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The Squeeky Wheels DO get the Grease!
We bought a new 2011 Ford Escape back in Jan 2011.
About 6 months ago the paint started falling off in large pieces. Took the car back to the dealer and they fixes the spot.
On their Work order the put down cause: "Improperly primed at Factory."Huhsign
A couple of months later there were four other spots where the paint was falling off in Silver Dollar size chunks. Back to the dealer and their reply was, " Sure we van fix them but, you're warranty ran out and will cost you at least $200.00 per spot.Angry

After this I got livid and emailed head office complaining about the paint and that we had been faithful customers to Ford and our Dealer for 37 years.Annoyed-and-disappointed
They had their district manager call me and the best he could do was to give me $500.00 off on the lease or purchase of a new vehicle.

Once again I emailed head office and complained that after 37 years as a Ford customer all we were offered is $500.00.Thumbs-down-1

Needless to say that within 24 hours our saleslady at our dealer called and asked us to drop out.

She had a brand new 2014 Ford Escape for us to look at.
Here it comes! New vehicle at the same payments as our old one @ 0% Financing, Free Extended Service Package for as long as we have the vehicle also they would undercoat it at no charge.

What could I say but OK.Bug-eyed
When we went to pick it up 3 days later ,the owner of the dealership, who has been there for 35 years finally in all that time actually spoke to us and shook our hands and told us all he had done to get us this deal. No sir...We're sure he got a call from head office.Apology-2

Any way here it is. Too-happy-2

[img][Image: 2014Escape_zps6fd57a35.jpg][/img]
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Yeah, that paint just doesn't hold up...
[Image: DixiTypR9Limousine1912Eisenach20140705-P...n20169.jpg]
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We were recently treated poorly by a dealer we have dealt with several times. We actually bought two new cars and leased a car in a year's time. We got my new car and a leased car (for our daughter) two weeks apart in March. We paid cash for my car but the sales rep told us if we financed a portion of it we could get a rebate. So we financed the minimum amount with the intention of paying it off as soon as we could. The sales rep asked if we could hold off paying it in full for a period of time (maybe 3 months ... can't remember). If it is paid off before then the dealership gets hit with a $500 charge. We had always had good dealings with the dealership and with the sales rep. We didn't have an objection holding off on paying the car in full through the grace period.

We took my new car on a 600 mile trip (300 miles each way) two weeks after we got it. The trip was the same weekend we leased our daughter's car through the same dealer and same sales rep. On our return trip in my car, we were going to stop by and pick up our daughter's new car. It is about an hour away from where we live. About two hours away from our destination, the tire pressure light came on in my car and rapidly dropping. We pulled into a gas station and my husband bought some of that stuff you can spray in the tire to plug a leak and added air. We figured we might have picked up a nail or something on our trip. We called a service center in our town to make an appt. to have the tire looked at once we got home. When we stopped to pick up our daughter's car we mentioned to the sales rep the problem. He just raised his eyebrows but didn't say much. We told him we had made an appt. to have it looked back home.

Took the car into the service station, they check it over and said they didn't find any leak at all. We didn't really know if the leak was successfully sealed or maybe it was a problem with the indicator light. Although that did go out when we added pressure to the tire after sealing it. The tire held steady for about a month. On my way to work one morning, the pressure light came on again. My husband made an appt. with the car dealership in their service center and we explained what had been happening with it. We couldn't get it in for a week. Had to take time off work to take it to them an hour away. It was dropping by 1 lbs every day. They checked it and told us they couldn't find any problem with it and they added air back in it to the proper pressure. He explained they checked it thoroughly and mentioned that they did fix an issue having to do with a recall on the vehicle having to do with airbags. My husband told them if it happened again we would want a new tire. He said "we can't do anything about a tire and I can tell you it isn't the tire!"

The next morning, the indicator light came on again. Lost 1 lbs overnight. My husband then called the sales rep we dealt with and told him we weren't getting satisfaction from their service department. He asked the sales rep what could be done and said if we didn't get satisfaction, we would be paying off the financing on the car early and they would be charged the $500 fee. The sales rep said he would check and see what could be done and get back to us. Never heard back from him.

We paid off the car early and took it back to our local service station. They didn't have the same tire that was on the car but had another brand and said it was a better tire. There hasn't been a problem since we had the new tire put on. It has been four months since this fiasco and the tire is doing just fine. Even though the service department manager told us "I can tell you it isn't a problem with the tire". Our tire was not as expensive as the $500 fee for paying our car off early.
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Car dealers are like DMEs. You know they're lying when their lips are moving.

That said. Flat fixers like slime and other brands are for emergency use only. If you use it, plan on replacing the tire at first chance.
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Right! It was an emergency since we were a 150 miles from home. We didn't know why the pressure was falling so quickly. Really had no choice.
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(07-24-2014, 01:21 PM)justMongo Wrote: Car dealers are like DMEs. You know they're lying when their lips are moving.

That said. Flat fixers like slime and other brands are for emergency use only. If you use it, plan on replacing the tire at first chance.
And unless you have TPMS based on wheel speed sensors, plan on replacing the TPMS transmitter also.

Don in Austin

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Bompa - The picture says it isn't available any longer - did you delete it perhaps?

Apnea Board Administrator


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(07-24-2014, 09:26 PM)SuperSleeper Wrote: Bompa - The picture says it isn't available any longer - did you delete it perhaps?


Sorry about that,
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