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Travel to Japan
Travel to Japan
Has anyone traveled to Japan with their CPAP machine? Did you file the Yakkan Shoumei, or did you have no issues going thru customs without it?
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RE: Travel to Japan
Email the Japanese embassy in your city and ask them. If they say, not needed, then print the email and take it with you

3. Medical devices

Basically, the procedures are the same as in the case of drugs and quasi drugs.

When you bring your personal medical devices into Japan up to the amount described below, you do not have to apply for "Yakkan Shoumei", instead the officers at customs check the amount of your bringing devices, and then you can bring them into Japan.

◆ Medical device for household use (e.g. electric massaging tools): 1 set
◆ Disposable contact lens: Up to 2 month supply

Q & A
for those who are bringing medicines into Japan
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RE: Travel to Japan
Been over there many times -- never an issue -- and never filed any special forms except when carrying business materials. A few times there were customs forms similar to flying back to the states you fill out on the plane or in the arrival hall. Standard stuff looking for gifts, things you will be leaving, etc.
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RE: Travel to Japan
Hi rdblake01,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Hang in there for more answers to your question and have a nice trip.
Much success to you with your CPAP therapy..
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RE: Travel to Japan
Just to give an update, I work with some Japanese engineers at my job. I asked him to contact the Japanese Bureau of Health and Welfare, and they stated they require the Yakkan Syomei form signed to bring a CPAP into Japan. My problem is that it takes 2-4 weeks to get signed, and I leave in 2 weeks.
I realize GWILD has traveled with no issues, I would assume it all depends on the customs person you get when you enter. And zonk, I have that web page. That was the page the local consulate told me to read, they would not definitively say yes or no about the CPAP. The page states one medical device for household use, but further on the page they have a suggested form filled out, and it lists a CPAP machine.
I am going to try to send in the form, and hope i get it signed and back in time.
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RE: Travel to Japan
The embassy/consulate route is the best way to go. As to the Japanese engineers you work with, it sounds like they are most likely Japanese citizens. Their rules are far different from a non-citizen who is visiting/working in country. This is true with a lot of countries, not just Japan. And to really confuse the issue, if you are lucky enough to be traveling under the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) with the US military, there is an entirely different set of rules. Spent 4 years outside of Tokyo with the USAF in the late 80s (long before I had CPAP).

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RE: Travel to Japan
Homerec130, the engineer I spoke with is a Japanese national, but he requested information directly from a contact he has with the Japanese Bureau of Health and Welfare for a US citizen who was visiting. I did contact the local embassy, and they directed me to the non-conclusive web site listed above. When I called to question their response, they said we just have to read the web site, it is very clear (hah!).

I think the issue is that the Japanese government is a little behind the times. We all agree that a CPAP machine is not a narcotic drug, yet they still have it classified under the same system for importing and using in their country. They allow a single medical device for personal use, but I still think it might depend upon the customs agent and if he wants to rigidly enforce their law or interpret the law. I have heard from many people having no issue taking their machine in and out of the country, but I would rather not be the exception if I can avoid it.
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RE: Travel to Japan
I've not traveled overseas with my CPAP yet, but I lived in Asia for 15 years more or less. If you are a foreign national who is perceived as bringing revenue into the country rather than one who is perceived as competing with the internal economic system, i.e. getting a local job, the perspective is different.
The Japanese are touchy about health issues. They managed to avoid pretty much completely any cases of SARS in 2003. Partly via travel restrictions.
Obviously, the Health Bureau is about the protection of the society from any sort of disease or threat to the population.
You should not have to deal with them directly. Better the consulate and/or Japan Airlines. In the case of the airlines, if they want your business, they'll be helpful. And they are closely tied to the government.
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RE: Travel to Japan
As an update, when I went thru customs, I ended up with 3 different officials looking at the paperwork and not understanding what I had. They looked at the equipment and waived me through. So, most likely you don't need the paperwork, but I didn't want to take a chance since I am staying here for almost 2 weeks.
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RE: Travel to Japan
Do not eat the fugu. They say it is good but it can kill you.

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