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The thoughts that I have on Apnea Board, and two other Apnea/PAP related forum ares.
Well well well. I came here because I want to express how exactly I feel about these PAP/Apnea forum areas.

We have three total.

They are as follows.



[[ Auto Word Filter: links to DME-owned sites not allowed ]] .com

I so far have used all three of them.

I want to start by saying that this is essentially MY THOUGHTS and beliefs. My opinions are going to be different then your's, and your opinion will be different, and that is PERFECTLY FINE WITH ME. The whole thing about opinions is that you have your own opinion on things, and I have my own, and don't want to force my own on you, or anybody else on the earth, or anywhere in the universe.

Thank you, and God bless.

I particularly have found profound enjoyment in reading these boards, particularly freecpapadvice.com/forum because Jason is a real good friend of mine. Well at least on the Internet. I've never seen him in actuality nor have I underwent a PSG by him. The thing about him is he is truly a wonderful person and he has a YouTube channel and uploads videos. He really really has blessed me to such a profound description, that I have no way to describe, because there is NO WAY in existance to describe. He understands my profound profound interest in the medical field, and understands that this stuff if all that I have really known for most of my life.

He actually uploaded a video to YouTube Just for me, because I had requested it. It was of the OmniLab Advanced PAP Titration System.

Let me tell you, that thing is such a profoundly wonderful PAP machine. I love how it actually has the capability to be set so that its backlight remains on all of the time. I looooove my ResMed S9 VPAP AUTO, however there is one thing that really really gets to me. That is, the backlight cannot be set to a continuous ON mode. It has no function of this, so the Backlight goes off after a certain amount of time, which is ONE HUGE Minus. But ResMed still beats Respironics in my opinion. Why? Because They have the thing that I honestly probably wouldn't be doing well without, and that is Heated wire Tubing. This means that the Heated Wire that is in the tubing, helps to maintain its temperature. This is profoundly important to me, because of my Cranial Facial Anomolies. If they did not have that capability, I certainly would be in trouble, because even at 6.0 the humidifier's heated plate does not get very hot at all. In fact it really, honestly, it only gets sort of warm. I remember from the time I got the VPAP to the time I got the Heated wire circuit, every morning, I woke up with an utterly dry mouth. AND NOSE. No doubt, I certainly required A LOT of suctioning. A lot. But anyhow, I've gone off topic by far. I hateit when I waunder off the road like I have just done.

Let's get BACK. Jason did a video where he explained the Pressure Adjustments at the actual OmniLab Advanced Itself. Not at the Actual control room YET, but at the actual OmniLab Advanced control panel itself. He did this explaining that while It sort of looks like an M-Series, or the black device with The up and down arrows, the up arrow being the Heat, and down arrow being the ramp button, and then the two left and right arrows, as well as the On button, the way you adjusted pressures was totally different on the wonderful OmniLab Advanced whereas, on the OmniLab ADVANCED, You did not have to unplug the machine just to adjust the Pressures. That is another thing I also love about my ResMed VPAP. I just hold down the rotary knob, and the Setup button until my Clinician's Menu comes up, and BWA LAHHHHHHHHHH. Hahaha. I can even adjust the pressures with my VPAP AUTO ON ME, and get right on the fly results.

So, for example, if I'm on IPAP of 20cmH2O and then want to perform a lung recruitment maneuver, I can without turning off the VPAP Press what would say Setup if the VPAP were not on, but I press that button as well as the rotary know, and then, after about three seconds, I'm in the menu, keeping in mind that the VPAP is still turned on, and I'm still on the VPAP. Now I'm going to simply select the IPAP and increase it to 25cmH2O and there ya go. Immediately after selecting that setting, I have the IMMEDIATE CHANGE of my IPAP whilst I did not even have to turn off the PAP machine. You could do that is you have a ResMed S9 CPAP as well, or an ASV, OR, EVEN an S9 with AVAPS. But anyhow, as I was saying, not only does Jason do wonderful videos, but he has his forum where people go to get assistance for their PAP questions, and not only that, he has freecpapadvice.com and that's not the area where the forum is, BUT, it is where he has ACTUAL PSG data that he posted showing you what Central Sleep Apnea, Obstructive Sleep Apnea, and CSR, Cheyne-Stokes Respirations looks like, and not only that, but He describes WITH PSG Data photos the different stages of sleep, and He also has terminology that you might read when you received your PSG Report such as data like PLMI, which is Periodic Limb Movement Index, or REML which is Rapid Eye Movement Latency. He has terms like that, and what exactly they mean.

