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To change or not to change. The ongoing battle of the full face masks and the bridge
Hi All,

Never really looked around until now about the CPAP machine and head gear that i have.

I went on the therapy about a year ago now and have felt better for the most part about having it. Like a number of people i have now read about i am having issues with the bridge of my nose as well as cutting or rubbing (depending on strap adjustment) on or around my ears.

I have tried the quatro and i am now on a quatro fx. I get leaks and have tried everything to try and resolve issues including the fact that i shave before bed, made sure the mask is not tight and made sure the cushion is inflated but still end up with leaks mainly in the upper nose region around the bridge unless i tighten it up a fair bit.

So i have been looking around at some sellers and i have gotten a couple of recommendations. Both reasonably new to the market the Philips Amara and the F&P Simplus. I have seen a review for the Amara but not for the Simplus. Does anybody as yet have a Simplus mask or a better alternative than a mask change @min $250 Aus for a new mask it isn't something i take lightly when cash is tight however my long term health and the comfort and seal of the mask do carry a lot of weight after waking up most days with a sore red nose and dry eyes from leaks.

Thanks Heaps for any help

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Just get the little square bandaids and pad your nose with those to give your 'worn spots' a break.
It works!

There are some fancy gel nose pads you can get. You're mileage may vary.

$250 for a mask even if insurance helps pay?

Shop around on the web and you can find places that mark them down to $90 - $119 (US)

"sometimes, even if something is free, you could have bought it elsewere for less"


"With ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable." - Thomas Foxwell Buxton

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My first question is: Do you truly need a 'full-face mask'? Have you ever considered a nasal pillow mask and a chin strap (to keep your mouth closed)?

BTW, Welcome
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Shastzi, I do use a bit of tape every now and again when it gets to the point of rubbed raw and it does help but still you have to take the tape off in the morning which is almost akin to waxing. As for price at this point i can see some places outside Aus that have masks cheaper but i have yet to see the Simplus outside NZ or Aus so waiting to see as well as not sure what sizing i would need either to just order straight out. Will keep looking.

Poll Cat, I tried an F&P Pilario (Most comfortable thing i have tried even with a bit of dry nostril to cope with) but didn't have any luck. Most of the time my nose was bloked up even when using nasal sprays or anti histamines to try to clear it. If it was clear i ended up choking with and without a chin strap. What can i say, I am a mouth breather from way back.

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Hi muddles,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Hang in there for more suggestions and best of luck to you.
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Perchance, are the nasal blockages caused by something (polyps) that can be surgically removed? Over the years, I've had to have my nasal/sinus passages cleaned out three times by ENT doctors. I can usually tell when it's time to have them removed - my mouth becomes excessively dry from breathing through it.

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Suppliers #2 and #10 ship outside US

Have tried Gecko nasal pads

Nasal washes works better than nasal sprays, no rebounding effects and recommended for CPAP users (FLO Australian product, Neilmed US)
[Image: Flo%20Sinus%20Care%20Starter%20Kit_0.jpg]

ResMed - Mask fitting guides videos

ResMed - Mask fitting templates
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muddles, I live in Australia too and our prices are way too high and $250 sounds about right. I live in Melbourne and where I go they rent or lease masks and machines so you can change as many times as you like during the lease period. Just on the mask, I use a Mirage Quattro and a couple of suggestions, I always have the hose coming from above my head that way it pulls the mask up instead of down and stops getting tangled and use mask liners. I make my own and can explian how if you want. I then use the off cuts of the material I use to wrap around the strapping and make some small pads the go over the bridge of the nose where we get the red marks basically similar to a bandaid but without the stickiness.
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PollCat, I have asked my specialist if there is anything that can be done about my nose but he has said no so not sure if i should get a second opinion. It has always been blocked even as a little child.

Zonk, Thanks for the info. I will give these a go. At this moment it doesn't seem like the simplus is outside NZ/Aus yet so will have to wait.

Tez, Would love to get that info on how to make mask liners. The place where i got my machine and mask from has an office 2min up the road from me so i will go and see if i can lease a simplus otherwise it is off to sydney to the place i got the info from about the simplus. It seems that everything down here is at least 100% more expensive.

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muddles, our machines and masks are almost double the price, mainly because the suppliers can get away with it. I bought my first machine and mask through a group of stores called MCS in Melbourne because I was a newbie two years ago but now I know what I'm doing (sort of) will buy the next one over the net. They try to justify it by telling us we will get expert service but I have learnt everything I know on the net, I'm on about 5 sites and they have been fantastic for me. Now I try to give back by trying to help and support new CPAP users.
Anyway, if I was you I would be going back to where you got yours from everyday if I had to until they get it right, if you annoy them enough they will want to help.
On the liners, I bought some Remzzz’s mask liners a 6 pack and although they say to only use them once you can wash them and get about 5-6 uses. I then made a template of what I needed from their liners and go to Spotlight and get a metre of 50% cotton / 50% poly fabric and cut out my own and they also last 5-6 uses, the next time I bought 3 ft of 50% cotton/ 50% lycra fabric, you can get any colour you like I stick with white. If you feel the fabric you will know which is right, which one streches etc. That last me about 3 months and costs about ten dollars. No need to do any sewing. I then use the off cuts to place around the straps if they irritate you and like I said use a small bit rolled up with some medical tape on the bridge of my nose, like a Bandaid. Let me know how you go.
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