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Traveling/Flying with CPAP Machine
(12-31-2013, 10:23 AM)ImaSurvivor Wrote: Thanks me50. I should be at 100% for 30 consecutive days by now but if for some reason they missed some data when my machine was searching for a wireless tower, I should at the very least fall within the 70% range. I should be all set with it by now.

yep you should. 21/30 compliance is all that is required from my understanding
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Did you take spare filters with you? If you did, change out the filter. That should help with any left over smell.

I wonder if the modem automatically changed the time for you?

Even if they cannot get the compliance data now, they can when you get back. The hours used will be there for 365 days. So don't worry about that at all. Have fun!
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I have been on my machine since October and I traveled with it the first time over Christmas from Sydney to Brisbane. I put the machine in my back pack along with my mask but no humidifier to save carrying another bag and space on my own backpack. Out of Syd, it went through the xray and I swear they were about to reverse my back pack into the machine but they were busy with something else and let me bag go through as normal.

And then out of Brisbane, my backpack went through the xray but they reverse it back it to double check. No dramas and no question.

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I brought my filters. I have enough for 6 months and had put a new on on only the day before I came out. It took about 3 days for the smell to go away. Will be happy to wash everything and have it all fresh again when I get home. Have been able to go to sleep pretty easily the last several nights. Probably from full and busy days. I try and read a little before bed to relax a bit and unwind ... it helps a lot.

I suspect the modem must have changed the time on it somehow. Will be interesting to know what the timeline is on the data card and if that is different from the screen readout.
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I am back! So sorry to have been away from the board for a while! My 2014 had a very bumpy start to it beginning with our daughter's cell phone being pick pocketed on NYE. She reported it lost on iCloud and later got an email a signal had been detected and her cell phone was in Novato, CA. Everytime we tried calling it, it was always going to her voice mail. We got the phone disconnected from her number and after a lot of hassle with our contract holder and applying pressure since we paid a good price for insurance on the phone, we got them to ship us a new one two day air. Which didn't really arrive to us until 4 days later (only the day before we were scheduled to leave). Apparently it arrived in Vegas on time but the Post Office had it and tried delivering on Saturday but claim they were unable to because the business was closed. It was a CASINO! They don't close!!! They made a 2nd attempt and we got it on that attempt after I got the tracking number and started rattling some chains. And we had to do a police report. It finally arrived on Monday. We were scheduled to fly home last Tuesday.

Also on Monday of last week I got word my father had been diagnosed with double pneumonia and while doing tests they discovered his heart enzymes were high and shipped him to a large regional hospital 1.5 hrs. away. My mother is legally blind with limited vision from Macular Degeneration and my Dad is her life line. There was severe weather and although they shipped my dad to the hospital, my Mom got friends to take her the following day when the roads were better. On Tuesday of last week they did an angiogram on my dad and wound up being scheduled for open heart double bypass surgery on Wednesday. I was very anxious to get back home on Tuesday. And then one of our flight was canceled and we had to spend the night in Chicago. First discussion with airlines said they could not get us home until Friday. On a second discussion and a different agent, they found they could get us out on our first leg into Chicago as originally booked and got us on the 2nd leg out of Chicago on Wednesday. Meanwhile my brother trying to fly in from New Orleans had two flights canceled on Monday and Tuesday. He was stuck in D.C. and finally rented a car and drove 4 hours to my other brother's home in PA. They drove to my parents home two more hours away and retrieved my Dad's car and the next morning drove to the city where my Dad was hospitalized. We arrived late in the day on Wednesday and I went straight to the hospital. We were told following my Dad's surgery that he in fact had a quadruple bypass surgery. I was able to see him in recovery but he wasn't really awake. He was moved out from ICU by the next morning and into a private room on the cardiac floor. I spent the night at a nearby motel with my Mom and the following day then had to come home for a follow up appointment with the sleep study doctor.

