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[Treatment] Significance of Events
I was not fatigued before starting study. Minor shortness of breath and Pulmonologist ordered a split sleep study - Pre AHI=83, Titration=29 (max 15 cmH20).

I am in my 12th night of APAP usage. End of first week, I looked at my data using Sleepyhead and although leak threshold "smiley face" was only exceed once, I was awaken multiple times with leak noise. I had eye dryness and dry mouth so bad it felt glued shut and very fatigued. Experimented with adjusting humidity from auto to 5 and temp to 82 which helped some.

On day10, I tried using hybrid mask as F10 FFM seems too narrow to cover mouth. First night with hybrid was fair with stats:
LL=18.77,CA=1.90, OA =0.00,UA=0.59,H=4.10,RE=0.00

On day 11, my nose was so sore that I switched back in middle of the night to F10 FFM ... leaks and moderate to severe mouth dryness but better stats:
LL=5.11,CA=2.84, OA =0.14,UA=0.57,H=0.85,RE=0.28,

Purchased Remzzzs mask "liners" (expensive) and ResMed chin strap. Day 12 with low LL ,no dry mouth and stats were better(FFM w/liner & chin strap):
LL = 0.05%, CA=1.03,OA=0.00, UA=0.00, H=0.77, RE=0.00

I looked at the data for the past two weeks and there are almost no OA flags. Flags are CA and H with some LL and few RE. OA events over two weeks number less than 10 total for all 12 days.

Week prior to current FFM, liners and chin strap average stats: AHI=4.27, OA=0.02,H=2.95,CA=1.02, RE=0.32, LL=12.14% (does not show UA here in Statistics?)

My questions: 1)I thought that OA was the dominant source of Apnea, does APAP pressure prevent OA but less impact on H. 2)What cause H? 3)What causes CA? 4)What is/causes UA (undetected OA?)? 5) Is any one apnea source worse thananother?

Thanks for your comments.
It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop. --Confucius
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Hypopnea is an apnea that never grew up. It is a reduction in flow of 30-50% for ten seconds or longer. An apnea is an absence of flow.

The APAP pressure affects hypopneas if they are obstructive in nature. So if they are obstructive in nature, an increase in pressure will be helpful. If they are central in nature an increase in pressure may make them worse or make them grow up into CAs. The cause of hypopneas is the same as for OAs or CAs depending on which type the hypopneas are.

CA-Central Apneas are caused by the brain not sending the signal to take a breath.

UAs are apnea events that could not be classified due to excess leakage..

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Should I be concerned that the CA and Hyponeas are more prominent than the OA under APAP treatment? The CA, measured by the ResMed seem to appear in clusters as do the Hyponeas but less so. As noted, in my initial post none of the events seem excessive. It just seems to me that CA is a more serious problem that OA? Why does the brain "forget" to breath?

My Pulmonologist did not tell me much about the condition just ordered a sleep study, ordered APAP and I was fitted in the "supplier's" office by someone who turned out to be the front office staff as the "certified" tech was on vacation. Basically she had me put the mask on and ask "how does it feel" and than explained how the device worked - no pressure test. When I called about leaks later in the week, the tech did come to the house. The tech attempted to fit another mask which leaked even more at 15 cmH2O. Last week I went to the office and the tech tried a Hybrid mask with pressure test. Results in first post. Since the leaks are under control now I will probably stay with the FFM and the chin strap and liners.
It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop. --Confucius
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(02-21-2016, 09:58 PM)Ed1101 Wrote: Should I be concerned that the CA and Hyponeas are more prominent than the OA under APAP treatment?

As long as your AHI is less than 5 there's no need to worry.

If it's consistently over 5 have a talk with your doctor or your DME, or post your results from SleepyHead here and ask for some interpretation, always remembering that we are not doctors.

It's common for people new to PAP therapy to have a few CA events caused by the pressure, and they usually go away with time.
Ed Seedhouse

Your brain is not the boss.

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