understand it ProVent is even stronger and would scream to the user that they were on the "real" deal. Don't think it would be mistakable.

Think my original use of TheraVent may not have been a huge success because I'm a serious mouth breather. The successful experiments I have done with the APAP and TheraVent were all with a full face mask. By successful I mean AHIs from something under 10 to something under 1.
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The placebo was designed to simulate the Provent experience without the Provent "benefits", however, since you were either in one group or the other and there was no crossover, you would not have known how it was supposed to feel and all participants were shielded form one another, so no one could compare notes. As such, your argument is wrong.

Provent went bust after the testing phase was completed world-wide and was bought out by another firm, who introduced the non-prescriptive TheraVent in order to reap some financial benefit from the patent. The effective differences between the two devices are relatively minor. Some patients who used the non-placebo Provent reported that the only way they could use it was to prick pin holes in the vents to add pressure relief, which defeats the purpose of the Provent system. There is no known benefit to combining the nasal insert with a CPAP. In fact, it seems to defeat the purpose of either. Use one or the other, but at any rate, people with a pressure requirement of 9cm or above are not exactly ideal for either Provent or Theravent. Below that requirement, it is possible to gain therapeutic benefit from either device, if you have simple obstructive apnoea, but I would recommend only to use them for travelling and at home use a CPAP, as it has the better therapeutic effect and has a monitoring system built in as well.
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Hey Doc - I wish I understood it all but perhaps my SleepyHead reports will help (and I have several more). My pressure is set on 7.5 to 12. Without TheraVent my pressure remains at 12, with it, it bounces about but usually remains lower. Here are 2 reports - the one with TheraVent was an AHI of 0.7 and the one without was 7.56

With TheraVent and APAP

APAP alone

If the reports are accurate there is a clear benefit...
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At a guess I would say the problem is straight-forward - the pressure levels you need to work without the Theravent needs to be adjusted and the pressure relief needs to be adjusted. The preponderance of CA events are pressure related, and therein lies your problem - I suggest you ask your doc to check your titration and show him your data. Also, given that you are wearing both at the same time, I would hazard a guess that you are getting something of a false reading, since the device is not designed to deal with something like the Theravent in the way of your exhalation air flow and the feedback sensors are probably a bit confused. I really would not take your readings as gospel at all. If you have checked against a recording pulse-ox it would be a bit more reassuring.
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