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To those of you not yet sure about all of this stuff:
tcarman, Your image posted above looks so great I think I'll copy it and Photoshop it over mine. Good work on your part, especially in view of where you started from. Smile Sleep-well
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(08-08-2014, 03:24 PM)surferdude2 Wrote: tcarman, Your image posted above looks so great I think I'll copy it and Photoshop it over mine. Good work on your part, especially in view of where you started from. Smile Sleep-well

Just fix yours so it looks like that. You'll be happier. 8-)


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Wow thats impressive tcarmen. Congrats. How come your graph shows RDI instead of AHI ?
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Quote:You mean the masks?

No, doctors, sleep doctors, etc. I actually feel comfortable with my mask.

(08-08-2014, 03:10 PM)surferdude2 Wrote: nightflight, Oral devices can be had for less than 100 bucks. I tried one and although it reduced my apnea, I couldn't stand the drooling and jaw pain it caused. That may just be me. YMMV so don't let me stop you from trying if you think it's best.

Thanks. The ones I saw were way more.

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Google SNORERX for the one I tried. They were very helpful with me and I actually ended up getting a couple of free replacements for extended tries using a different initial impression approach. I wanted it to work so much but alas. I'll use it when/if my wind machine goes south but for now I'm committed to the air hose.
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(08-08-2014, 03:32 PM)Ghandi Wrote: Wow thats impressive tcarmen. Congrats. How come your graph shows RDI instead of AHI ?

It's an option in sleepyhead. You can flip it either way. (RDI or AHI)

RDI also includes RERAs, which I was having a problem with until recently, so I thought it would be a more useful measurement. The 0.xx AHI looks cool, but isn't useful if I'm still feeling poorly.



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Great story but i have to wonder if there have been any others like myself, who never knew we had sleep apnea and in my case I was sent by my dentist for a dry mouth issue.

Always slept like a log for 8-9 hours beforehand as and conked out as soon as i hit the pillow.
No problems with falling asleep.
Felt no different at first but during the first 2 months only felt tired because I was at the wrong pressure number, combined with never realizing I was stuffed up before and it took some time to realize and accept that i was.........and get to the right pressure number and sleep through the night, etc

Been 3 weeks now of AHIs below 2 most nights although I had severe sleep apnea apparently.......and still no difference?
I don't feel any better than before for i don't remember feeling badly.
I am doing it religiously as i believe its not something to play with but I hear all these people who swear they knew they had Sleep apnea and were falling asleep behind the wheel of the car.................but i never experienced any such problem.

So wondering are there many others who like myself do use the equipment nightly but not have not noticed any changes and had just as much energy beforehand as i do now?

Retired Guys story is a great story and especially so for those that are suffering. I guess i just don't understand why everyone did and I didn't, although I am grateful for this fact, that I didn't suffer I mean and still aren't Wink
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Good post Retired Guy, everyone needs to see that with effort it can work wonders. My story is near the same, when I download my info it's almost boring. Very low AHI, only a few leak bumps from moving around. I don't think I need to change a thing just keep using it. I know if I didn't use it I would be right back in a world of hurt. So I'll keep on keepin' on and hope others find the relief that I enjoy.
Good Luck!

Doc J (despite my nickname I am not a doctor)

Remember to donate to the board if you can, it has helped a lot of people including myself.
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Great post retired_guy. Entertaining and inspirational.
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(08-08-2014, 12:28 PM)retired_guy Wrote: This morning I woke up from another one of those "this is the best ever nights of sleep ever" experiences
Thanks for the very positive message. Hopefully, someday we will all be "the same"...Dreaming

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