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Think I'm ready to give up CPAP
RE: Think I'm ready to give up CPAP
(06-04-2018, 07:59 AM)honeybadger79 Wrote: I may have missed this, but I’d like to share that nasal masks/pillows aren’t really ideal for me either. I use a full face mask and it seems to work better for a few reasons. Did you try a full face mask?

Yep, tried a few full face masks as well. I actually prefer them to an extent as you dont need a chin strap. I found they fit OK at the start of the night but would leak/fall into my eyes/generally be annoying at random points in the night.
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RE: Think I'm ready to give up CPAP
Sorry to hear your are having so much trouble adapting.  Finding a mask that fits you properly is the hardest part.  I encourage you not to give up.  Many suppliers will let you try a mask for 30 days and return it if it doesn’t work out.  Check the supplier list at top of page.

I also went back to read your prior thread....

After reading it, there are many unanswered questions.  Did you go back and try the lower pressure of 8 as suggested for more than one night?  Sometimes it takes a few days at a certain pressure to see results.  If you try it, set your machine in Apap mode 8-8.

I was also wondering what happened with your follow up appointment with your doctor.
Did you talk to him/her about your Clear Airway events and that you may possibly need to be put on an ASV machine?  

I was unable to open your zip file above of your current data.  Mabye someone else was successful at opening it.

You can use the attachment feature to post your charts. See my signature line for guidance.
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RE: Think I'm ready to give up CPAP
That's a crapload of centrals.  I'd be tired too.  I know you've put in a lot of money into masks, but you and your doc need to get serious about optimizing your therapy.  People here can help too.

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RE: Think I'm ready to give up CPAP
You mention getting tangled in the hose as a problem, too - look into a CPAP hose lift.


I use one almost identical to that one. It makes a huge difference to have the hose coming down to you rather than across the bed.
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RE: Think I'm ready to give up CPAP
(06-04-2018, 03:43 AM)airoutlaw Wrote: Thanks all. The last month or so results are attached. They do seem to show a lot of CA events..

Ref the masks. I find them comfortable enough and get to sleep OK. The problem is in the night they either come loose, or the hose gets in the way and wakes me up, or they slip off in someway or another. I can never get the 'fit' just right. And the chin straps for use with nasal pillow masks are all horrible.


IDK if this will help. I am really new here.  But when I go to sleep, I place a loop of tubing underneath my arm so the hose has some slack because before I did that, I would turn or move something and the tubing would get pulled and then pull on my (initially nasal pillows, now) full face mask & wake me up enough to feel very annoyed. 

I hope you can make it work.  I am feeling SO MUCH BETTER with my "Jedi fighter mask" after a few weeks of consistent use.
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RE: Think I'm ready to give up CPAP
Hi Outlaw,
It's definitely a process. Even if your cpap were going good, there's a concept called sleep debt...sort of an accumulation of the damage that apnea has done to you. This takes time to "pay off". 6 months for me.

And like Mesenteria suggested...pick your best mask and work with it. Make sure you're adjusting it properly. For example people with the double cuff mask like the Quattro tend to tighten straps if there's a leak...when the opposite might work better.

If your mask worked good at the beginning of the night, but leaks and slides later...that's from skin oil accumulation. A mask gasket helps with that. There are commercial versions but I cut mine from an old Tee shirt. Also I discovered that my headgear would stay in position better if I wore it upside down. Experiment and persist.
Good luck,
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RE: Think I'm ready to give up CPAP
Hi all,

I did an experiment and went back to basics. For 2 weeks I went down to a fixed pressure of 8cm and used only the F20 Full face mask. Thank you for that suggestion as I do feel probably 10-15% better which I really appreciate.

Results are attached for the last 2 weeks. Still seeing a lot of CA's. Not sure if any settings I can change on my machine will help here? From what I've read, an ASV may be in order.


Thanks again everyone.
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