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Tried Everything
Hi all just posing a question here to see if anyone has any solutions... I started cpap about 7 months ago and still have not had one night of good sleep. I am a mouth breather and have a deviated septum that prevents me from breathing through my nose. So, I am stuck wearing a full mask. To make matters worse, my chin is recessed and when I sleep the mere relaxation causes my chin to move further back making it almost impossible for the mask to flex at the proper angle to avoid leaks. When I do finally get the mask to a point of no leak.I encounter another issues. I develop open sores on the bridge of my nose. So, I tried the remzees and the Gecko nasal pads and when they didn't work I put bandages under the Gecko. The sores are no longer open but I am still always bruised in the morning. I can't seem to find a mask that is flexible enough to follow the "odd angle" of my recessed jaw without having to inflict such damage to my face. At this point I don't know what is worse...the gasping at night or the bruises (and comments) during the day. The only mask that came close was the hybrid ...the mouth part worked great because it didn't need to flex but the nasal part was a whole other matter. I found the nasal pillows were all over the place. Air was either being forced into my eyes or forced into my husbands eyes: Again, I am not sure what was worse. So, if any one has any suggestions I would really appreciate them.
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dustyrose, welcome, you do have a problem, I use the Mirage Quattro and did have problems at the start but got used to it after about a year. One suggestion, do you have the hose coming from above your head either over a bed head or using a hose lift. It pulls the mask up instead of pulling down. Also there is a new mask on the market in the US called ResMed Quattro™ Air Full Face Mask and I have heard some good reports about the Phillips Fitlife Total Face Mask, maybe you could have a look, good luck.
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Hi dustyrose,
You definitely have a dilemma that most of us don't have to deal with. I know that finding the right mask is one of the hardest parts of cpap therapy but don't give up on it. The masks might look the same but there are small differences among them.

As Tez62 mentioned, position of the hose sometimes tugs on the mask. Check to see if putting your hose in different location helps.

I don't know if the following suggestion can be done but I'm going to offer it anyway. If possible take something like an elastic headband and place it around the mask and your head so that it lightly pushes down on the mask below your cheekbones. In theory as your face relaxes, this band will keep the mask snug against your skin. Make sure it doesn't block any vents and that it is easy to remove if you need to take your mask off quickly. Just a suggestion.
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Hi dustyrose,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
I'm sorry you are having such a rough time with CPAP therapy and I know you have tried a lot of things, but I encourage you to stick with it,and hang in there for more suggestions here on the board.
Best of luck and don't give up.
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Hi Dustyrose
Don't have any solutions for you. I have enough trouble with my own cpap from time to time.
Like the times my dog chewed up my $300 mask and just when we thought she had learned not to do that, she did it again. Do you need a dog?

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I have the same issue, mouth breathing due to severe deviated septum that prevents nose breathing. The mask I use is the FitLife by Resperonics. It's a total face mask and does not touch your nose at all and has a large seal all around to help keep from leaking. For me it is very comfy and most nights I have 98-100% mask fit according to my software and machine.
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(07-21-2013, 11:51 AM)Zomglawlz Wrote: The mask I use is the FitLife by Resperonics.
I agree FitLife may be an option. I have one and find it works well, but the only drawback I found was that it is rather noisy (a whistle noise), at least compared to the Quattro and Forma. There may be a problem with mine. but when I called Respronics, they were of no help. Said I was the first one to make a complaint.

To err is human, but to really mess things up, you need a computer.
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Can't say I've had this problem myself, but a mask fitting may be the ticket here. Get a respiratory therapist and a bunch of different masks and see what works best for you. My local supply company used to send an RT to my house with a selection that I could try. We'd just sit at the table and I'd try them on one after another until I found one that felt comfortable. Then I'd hook it up to the machine, turn it on, see how it fit with the pressure, and adjust it for minimal leak. If you can arrange something like that, you might just be able to find a mask that solves your problem.
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I have had real good results from the pad a cheek liners , they are so soft and take away that silicone touch on your face-- seems to help stop the leaks .I am a mouth breather and it wicks away the mask moisture that bothered me. I also use the hose hanger to keep the hose over my head and the weight off the mask .
If you rig up your own hose hanger make sure you use something stretchy. some people use a girls hair scrunchy to a hook on the wall above head of the bed . hose hangers are cheap-- check amazon --they come with a spring mechanism they are great. I helped mine with a hook to the head board and wrapped that with a rubber band to the hose hanger rod . That made it more stable .
Check out the pad a cheek stuff as you having sores and bruising , that's right up their line. Google it , she's a real nice lady and a cpaper herself .
I don't want to break any rules so I can't give you a link to her site.
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I use a hose hanger too, but I also add an 18" extension so I have just enough slack at the mask end without any tangling or mask yanking (usually causes a hose disconnect. *POOOM!!* not fun either. )

"With ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable." - Thomas Foxwell Buxton

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