He explains what UARS is, Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome. he also describes what you should expect when you undergo a Polysomnographic Evaluation.

Which is you are expecting one still and you have Not had one yet, Let me tell you, It is actually a very very pleasant experience. It is not uncomfortable in any sort of way whatsoever, unless during your titration, you don't have a humidifier on the PAP Titration device. OH, now that is a pain to recover from, when you wake up ROCK DRY that next morning.

Anyhow, Jason has gone so far in helping to understand Sleep Related Disorders, AND PAP Therapy.

Now, the second forum I want to discuss also a wonderful wonderful forum.


I have had wonderful success with the Apnea Board as well. Its how I have decided that I'm going to be using ResScan instead of SleepyHead software. I mean, ResScan is truly wonderful from what i have read in the User's Manual here on the APNEA BOARD.

Everywhere you look on the Apnea Board, is good information. I so far, have observed NO TROLLS, whatsoever.

That really brings us to the third forum down.

[[ Auto Word Filter: links to DME-owned sites not allowed ]] .com

Oh, I'm sad to say, I have not really had much good experience at all with it. It just seems like there are several trolls that were the first to post on any of my questions, and really, I won't be using it anymore I don't think. Sadly, there was only a few people who really gave me any success there.


It pains me to have to say this.

But, ON THE APNEA BOARD, I have had wonderful success. I have found no trolls, or even foul language. It is here that I give credit to the Administrator of THE APNEA BOARD, because if anybody has decided to post rude, or unacceptable stuff here, the Administrator was profoundly quick to remove it so that I have not seen it, and I've looked at NUMEROUS posts on the board, as far as several years back in the 2008-2009 period, and Unpleasant stuff is NOWHERE, to be found.

So, while I have used all three of these forums, the APNEA BOARD, is where I belong. It is where I personally believe that ALL PAP users belong. It just really saddens me to know that the other forum has suffered. In fact It really depresses me to think. I give such profound credit where it is deserved and that is EVERYWHERE!
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HEAR, HEAR. Supersleeper and the mods have done a great job making this THE place to be!
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This is my favorite Apnea board on the web, because people here are friendly, helpful, and caring. That other board (sponsored by a DME) has some nice people on it, but it's unmoderated, and I left because I was trolled there. I was trolled once on here, but thankfully there is a block user feature here, so no problem.
(04-29-2015, 05:12 PM)trailrider Wrote: HEAR, HEAR. Supersleeper and the mods have done a great job making this THE place to be!


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This is the only site that I go to. It has everything that I need.
No more has to be said.
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(04-29-2015, 05:13 PM)JVinNE Wrote: This is my favorite Apnea board on the web, because people here are friendly, helpful, and caring. That other board (sponsored by a DME) has some nice people on it, but it's unmoderated, and I left because I was trolled there. I was trolled once on here, but thankfully there is a block user feature here, so no problem.
(04-29-2015, 05:12 PM)trailrider Wrote: HEAR, HEAR. Supersleeper and the mods have done a great job making this THE place to be!


AMEN. I thank Supersleeper for the work that has been done. The moderaters who have worked their butts off I'm certain, also deserve, the credit as well.

You know, and not only that, It is almost Instantly that whenever I post a question, or something, I end up getting a response.

It is utterly wonderful.

Everybody knows just how to help. I am pretty sure that ResScan is going to beat SleepyHead by far. It looks wonderful from what I have seen on the video, and the user's manual.
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(04-29-2015, 05:26 PM)car54 Wrote: This is the only site that I go to. It has everything that I need.
No more has to be said.
AAMEN!!! Smile Smile Smile Smile I think if every single PAP Therapy patient who has Sleep Apnea used this forum, there would be more power to the PAP users, and It would be absolutely absolutely wonderful.
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I like this board so much I donated to it. I appreciate the humor on many of the folks here. After a long, tiring day of working while tired it's nice to get a laugh now and then.

Using FlashAir W-03 SD card in machine. Access through wifi with FlashPAP or Sleep Master utilities.

I wanted to learn Binary so I enrolled in Binary 101. I seemed to have missed the first four courses. Big Grinnie

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I don't typically throw money at web sites but I felt the need to do so with this one. The access to software and manual for my machine was extremely valuable my first month of this. The useful tips about using the machine and the ResMed AirFit P10 bigots who won me over to nasal pillows improved my quality of life. For people who want to fully engage and take control over their treatment, this place is invaluable.
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This is the only forum I use and it's been the best for me.
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On behalf of the entire staff - Thanks for the kind words. Banana Whistle
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