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Time Required to Become Accustomed to ASV Machine
I have completed three weeks use of my Phillips System One ASV and my chin strap. While I feel more rested, for the most part, and am not yawning throughout the day nor feel the need throughout the day to take a nap, I also don't feel as though I am getting any quality sleep as I seem to be having recurring struggles night after night. Sometimes I have my mask too loose or too tight, sometimes a leak occurs when I roll over on my side, and, of course, I am concentrating a lot on my overall breathing with the ASV machine.

I do take a 10mg sleep aid. I am trying to discontinue consumption of caffeine after 9pm. I can't yet say the same for alcohol.

Anyone else with a ASV have the same issues? What are things to do to overcome?
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I don't use ASV, but am certain that downloading and using SleepyHead would shed some light on the machine activity and your sleep quality. I would encourage you to do this to gain some insights on efficacy and issues that can disrupt your sleep.
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(01-08-2017, 11:07 AM)Southerngent1 Wrote: ... I am trying to discontinue consumption of caffeine after 9pm....

The half life of caffeine - the amount of time it takes for half of it to be processed by the body - is about 5-6 hours. You also might consider slowly adding in decaf to the caffeinated to gradually reduce the overall amount of caffeine consumed. Caffeine may increase blood pressure, insomnia, and the frequency and number of headaches.
Please organize your SleeyHead screenshots like this.
I'm an epidemiologist, not a medical provider. 
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It took me about two months. After 7 years I still wake up from time to time because the mask leaks or there is an extreme surge in pressure. But my body has learned, for the most part, to acknowledge the problem and fall back to sleep quickly.
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As with everything else to do with CPAP and Sleep Apnea we are all different and what works for one person may not work for another...that being said...

You will gain a lot of useful information from using Sleepyhead, as per Sleeprider's suggestion.

I use ASV for unconventional reasons, I have no centrals to speak off, but an almost allergic reaction to straight CPAP and even BiPap. I suffer from PTSD, major pain issues that wake me up alot and have had sleep issues since childhood. Using an ASV for me was like being invited to
breathe with ease for the first time in my life. I took to it immediately.

However I did need to clean up my sleep hygiene to get the best results, this is what I do:
No caffeine, even decaf after 4pm.
No alcohol, if I drink even a little I know my AHI will be higher that night, it does relax, but tends to break up the sleep cycle. So tonight I will have a higher AHI...lol
No computer use/TV an hour before sleep...the blue light from the screen plays games with sleep.
Make sure I am not taking any trouble to bed with me, that is I make sure I am not worried or concerned about things I cannot change today. ( I can do this most days...:-))

I highly recommend Barry Krakow's book, " Sound Sleep, Sound Mind", also a member here, RobySue has a great blog on CPAP induced insomnia:Adventures in Hosehead Land

I wish you good luck with ASV therapy, stick with it, you won't regret it...


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What about alcohol? I know from my doctor that alcohol will initially make you sleepy but then has the opposite effect in your body.
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I wrote: "No alcohol, if I drink even a little I know my AHI will be higher that night, it does relax, but tends to break up the sleep cycle. So tonight I will have a higher AHI...lol

Sometimes I can get away with it, but not drinking really helps...:-)

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Quote:of course, I am concentrating a lot on my overall breathing with the ASV machine.

It's easier said than done, but try not to concentrate on your breathing. Just breathe slowly and regularly and the machine should follow your lead. Having said that, I see that you have the Philips ASV - this requires a bit more setting up than the Resmed. It's important to have your machine set up properly for you, with the correct backup rate, triggers and so forth. I know from experience that an incorrectly set up Philips ASV will not be conducive to good sleep. Once you have all these settings dialled in, the machine should follow your lead and you won't be aware of your breathing any more. (Apart from the fact that this needs doing, I don't know the particulars. Maybe a member with Philips ASV experience will chime in).

The Resmed machines do all this in software. It has been described as a "one size fits all" but I prefer to think of it as the machine optimising itself to suit each individual.
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can not make suggestions regarding the ASV without knowing your settings, etc. BUT let's start with just 2 lifestyle suggestions:
Caffeine - aim for none after 2 in the afternoon. So no coffee/tea/soda with caffeine after 2. Even Decaf has caffeine, but as you work towards this, go ahead with decaf after 2, but none after say 8pm. A trick I used was to use my coffee mug at my desk, but full of water. Part of what we do is tactile muscle habit, not just chemical. DO NOT stop coffee cold turkey, you will get headaches - taper it off
Alcohol - are you a wine or spirit drinker? I am both and love my single malt scotch and my wines with dinner. Believe it or not, wine (for sleep interruption) can be a double whammie. First, the Alcohol for both is a depressant initially that affects breathing, though it relaxes. Then it wears off. With the wine you also have a much higher sugar content, and so when your body starts to burn that it gives you a kick. (think about the joke about the drunk that drinks a lot of coffee - you now have an awake drunk - sugar does the same) SO - everybody is different, but moderation is a key and I was pleasantly surprised that one scotch before dinner nursed along didn't make me feel deprived or unsocial, and have a glass of wine with dinner (if early) but not a bottle or late.
MACHINE - can you tell us your settings. Interested in not just the EPAP/IPAP/PS #s - but are you in auto or timed for BPM and the EPR# as they have a great deal to do with comfort levels.
Hang in - it gets better!
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