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Travel size/compromises worth it? (business, not outdoorsmen)
Still new here, and yes did read the equipment review section so not lazy but would sure appreciate current knowledge and opinions:

Corporate travel so no need for batteries. Actually not even plane use, just hotels.

Background: using a System One APAP for almost 8 weeks with fantastic benefits. Looking for a backup and I do travel worldwide (broad climates).

So help me out here::

* Travel: the "Z" device seems to be getting a lot of bashing, the Transcend is promising.

* Am I missing something? by the time a device, humidifier, power supply, hoses and mask are a package does the difference boil down to something insignificant?

And while I have your attention, any issues with TSA/international equivalent if carry on?

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Personally I don't see any real benefit to a travel size PAP. The features you give up, like auto, heated tubing, data capabilities etc., make it a non starter for me. Now that I use an ASV machine it can't even be a consideration.
If I happen to find a used ASV machine like someone on another forum for $150 I might consider it as a backup/travel machine.

Yeah I know you can now get an auto with some data capability in a travel sized machine.
But I don't think they are ready for prime time yet.
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love my transcend unit. i dont do any heated tubing, data capabilities etc anyways so its perfect for me. I travel weekly with it.
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Your PAP machine is considered medical equipment.
Most, if not all, airlines do not count your PAP as a carry-on.
TSA screeners may inspect it. You have the right to kindly request that they re-glove before touching it.

Although my personal opinion of TSA screeners is not very high; most seem to know what a PAP machine is.

You might consider putting a medical device tag on your PAP case. Plus, carrying a letter of necessity and/or your written Rx.
(Not likely to be needed; but can come in handy should there be any questions.)

One last -- do not put your PAP in checked baggage. You may never see it again.

Admin Note:
JustMongo passed away in August 2017
Click HERE to read his Memorial Thread

~ Rest in Peace ~
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You can find another PRS1 Auto machine with humidifier on Amazon for about $400 now. Since the machines are being replaced by the Dreamstation series, they are available at low cost from a number of sellers. It's the perfect backup, just clone your settings.

As far as portability, the PRS1 can be easily separated from the humidifier, then you'd have something nearly the same size and function of the portables, but better. I don't think it's worth the sleep disruption to use a machine that feels different, or has more noise or lacks humidity. A backup identical to your primary machine is best. Keep in mind if you get a PRS1, you won't need a second humidifier as they will swap easily.
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If you don't want to travel with your home machine just buy another one of the same model. they're not expensive.

Also as medical equipment, it flies free, and doesn't count towards your baggage.

When traveling, I'm guessing you want to feel good in the morning and not worn out because you didn't have a humidifier or the "travel" machine breathes differently.
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Most but not all airlines don't count it towards the carry on allowance. I was told by Swiss that they require sending them some paperwork some days ahead of the flight to approve the use during the flight and if I don't have to use it than it counts towards my baggage limits. I didn't have time to deal with it and just put it into my carry on bag.
Never had any hassle from inspectors in Canada, US, Caribbean and Europe. I never even had to open the bag as they all seem to easily identify the machine on X-Ray.
Everything I post on this board is nothing more than an opinion expressed by an apneak. Normally, it's based on facts and experience but sometimes, I may get things wrong or not have all the facts.
I reserve the right to change my mind. Why? Because tomorrow I may know better.
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Your current unit? Have you tried it without the humidifier? If so, you have more choices. If you want something lowish cost to put into your suitcase, then some of those tiny things would be great - but realize they are noisier than what you already have every night. If you can get a used one of what you already have, just put it in your suitcase without the humidifer. They take up very little space. The real concern is loss or damage, but that is probably less of a worry than maybe dragging an extra bag along. When I read the info for Delta, they do not cover damage to electronics in either carry ons or baggage.
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Dear DanPedro

I have done a lot of travelling (in economy) from Australia to USA / Canada, Asia and Europe in the last 4 months with my Icon / PR System One and the only thorough inspection of the unit was on El Al to Israel (where everything is scrutinised in minute detail anyway) and the Inspector had not seen one before (what no sleep apnoea in israel???). I carry it on board in a "vanity case" and also carry a laptop back pack (15 inch large size) and have never been pulled up - even on the low cost carriers. I have not been courageous enough to actually use it on a plane yet but will do so in the coming months. Now if they only could find a solution for jet lag and OSA :-)
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Wow, really appreciate the replies, very good insight, thank you!

I am leaning towards either buying another PRS1 or maybe a Dreamstation to make my primary and keep the existing PRS1 as the backup.

Sounds like I'll just need to invest in a great carry-on bag and get used to keeping it with me. Not worth saving a couple of inches or ounces.

While I may be able to do well without a humidifier in my home (Florida) hard to tell what other climates and seasons would do, so I won't risk going without one.

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