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[Treatment] Can anyone recommend a great mouthpiece for Sleep Apnea?
Hello all, newbie here. I have been contemplating the idea of going back to a mouthpiece (sorry but the CPAP has been intolerable for me).

I have flirted with this use in the past – Zquiet, another off-brand I can’t think of...But I’m finding it hard to get an ‘objective’ effectiveness review of mouthpieces online –OR- the person providing them clearly been compensated by the company.

My major issue with my mouthpiece(s) before were:

Won’t stay in / doesn’t fit well
Hurts jaw

I’m hoping someone on here can give me some feedback on what they consider to be the best commercial device, or if they have a great success story with a certain mouthpiece.

Thanks so much!

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Hello PA Burke and congratulations on finding this forum! Welcome. I have used Zquiet, Good Morning Snore Solution (more of a tongue retaining device) as well as SnoreRx. NONE of them worked to stop my snoring or certainly my Sleep Apnea. In fact, I found them painful and changed my bite by a fair bit, especially Zquiet and SnoreRx. The Good Morning Snore solution actually worked for my wife to stop her snoring. But she doesn't have sleep apnea. This was early on in my quest to rectify my snoring and sleep apnea. CPAP is the only thing that worked. It has worked really, really well for me. Due in large part to the help I received here.

There are many helpful people here that can help you out and give you suggestions to make CPAP work for you if you have had a sleep study done and they recommended you use a CPAP machine. It really is a matter of life and death with many, many health complications that can occur due to sleep apnea.

I would invite you to post a few more times and tell us about yourself and your sleep study. Once you have posted up to 4 times you can post images from Sleepyhead Software analyzing the data that your machine collected (depending on the type of machine you have.) See my signature below on how to download Sleepyhead Software and how to arrange the data to be meaningful. People will then be able to give you suggestions on how to make this all work for you.

There are many mask choices and different settings likely on your machine (again depending on what you have.) I would say the odds of you getting the help you need to make CPAP therapy BOTH comfortable and effective for you is very high here. Give us a chance! Smile
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Hi PA Burke,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
I haven’t used one of those devices you mentioned; I have had great success with CPAP therapy.
Hang in there for more responses to your post and good luck to you.
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I'd go for a proper mandibular advancement device (MAD).  Somnodent has a good reputation.  For me the discomfort and change in bite made CPAP far preferable.  And CPAP is a full therapy while mouth pieces at best only reduce severtiy.

What specifically did you find intolerable?  We see a lot of people here that got sent home with a machine with a very poor choice of settings on them.  If you tell us what problems you had, we can likely show you how to address them.
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I cannot suggest anything on those mouthpieces, as I've not used them. I am admitted new (2 weeks on this coming Wednesday) to a BiPap, but without the help on this forum, I'd likely already be a former BiPap user. CPAP wasn't doing it for me as I could not get used to the pressure, and unless Sleeprider had stepped in to give advice on my BiPap settings on the current unit, it was going to be the same story basically. As I'm a self-described newbie, I am still in the listen and learn mode on the Apnea Board, but I'm always good to pass on what I have learned. As was suggested, give these gurus an opportunity to assist. They will work with your info and get you doing better.

Sleep-well  and take 3  Coffee Coffee Coffee.
Due to my sarcastic nature, it may not be obvious that I am not a doctor nor do I pretend to be one. My advice is from personal experience. Follow my advice as a choice not as an order. 2 of these  Coffee Coffee per day keep the bad times away.
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