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[Treatment] In need of guidance.
RE: In need of guidance.
Hi I've just figured out how to reconfigure the screen? Have I done it right? How do I get my average? Is it the average of the 90%? 

I'm trying to understand why I got an AHi of 0.8 with a 90% of 10.7 yet I'm still obstructing at a 90% of 14?
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RE: In need of guidance.
Yes yes auto off is at off ;-), I'd wondered what that meant ;-)
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RE: In need of guidance.
The majority of your events were in the last hour of sleep. Other than that your AHI was reasonable through the night. It might be interesting to zoom in on a couple minutes of a periodic breathing event, just to see what is going on.

With regard to the charts, this is much better. You can turn off the pie chart in Sleepyhead by going to File/Preferences/Appearance, and un-checking the box for Pie Chart on the right side. If you want to change statistics to Average and 90%, you can do that in File/Preferences/CPAP. Options for Median to Average and 95% to 90% should be obvious.
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RE: In need of guidance.
I agree with SR, this is a much better night than your bad nights, and that most of the CAs are in the very latest piece of "maybe" sleep. I would hold with these settings a couple more days, to see what your average is. do take note of how rested you feel both when you woke and through the day.

Dedicated to QALity sleep.
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RE: In need of guidance.
A few months ago I tried a soft cervical collar. It was a one size fits all with an adjustable height. It didn't workout very well. The velcro that is used to adjust the height made the collar stiff and uncomfortable. I quit using it after a few days because my sleep quality had dropped significantly.

A few weeks ago I decided to try  a soft cervical collar again. This time I bought one that is sized based on my neck circumference and the length of my neck. It made a world of difference. I don't even notice I'm wearing it. At this point I have been able to ditch the chin strap I had been using for mouth leaks and events caused by sleep position are way down.

My advice would be to buy a soft cervical collar sized to fit you instead of one that tries to fit everyone. I think you may be pleasantly surprised at the results.
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RE: In need of guidance.
so ive ordered a cervical collar size large from amazon.
what is the significance of most of my central apneas being in  the last hour of sleep. ive noticed if i only sleep 3 to 5 hours my AHI is lower, but then im so tired. last night i did sleep a little better and felt more rested today. 
below are two zoomed in episodes of periodic breathing, showing central and obstructive apneas.

so appreciating your kind help with this. Thanks



ill also add this. this was a zoom in in between two episodes of periodic breathing which strikes me as significant for some reason?

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RE: In need of guidance.
sorry i put the wrong screen shot on. here is the one zoomed with central apneas?

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RE: In need of guidance.
I'm glad you're getting this all sorted out. I don't have enough experience to add anything helpful regarding your settings.

As for your humidifier... it seems to not be working. Have you plugged it into the back if your DreamStation? Filled the clear inner tank with water? Closed the lid, and heard it click closed? Securely attached the hose? If so, I don't know why it would not be working.
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RE: In need of guidance.
I think it is working. Yes I've connected it to the back and it's clicked etc and has water in it. I had it on last night, and though I didn't sleep well (pressure at 12-16) an AHI of 5.1, it seemed to be working. The main issue I'm concerned about is that without the humidifier I can hear a definite humming coming and going with my breath at the mask. With the humidifier it's  almost silent. I can hear a faint humming coming and going with my breath but it's  coming from the machine. Does the humidifier act to reduce the hum or is the pressure I may receiving reduced?
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RE: In need of guidance.
We've discussed this recently here, and there's a consensus that the DreamStation is considerably louder (many would say unusable due to the noise) when the humidifier is not attached. This is certainly my experience.

Now that you've established you are getting air pressure while the humidifier is connected... if you still feel like you're not getting enough air, then I wonder if it's because the air is too humid. This happens to me, as a live in a non-humid climate, and I find humidity to be stifling and it affects my breathing. Because of this, I keep my humidity level humid enough that I'm not getting a dry mouth, and no more humid than that. That helps me feel like I'm not being suffocated by humidity.
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