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Three weeks on cpap only partial success
I have been using my machine daily for 6.5-7.5 hours with only partial success. My AHI for the study was 59 and is now down to an average of 3.5. I have not awaken with a headache since I started using the machine. I had always had fantastic blood pressure until a few months ago when the apnea symptoms became really bad. I had my blood pressure taken prior to getting the flu shot on Thursday and my blood pressure is comming back down. Those are all good things. The reason I say that I am experiencing only partial success is that I still wake two to three times a night. Even though I go back to sleep pretty quickly, I still wake up not feeling rested. I do have more energy than prior to starting cpap but still do not feel as good as I had hoped to. Is this common or does it mean that things still have to be tweaked?
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Hello there.

I too have been using cpap for three weeks and also have some mix feelings about using it. Two things are bothering me: the mask is causing some wound on the base and middle of my nose (everbody is asking where I have hit my nose!) and I do not feel rested (I run 5 km every day except on Saturdays when I go for 10 km). This Saturday I could only manage 5 km for not feeling rested after an eight hour sleep. I guess our body was so used to cope with apnea then now it has to adapt to the new situation. my AHI is down from 90 to 0.6. I hope I am right with the fixed idea that I have to stick with treatment no matter what.
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I have attached the summary from my data card and the leak summary from last night

[Image: 4b513a1a.jpg]

[Image: 353bdc0b.jpg]
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Okay guys, this is going to come out a little harsh, but please take it as my opinion only and not as an insult. Three weeks is nothing. If your expectation of CPAP therapy was that you were going to cure something that has probably been going on for years, in less than a month, you need to really rethink your expectations. It is called CPAP therapy, no CPAP instant cure. I don't know if you guys have ever had physical therapy, but it can take months sometimes more of physical rehab before the patient starts feeling like they are making progress. By your own words you are feeling somewhat better, your numbers have improved your blood pressure is coming down, and I know you guys have read this from many people over and over "It takes time and patience". I would consider your therapy to be a success and that you are doing good. If you continue down the path you are on I would expect nothing other than that things continue to improve. I know we all want instant fixes and answers yesterday, but therapy does not work that way. It is something you continue to work at and learn about daily. Good luck.
As always, YMMV! You do not have to agree or disagree, I am not a professional so my mental meanderings are simply recollections of things from my own life.

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I realize that there are no quck fixes but didn't realize that I would wake so frequently. Are my leaks within the "expected" range? As you get used to sleeping with a mask on, are most people able to sleep the night through or at least wake less frequently?
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Hi Roxy, What mj said! I would encourage you just to keep working with it and don't give up, because as you are no doubt finding out, CPAP therapy takes LOTS of PATIENCE, so stick with it and try to enjoy the rollercoaster ride, even as bumpy as it gets.! BTW, I don't sleep through the night most nights, I usually get up at least a couple times and usually fall back to sleep fairly quickly.
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(09-16-2012, 12:15 PM)Roxy Wrote: Are my leaks within the "expected" range?
The acceptable leak is below 24 L/min (red line) as any above the machine cannot compensate and would affect the accuracy of the the data.
Your leak could be better but its not too bad .... Below the red line most of the time but probably its whats waking you up so it need to be fixed.
You could try a mask liner such as RemZZZ or pad a cheek
Becky at RemZzzs said she cold get you 6 day pack to try (post #9)

Is it a typical night? The median pressure (14) is the same as the set minimum pressure so me think ought to be lower
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Yes...I find that after about 5 months, I am now waking up less frequently, and when I do wake up, most of the time I just go right back to sleep. Best of luck to you both.
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Waking up a lot in the beginning is common. Your body and brain are getting used to the new You and it takes a while. Google 'sleep debt'. You also have your APAP set fairly high. 14 is a high pressure to get used to and the fact you are tolerating it for a full 3 weeks is a very good sign.

Your AHI is great! You're going back to sleep after waking up.

I would ask my doc, however, to lower the minimum pressure a little. If I am reading your report right, and I may not be because I have a dumb machine and don't have data for myself, your median pressure is 14. That means it is sitting at 14 more than any other number. Since that is your minimum pressure, it would be interesting to see how you do with that minimum down a notch or two. I do not suggest you lower it yourself, not yet. You are too new to it to start messing with things. But if you get a chance to talk to your sleep doc, ask about it.
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I world like to apologize to You all, specially Roxy, for using her thread to talk about my problems. I should have started a new thread. Sorry.

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