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[Treatment] May be Too Late for Me Too
Last night I had a lousy night's sleep (woke up a lot). Around 0930 I started getting a succession of apneas and my auto CPAP pegged out at its maximum set pressure value (12 cm h2o). Since it stayed at this pressure for over an hour and the events just kept coming, I wonder if the maximum pressure should be tweaked upwards.

Just a thought -- Thank you!
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It sure looks like you're bouncing around the upper limit. You could raise it to around 16(ish) and see if you need it. It shouldn't go there if you don't need it.

Two other little things:
1. The mask pressure graph is a hypothetical and seems to only take up screen space. I would turn it off so you can include other graphs.

2. Your ramp pressure seems a little low. Have you considered upping it closer to your treatment pressure?

. . . What do I know? Thinking-about
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I set my upper pressure at the max. If the machine need it I want it and I want to know about it. If is causes other problems I still want to know what they are and when they happen. I want to be informed.

I will trust the company that made my Auto CPAP enough to try it out. like my Auto CPAP.

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Tubaman, Your overall AHI report is pretty good but that doesn't tell the whole story. Considering what you have stated and viewing the graph to see if something jumps out, I have something for you to consider.

1. I think you will eventually need to raise both your lower pressure and the upper.

2. I don't think you should change either pressure just yet.

3. I think the pressure increase is what's waking you up repeatedly all night long. (so raising the pressure is a bad idea right now) What you eventually need and what you can tolerate right now are two different things!

4. You may even consider lowering the top pressure somewhat so you can get some sleep. Total AHI's can be secondary for the time being. Once you can tolerate the pressure, you can slowly bring it back up to therapy level. You will eventually be able to tolerate much greater pressure than you are using now but it will take some time. You need to do it slowly and be able to get some sleep along the way.

5. I also think lowering the EPR to #2 and eventually weaning off it altogether as soon as possible is a good idea. It can be more bother than value in some cases, such as where pressure changes are disturbing. Use it if you must and stop it when you can.

I'm basing my suggestions on how the graph shows your flow rate changes and OA's and how they link to your possible sleep disturbance pattern. It would be a good guess to say that at near the end of your session, where the cluster of OA's are shown on the graph, that you finally got so tired that you slept through it longer than all the preceding single OA's that are shown periodically through the earlier part of the session.

Long story short, lower the pressure and start all over and increase it gradually rather than abruptly. You already know approximately how much pressure you need to be effective but give yourself some time to sneak up on it. Trying to apply correct therapy pressure from the get go can be scary, disturbing and produce a level of anxiety that in itself is a sleep robber.

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These are last night's SleepyHead & Oximeter charts. I guess the results are satisfactory, however, I wish the oximeter results would improve from the marginal values I have been, more-or-less, getting lately.

[Image: G15CPga.gif][/url]
[Image: Tye7zU7.gif][/url]

If anybody has any suggestions, I would appreciate it much.

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If it doesn't get any worse than that graph shows, you don't have any problem other than accepting the therapy and waiting until you get tired of checking it daily. When the time comes, and it will come, when you think of your tuba more than how you are going to sleep that night or how your graph looked the preceding night, then you will start getting much better rest. How you feel is much more important than whether you got an AHI of 3.5 or 4.8 or even a goose egg.

I have a little concern that may or may not be important, so take what I say as merely my uneducated opinion. Next time you go see your doctor, tell him you think you have a high respiration rate and low tidal volume and see if he thinks that's true and if it's affecting you unfavorably. He may agree and prescribe a different machine for you. I may be way off base even suggesting that, so stick around for other opinions.

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It took me several month of added oxygen before I started to see a rise in the oxygen level. The slow change I think is due to some repair that the body was making. I feel so much better now.

And Yes I do not look at my charts as often, life has other things to hold my attention. Dude is well respected in my opinion.


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Can anybody tell me why I am getting blank spaces on my "Overview" pressure chart? There is data for those dates (Aug. 25 & Aug. 26) but SleepyHead started displaying blanks a couple of days ago.

Thank you!, Tubaman
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Is there a pressure graph for those dates also? Might be a software bug or aliens!! Wink
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Sometimes rebuilding the data works to fix this.
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