My brother who was overseeing my Mom at the hospital was experiencing tightness in the chest and acid reflux and his arm aching. He confided in me and said he had some symptoms like this at home before coming up for my Dad's surgery. He didn't know if it was stress or something more serious. He snores! I encouraged him to get himself in and get a sleep study done when he went home. He has the classic symptoms of apnea. When I was diagnosed I had thought to myself of anyone in my family I would bet he had it. He had a study several years ago and wasn't diagnosed with it then. I told him I wanted him to do another one when he gets home. He agreed he needed to have a full physical and get another study done. In the meantime he continued to have tightness and it worried him and wondered if he should be checked at the ER of the hospital where my Dad was at. I told him it was the best cardiac regional hospital and I thought he should. He mentioned it to my Dad's nurse and not long after people from the ER showed up and took him for tests. They did all the normal tests on him and admitted him overnight with a heart monitor on. They kept him overnight and he had a stress test this morning. He was cleared this morning and we also got word this morning my Dad is being transported to a rehab facility back in our hometown tomorrow morning. Things are looking up!

I am again going to talk to my brother about getting a sleep study and checking for sleep apnea. Perhaps this has been something to make him more aware.

As far as my follow up with the sleep doctor, they told me I was a 'rock star' as far as the CPAP is going and are happy with my results. I had no apneas, no leaks, averaging 7.5 hours of sleep, and sleep quality is real good. I don't have to go back for a year to meet with them. And the doctor, physicians assistant, and coordinator really enjoyed the pink orchid skin I put on my CPAP and humidifier. It was requested of me in my appointment reminder voice mail to take may machine with me. I wasn't sure why. They just wanted to access the data card. Not sure I needed to bring the entire machine but they hadn't specified in the voice mail. Any way, they got to see my skin and it was quite a conversation piece.

As for traveling with my CPAP ... all went well. I was never questioned and the machine went through security easy peasy! I checked each time with TSA attendants at the different airports on it after I already had the motor in the bin and the bag in the same bin with it. I always got the same answer that "I had done a perfect job with it". They seemed appreciative of my efforts to make sure it was all in order. Of course it is more hassle than I am used to with just having to carry an extra bag and pull the motor out for security but I survived it.
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Hi ImaSurvivor,
Sounds like you have had an action-packed trip and begining of the new year.
It's great to hear that your CPAP therapy is going so well, CONTINUED SUCCESS.!
I hope your brother gets a sleep study done so he can find out if he has apnea and I hope your father has a speedy recovery from his surgery.
Glad you are back and it's good to see you on the board.
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Thanks trish6hundred. I think me50 got a little worried with my absence and sent me a PM a few days ago. I appreciated his concern. Thought I would let everyone know all was well. Looking forward to getting back to some normalcy.
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I recently traveled Brisbane/Melbourne return for Xmas and had no problem with my machine going through security. I actually have more problems with metalwork in limbs (10 screws, a button and a nail) and a heart loop monitor which means I am not allowed to be screened "normally" through the detectors. I get the personal pat down which means now I often avoid the other screening for explosives, drugs, etc.

As for the machine, it was in its bag, inside a hard shell case, the mask in a plastic box I bought for it to protect it for traveling and I was never asked to remove any items from the case. The case also contains other medical gear and all the medication I required. I did open it to remove the laptop as required and that was all that was necessary. Maybe I got lucky?
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It may be in the U.S. that we have to remove the motor portion from the case. Although I don't really know. If you have to remove laptops (as we do here in the States), it would seem CPAPs would be similar. I carry extra extension cord, surge protector, plug converters, medications, hoses, etc. all in my bag. I just use the padded bag that came with my CPAP. I have read on this forum that others have not removed their CPAPs from the bag and have not been questioned. I decided to just go ahead and remove it. I did inquire with TSA attendant when I was in line and told him it was my first time traveling with it. He said just remove the motor from the bag.

My brother has a knee replacement and he has to go through the complete pat down in some airports. He said in particular the smaller airports that don't yet have the body scanner. I saw a man getting the complete pat down in one of the airports that also had a full body scanner. I was wondering if it was random or if there was a reason for it. I had a bulky sweater on going through and they just made me spread my arms out and patted my arms.
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