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Tried to tough it out!
Great board, learned a lot so far.

Very new to CPAP but am into my 2nd week using it >7hrs every night. Someday I feel better but other days I feel worse. Only had one day so far where I had to have an office nap, so that is a slight improvement.

The bridge of my nose started bothering me so I used a few suggestions I read here (band aid, tough it out etc.) but unfortunately it got infected (visit to the urgent care, dr says don't ever use that type of mask again and here have this fist full of doxycycline for the next few days) so I am heading back to the provider for a new mask type, likely go with nasal pillows.....based on feedback from this forum

Mask was certainly not on too tight, maybe I had it on too loose (I work with SCBAs for work so I put it with minimum head gear tension so I could get a positive seal...cover the port and blow lightly)

Will also get a chin strap because be leaking via my mouth because I never feel a leak on the mask but every night I get the red frowny face on seal report in the morning on the machine and same with the myair report in the morning.

I got into this whole sleep thing after finally getting a GP and going for a physical...I just felt like crap. BP was 148/98 and Dr asked if I would try to loose weight so he could hold off on meds. I agreed. Dropped ~20lbs and started to workout more. Felt a bit better but still tired all day. Did the sleep studies and have OSA (not too severe but Pulmonologist said that if I loose a bit more weight, keep working out and use CPAP it may be temporary). I have just got back into cycling and it has been the catalyst for my weightloss.

to be continued!
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you might also check out the Amara View mask.
Frustrating for me to hear "tough it out" regarding health issues, sorry you got an infection.
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Could be much worse, if this is the worst thing that happens to me today, I'm going to be ok!

So got in with the DME no problem (C is awesome, and very cute!), and looked at various nasal pillows. Wasn't real keen on having something jammed up my nose, and opted for the Dream Weaver. Seems very well designed, simple and un obstructive. I like the head mount for the air hose, I actually set my wisp up like that and liked how the hose sat.

I am the first to use it t the DME, so I need to report back to C on how it went.

Hope it works out becaus I am traveling next week, first travel with the machine should be a hoot!
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Welcome to ApneaBoard cliftonio!

I am assuming you mean you opted for the DreamWear mask? It's pretty new, by Philips Respironics.
APNEABOARD - A great place to be if you're a hosehead!! Rolleyes

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Yes the Dreamweaver mask. It was super comfortable, seals easy and nothing sticking in your nose or pushing on any part I the face.

I will have to experiment with the setting on the machine of it it should be Nasal Pillow or a Nasal mask. C thinks I should leave it on the mask setting, we will see.

Just happy to give my poor snoz a break to heal.....people are starting to stare! Haha
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Glad you got the DreamWear mask, I was going to suggest that one. I am new to this also at two weeks and tried the pillows, they gave me a sore on my nose, and the Wisp Nasal Mask. The Wisp felt OK at first but then started to feel like it moved and blocked my nostrils. I woke up more moving the mask around to get it just right. I got the DreamWear two nights ago and love it so far. It's a whole new world. I have been sleeping a lot more with the new mask. Seems like I waking up every couple of hours before to adjust the others, now I sleep for much longer and usually only wake when my wife gets up to use the bathroom.
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Pwgphoto: cool! The wisp felt like it was restricting my air until I reached full pressure ( as it ramped up it felt like breathing through a straw), then it as fine. Messed with in the mirror and had to get it to sit much lower to stop that feeling, it really didn't want to stay there. Tried the XL size that sat better but would no seal. Obviously the M/S was way too small.

Either way I as sleeping eventually but way to much mouth breathing. Apart from 2 days out of the two weeks my leak rate was massive (and not a single mask leak). The tech looked at my leak data and was like "100% mouth leak, if your mask leaks like that you wouldn't have slept 2 minutes"

Got got a chin strap today so that should help.

Read your post, guess we are but Guinea pigs for our DME? Haha

I am actually excited to try this new mask (yeah I need to get a life! Haha), it just looks like somebody actually put some thought into it.
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(11-11-2015, 06:46 PM)cliftonio Wrote: Yes the Dreamweaver mask.

If you still have issues with mouth-leaking the Amara View also leaves the bridge of the nose free.

I had to switch to a full face mask because of mouth leaks. I could see extended periods of leaking on the graph, even though the numbers alone indicated I was doing alright "on average".

Apnea Board Moderator

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Sleepster: that is a very cool hybrid. How does it do for side sleeping?
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Not to keep harping on the DreamWear, I must sound like a salesman and I've only used it two nights, but I am a stomach sleeper and was struggling with the other two masks. I was able to start sleeping on my sides with them, but they would shift sometimes. I have found that I can once again sleep on my stomach or side with minimal effort with the DreamWear. The way the thing hugs your face seems like it keeps it from shifting. I look forward to hearing what you think Cliftonio.
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