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[Treatment] Is there any positive feedback or success stories for UPPP surgery?
I am scheduled to have UPPP and turbinate reduction surgery done later this month and have read only horror stories about this. Is there anyone out there that has any positive results or success stories to share? My sleep study numbers are: ADI: 21 and O2 sats: 82%.

Please respond, scared
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I don't know your medical history and what all you have tried/been through with apnea, but, I can say this much, I would not try surgery except as a last, and I mean very last, resort. This is my opinion and for my situation. Others have tried it and from what I have read, the recovery is rough and most of the time, it does NOT cure apnea and does not keep those with OSA from having to have treatment such as CPAP.
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Hi richierich,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
That surgery should be done as a "last" resort.
Hang in there for more responses to your post.
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My doctor told me it is a very painful surgery. That poor girl on life support who had a tonsilectomy also had a UPPP and turbinate reduction as well as adenoid removal. Bleeding is a common event with any head surgery. Make sure you stop any aspirin or blood thinners (with your doctors approval of course). But if you are sure of your surgeon and anesthesiologist's skills and they are well known and do these procedures often, you should be okay. You are right to be scared though. I told my doctor absolutely not when he offered it as a possibility.
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Okay, I had the UPPP in 2002...it helped for almost 10 years...needed further surgery due to my windpipe...not any failure of the UPPP.

While it wasn't comfortable surgery...for ME it was my first choice before going on a cpap. I can't stand anything on my face.

Recovery was about 2 weeks (I was 48 when I had the UPPP). They also took my tonsils (THANK GOODNESS). Unlike kids, I was unable to eat anything cold. In fact, I was limited to mostly broth and jello and pudding. I could not use the sugar free jello or pudding as the sweetener irritated my throat.

ANY surgery is dangerous...and can result in death. When signing release forms, death IS listed as a possible complication. And while it is upsetting about that girl is on life support who had her tonsils out, her guardians were given that information.

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I had the surgery in 2002 and it was probably the most painful 3 days following surgery that I ever had. Additionally, it lasted about 4 years at which time I went with CPAP. I am certain that the doctor that performed the surgery was more interested in the dollars from the surgery than my health. The way he described CPAP to me would have scared anyone - including telling me that there was a chance of death from CPAP wearing which was much more frequent than the surgery. I agree with the above comments that surgery should be the LAST option, not the first.
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Since I do not know why you are having the surgery, nor what other options you have tried, I can neither advise for or against this procedure for you. There is some mild success, but this will depend on your body form - if you are heavily overweight, with a neck of 40 cm or more, then this surgery will not keep you form needing a CPAP afterwards, but it may reduce the pressure needed. In addition, this surgery will in all likelihood make your day to day breathing more effective, but the results in terms of apnoea is rather hit and miss, since there are many possible causes for apnoea, and you may have other factors involved.

Any surgery is potentially dangerous, and most definitely you will suffer considerable discomfort during the initial healing period. So you of course do have right to be scared, but this sort of surgery will only be life threatening should you not work together with your anaesthesiologist to ensure that you are in the correct condition prior to surgery (blood thinners and aspirins stopped at a given time prior to the operation, etc.).

I wish you luck and a successful outcome for your operation, and that you have a speedy and pain free recovery.
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Not sure either way, but you may wish to read ConnCarl's post #3 in this thread:

Apnea Board Administrator


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Supersleeper thanks for the link
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I am in Perth, Western Australia,
had a twin turbinectomy performed about 12 [or13?] years ago, results were outstanding and wish I had the op. done many years earlier.

Late november [12 weeks ago] I had the UPPP + M op.
mixed results so far, I am breathing much easier- but the sleep test results show little improvement in oxy. levels while I sleep.
Hoping this might change given time for scarring and swelling etc. to settle down.

I was warned the UPPP + M op. was going to be real nasty and to expect to be stoned on painkillers for a couple of weeks.

I must be the lucky one,
Only used the drip-fed painkillers while in hospital after the op. due to the nurses telling me to, and the next day had 1 x oxycontin pill, then didnt bother with any more.
I admit, there was a lot of discomfort- mainly when swallowing - as food had to make its way over the stitches in my throat.
It wasnt a pleasant feeling by any means, but not painful- more annoying than anything else.

I mainly went for the op. as using a CPAP will be difficult and impractical in my situation, and also due to a combination of my personal health insurance and the Aussie medical system - the op. cost me practically nothing.

Looks like I may have to resort to CPAP anyway, another sleep test due in about 4 weeks.
If my oxygen levels havent improved, its most likely a CPAP, which means looking for a different job

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