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Think I'm ready to give up CPAP
4 months in. My AHIs are OK (<5 each night) but I feel constantly tired. I sleep badly. The masks are all terrible. I must have spent about $1k trying different combinations of masks and chin straps (for the nasal pillows). Seriously, I have a box of like 10 masks. I was hoping to find the right one that would give me the magic results we all hope for.

I feel worse on CPAP. Feels like I get maybe 10 mins good sleep per night with it. Don't know what to do. Like I say I've given it pretty much all I have now and its just not doing it.

Looked into surgery but that looks like a total sh*t show as well. Theres no good options. Think I'm going to go back to sleeping "normally" and accept the consequences.

Sorry for the rant. Don't know where else to turn.
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That's awful, and although I've never been as frustrated as you are (nor have I had the effort and expense), I've sure had a lot of time (many weeks — 2-1/2 months or more) with that horrible feeling of just needing to get a little rest.  I don't want you to quit because I've read so much about how many people who have struggles like yours (and some truly horrible afflictions) become successful.  And if you read some of the old posts here, you will find a lot of anecdotes about folks' successes after amazing struggles.

I've got to ask: were any of the masks comfortable?  What's your problem with them?  I hate to a$$ume, but it sounds like you are ditching the masks because you wake up feeling tired, but surely it's because they were uncomfortable or leaked so badly you couldn't breathe, right?

Okay, you've got SleepHead, so what does it say?  Post a sampling of your best and worst charts and let's see if the gurus can turn you around.  (Sorry, when the gurus come in the room, I have to grab my mop and go back in the janitor's closet.)

Oops!  My apologies, I should have checked before piping up: I see you've already posted a thread about masks, and also charts. Oh-jeez
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The last time you posted a chart you were suffering from a lot of CA events. If that is still going on you need to let your Doctor know the CPAP is not working for you and tell him why.
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I never began the treatment looking for a miracle, and certainly not for magic.  I didn't even know I was sleeping poorly until the results of my polysomnography were made evident to me.  And, if I am to be scrupulously honest, now that my AHI's are routinely below 1.0, I feel a bit more tired or sleepy at times than I did prior to my sleep lab experience and all that has followed.

I trust the science.  I probably don't feel anywhere near as tired and frustrated as you appear to.  Wish I could help.

I tried only six masks, all Air Fit, when I first encountered the DME folks.  I settled on a nasal cushion with head gear, and soon learned that I open my mouth when I sleep.  I live with taping over my lips now.  It's a bother.  But, the alternative is much, much worse.

I would urge you to find a mask that you can manage with about two solid weeks of fiddling, even if you have to adjust it a couple of times each night for the first week.  You'll eventually teach yourself how to live with the mask, and how to make it effective for your treatment at the same time.  It will soon become a routine experience, maybe even comforting as it finally is for me.  I do get the odd leak, and I have to reach up to my nose and adjust my mask a wee bit most nights, but I'm soon right back asleep.  My average AHI is just above 0.6 after five months of measurements.  I had to adjust the top straps with Velcro just two weeks ago, and that was the first time ever.

If your measured sleep shows well-controlled AHI, trust the science.  Now you should work on accommodation.  Figure out which mask works best, that you like the most, and then work assiduously to find out how to make it as close to a friend as you can.  Use your head...figuratively and literally.  Try stuff.

There is no magic.  Just a new reality.  As it almost always does, the reality shifts over time.  So must you.
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Don't stop please, just post your current results here, and maybe someone can help. Starting can be hard for some, thats why we want to see the charts, especially leaks, events, and pressure.
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It took me years to adjust to CPAP. Stayed with it and all is well now. Hang in there
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(06-03-2018, 03:35 PM)Walla Walla Wrote: The last time you posted a chart you were suffering from a lot of CA events. If that is still going on you need to let your Doctor know the CPAP is not working for you and tell him why.


I went back and looked at your old post as well. I agree with Walla Walla and suggest you get back in touch with your doctor.

Obviously you felt bad enough four months ago to get through all the stuff to get CPAP. Now there is significant evidence and time and how badly you feel to get back to running this issue down to its real roots. So if you simply give up you will return to what got you here in the first place. Untreated illness. I think you can easily justify carrying on while seeking adequate treatment if you just recall where you were. And now, you are armed with more knowledge to make a good conversation with your doctor on taking the next steps to fulfil what you desire, a good nights rest.
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Thanks all. The last month or so results are attached. They do seem to show a lot of CA events..

Ref the masks. I find them comfortable enough and get to sleep OK. The problem is in the night they either come loose, or the hose gets in the way and wakes me up, or they slip off in someway or another. I can never get the 'fit' just right. And the chin straps for use with nasal pillow masks are all horrible.

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Airoutlaw, I've been in your position too. I used CPAP on and off for years and also quit many times after a few weeks mainly due to mask discomfort.

I revisited CPAP about a month ago and am finally getting some really good results. But I have had to really work at it.

Most days, I study my Sleephead data to try and look for patterns for good and bad nights. I've also spent a lot of time on forums like this to read through what has worked for others.

It's early days for me but I have seemed to have finally cracked it! I've tried a couple of mask but the small Dreamwear mask is pretty much perfect for me. Really comfortable, no leaks and the hose stays out of the way as it sits on your head rather that on front of your face. I also tape my mouth shut which has made a massive impact on the quality of my sleep and reduced my leaks to zero.

I understand it's tempting to quit but I'd urge you to stick with it for at least a few more weeks. When you get it right, and I'm sure you will do, the difference it makes to your quality of life is amazing!

Good luck mate!
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I may have missed this, but I’d like to share that nasal masks/pillows aren’t really ideal for me either. I use a full face mask and it seems to work better for a few reasons. Did you try a full face mask?
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