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Tried a few things to lower my AHI only to end up raising it
OK, so I've been on my new auto cpap for over 50 days now and have a better idea what my data means.

It turns out my baseline with no leaks is about 55 at around 8 cmH20. To find this number I sat in a chair awake with my mouth shut and no mask leaks. Turns out my data for the last 56 days for average leaks is 55.1. Of course there are times when I leak and it goes up more than we probably would like. My average AHI is 2.2. I know this is pretty good but there are times when I am leaking from my mouth or mask. Having read a lot of posts on how you can feel better the lower you get your AHI I decided to try just that. Except I got worse readings than usual.

First test, having seen on another forum some people test for mouth leaks using water proof tape (some prefer it all the time over a chin strap). So I tried that one night. My AHI was 4.0 I had 24 hypopnea's. My leak rate was close to my normal but did hang around a little less than 60 lpm and did go up to around 70 for a little later in the night. The tape maybe started coming loose. Not sure.

Then I tried the Ruby Adjustable chin strap. My AHI jumped to 5.6 with 35 hypopnea's. My pressures also went up to about my max setting of around 15 whereas my pressure averages around 8-9 cmH20. On one of the supplier websites it did state that chin straps can cause problems with some people.

Last night I tried a Apex Wizard 220 full face mask. My AHI was 3.64 with 19 hypopnea's.

So, I've gotten results that are just the opposite of what I wanted or expected. What's up with that?

Course it's sometimes hard to go by just one test, but there is definitely a pattern here.

Using the FFM was comfortable though and it was obvious that I had no leaks. I will do a lot more experimenting with this. I believe in general it is a keeper in my arsenal of OSA goodies.

In the end I know the important thing is not the numbers but how you feel. Turns out I felt really good after using the chin strap, but also realize that there are other things that could have affected that.

I did not feel that good after using the FFM but then again other factors could affect that such as my blood sugar levels.

I am thinking at this point. Forget a chin strap. Stick with a nasal mask unless I have a stuffy nose or am having more periods where I open my mouth. Also, though the FFM tends to keep my lips shut which is a good thing.

I have put way more time researching and testing things out that I really wanted to do but was hoping for better results. I guess it's good I did it but sure isn't what I figured would happen.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

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FWIW - I had nasal pillow mask leaks and tried to keep my mouth shut too, tried SEVERAL different masks to no avail. I didn't think I could tolerate a FFM. THEN, after finally getting a Fisher Paykel Simplus like my leaks are zeros and the AHI is down under 1 most times unless the allergies are acting up. Also, I went to a medium FFM even though the sizing charts had me at large.

One other thing to check, is the mask setting on the correct mask type?

My 2 cents worth Coffee
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In thinking this over again it seems the FFM is ok as the AHI is still well under 5, it was only a one time test so far and 19 hypopnea's isn't out of the ordinary. I know I seem to feel better when it's below 10.

Would love to know how the AHI is calculated as in the past I've had maybe around 19 Hypopnea's and my AHI was below 3..Guess it may have to do with how many hours I slept.

I will tell you for $65 the Wizard 220 FFM is a great deal, very comfortable and very easy to breathe with basically no leaks. It surprised me how easy it was to try the FFM after 16 years with a nasal mask.

Also, wondering how to reduce the number of Hypopnea's.
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For me, switching masks usually resulting in at least two nights of unusual results -- meaning higher AHIs and a different mix of events. My guess is that the change makes me sleep less deeply. I think you need to give it a little longer before deciding what the result is.
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What is the composition of the increased AHI? Is the increase due to CA or OA?
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(09-08-2016, 03:20 PM)Lanco Wrote: ......
Would love to know how the AHI is calculated as in the past I've had maybe around 19 Hypopnea's and my AHI was below 3..Guess it may have to do with how many hours I slept.
AHI is simply the arithmetic sum of CA + OA + H, and, yes, the dimension is "events per hour".


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(09-08-2016, 04:47 PM)Sleeprider Wrote: What is the composition of the increased AHI? Is the increase due to CA or OA?

Sleepyhead does not work on Apex Cpap's. I don't know what a CA or OA is.

Easy Compliance software reports AHI, Apnea, Hypopnea, Snoring, Leaks, Average AHI, Average pressure, Average 90 Percentile Pressure, Average Leak, Average Time with Large Leak. I guess that pretty much covers it.

Other than that, in 56 days or so I have maybe 1 snoring event, just a very few apneas but mostly hypopneas.
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I agree with chill, I would look at data over the period of at least a week after a change before drawing any conclusions.
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(09-08-2016, 05:26 PM)rkl122 Wrote: AHI is simply the arithmetic sum of CA + OA + H, and, yes, the dimension is "events per hour".

Just to clarify a bit, it is that sum divided by the number of hours slept (including minutes as a fraction of an hour). Or in other words the arithmetical mean (average) number of events per hour.
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