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Thursday's the big day!
Well, Thursday's the big day I go to get my CPAP. I am nervous that it won't work (See previous threads I started) but if it doens't I will just tell my doctor. I'm going to go in begging for an APAP, but will accept the CPAP I guess if they give me one. If I don't think it's working though, I will aggravate my doctor to no end. I will call every day and tell her I don't think it's working. I am kind of excited though, on the off chance that it does work. I recorded myself sleeping the other night and I must say, it was very scary. I'm almost afraid to go to sleep now.
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Relax. All you have to do is sleep. They already told you what they plan to dispense, and that's not going to change with this outfit. I'm sure you will be fine, but you need to allow time to allow yourself to adapt to the new experience an get the full benefit.
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Thanks. When I get it I will post my stats in the left hand side of the column, they may not be 100 percent accurate though, as I am new to this.
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Don't get discouraged if your first few nights don't go well - it took me about 2-3 weeks to get fully acclimated. Now I think that the machine is broken sometimes since I can't feel the pressure AT ALL. I'll do something to break the seal, hear the rush of air and be like "yep, still working!"
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Is it normal to have sore throat in the beginning? I had my titration test the other night, and my throat is so sore now. They didn't use a humidifier though.
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As a newbie to treatment, I have only limited experience and advice.

I am adapting quite well to the treatment. YEAH. I am trialing different masks. This seems to be the most important part.

The few seconds (minutes) that you get to try it in the shop, don't really relate to how it will work at home. I have tried the F&P Brevida (Nasal Pillows) and was relatively happy with it. Also tried the F&P Eson 2 Nasal mask and was reasonably happy with it. Tried the AirFit N (Nasal) 20, and did not like the headgear - Wife hated the noise. Tried the Nuance Gel (Nasal Pillows) and did not like the fit. First mask I removed in the night. Now am trialing the AirFit P10 (Nasal Pillows) and the Swift FX Nasal Pillows.

I originally thought it would be no big deal wearing the mask. I am finding that the psychology of strapping this "thing" on my face is more than I bargained for. I find it takes me several minutes to "calm" down my breathing and let myself relax. My initial breathing is extremely deep and I have to concentrate on slowing my breathing, and think of something else before I can relax. Once relaxed, I can drift off to sleep, and as I said, I am adapting quite well to the treatment.

Don't count on your experience being the same as anyone else. You are unique - so your journey with xPAP will be to.

Look to this GREAT Board and Community for ideas when you run in to issues.

Good Luck and have a Good Night's Sleep
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(03-05-2017, 02:31 PM)UKwildcatfan Wrote: Is it normal to have sore throat in the beginning? I had my titration test the other night, and my throat is so sore now. They didn't use a humidifier though.

I have found that using the humidifier and limiting mouth breathing can really help with a sore throat.  You may have to fiddle with your humidification/comfort settings to find a place that works for you!  Make sure you request the clinician manual so you can make all these tweaks.
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I've had a sore throat and stuffed up nose a couple of times when my humidifier ran dry.
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I'm sure that's why then. I just really really hope my machine is calibrated right, and works.
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Hi UKwildcatfan,
First of all, good luck to you when you go to get your machine, just make sure that, before you sign anything, you get the machine you really want, which is an autoCPAP, you don’t have to take a brick.
I know you are scared to fall asleep, but you need to relax and try to anyway; sure, I know it’s easier said than done, but remember,there was a time when you didn’t know you slept so badly and you slept then, you will be ok for these last few days before you get your machine.
Good luck to you, hang in there for more responses to your post and I look forward to hearing what machine you get on Thursday.
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