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[Treatment] One Year in and still have tired days
(11-27-2016, 03:09 PM)Sleepyv Wrote: I am one year in Bipap. I have some good days but just as many sleepy days. My AHI is good and I can sleep 7 to 8 hrs. I have no trouble falling to sleep with bi pap. I am starting grinding my teeth really bad and am wearing a night guard. Has anyone had this trouble with still being tired after this much time? I'm discouraged about to stop.

Hi Sleepyv,

You might want to google "classic sleep care" and then click on the blog link in which you find various blog entries by Barry Krakow, sleep medicine specialist.

He suggests that many patients in your situation have unresolved UARS, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Upper_airw...e_syndrome, issues in addition to sleep apnea. His solution is to titrate most patients to higher pressures mostly on ASV machines even if someone doesn't have central apnea. His reasoning is that because these machines are easier to breathe on than regular ones, it is easier to titrate to higher pressures to knock out the residual UARs in addition to sleep apnea.

How feasible his solution is is another issue and I haven't seen it endorsed by any other sleep doctors. When I had a titration in the sleep lab a few years ago, higher pressures increased my RERAS (which indicate UARS issues) although the data was very limited.

Still, I think you might find the blog entries interesting to see if anything is applicable to your situation. If you feel UARS may be an issue for you, perhaps you could do some more googling to see if you can find anything that may be helpful. You could also see what your current sleep doctor thinks about this possibility or find someone else who could help.

Best of luck.


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Thank you, I will look into that.
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(11-28-2016, 04:14 AM)holden4th Wrote: Maybe you should also look for those little signs. The best way to test it (and I'm not recommending that you do it in any way) is to have a night without therapy. The few times I have fallen asleep reading a book before I've put my collar and mask on has highlighted the huge difference between therapy and no therapy.

It's kind of funny to me because I routinely use my phone to get some work done in bed with the TV on, a bad habit I know, but I still do it. Every now and again I will fall asleep doing whatever I'm doing only to wake with a headache that tells me "Dummy put the mask on, and go to sleep". Now that I think about it maybe it was my wife saying that... Laugh-a-lot

Just yesterday afternoon I was driving home thinking, "Damn I'm tired, I feel like I'm falling asleep..." little voice in my head saying "Is that therapy still working?" Then I started thinking about it and remembering back to what it was like before therapy and thinking to myself that back then I never thought "boy I'm tired", I just fell asleep, anywhere and everywhere, there was no struggle to stay awake, I simply couldn't stay awake no matter what I did.

That was interestingly enough a qualifying question from my sleep Dr when last I saw him. He asked "Have you been routinely falling asleep in situations despite doing your best to stay awake?" or something to that effect, and it keeps me conscious that even though I'm tired the therapy is working.
If everyone thinks alike, then someone isn't thinking.
Everyone knows something, together we could know everything.
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I will, thank you.

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I do notice it's a different kind of tired, it's hard to explain, like it takes me half of the day to wake up and them I'm better in afternoon at night. I'm a night owl, feel better at night.
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Is it possible that you are over sleeping? I love sleeping. I hate getting out of that warm, comfortable bed. But according to one sleep doc, I am a "natural short sleeper" with a nightly ideal time of 5-6 hours. News to me and everyone that knows me! But that is usually when I wake up on normal nights. I have noticed that if it get up then, I feel pretty good the next day. If I go back to sleep, which I do most days, then I wake up part way through another sleep cycle and feel tired. But the bed is so warm and comfortable and working is so... much work.
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I didn't sleep with my Bi-Pap last night and am very tired today. I guess it's working and looking back to last year at this time, I'm definitely better. Thanks
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That is what we all want to here. Glad that you have CPAP working. Hang in there girl. Sleep-well

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I did have a few weeks without therapy and realize I'm better with therapy Thanks
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CPAP is not the most fun thing but it works. I am reminded daily how much it does for us by seeing a person who does not use it much. Her oxygen level and health are like a roller coaster. When she uses cpap she is better but then quits and goes back into a slump. Family and Doctors have mostly given up after years of this pattern.

Best Wishes to you Sleep-well

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