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Trouble Falling Asleep With CPAP Machine On
Trouble Falling Asleep With CPAP Machine On
Hi, new to this forum and CPAP, so apologies if a similar thread already exists here.

I am new to CPAP, and am having trouble falling asleep at night wearing my mask.  I've adjusted the pressure to try and start low to build up to my prescribed pressure over time.  I have practiced wearing the mask during the day/evening, to try and get comfortable with the breathing, and I feel like I'm to the point now where that's not too big of an issue.  I've also tried taking melatonin here and there to help make me drowsy.  However, no matter how tired I feel, I can't seem to get my mind to relax enough that I'm able to drift off to sleep while wearing my mask.

Has anyone else experienced the same issues, and how did you get through it?  Thank you.
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RE: Trouble Falling Asleep With CPAP Machine On
Hi rtsteffen! - Welcome
Based on your post, it seems that you are experiencing some form of apprehension using your CPAP. You have taken the basic steps we usually recommend, but your body don't seem to want to allow something to be strapped to your face while you sleep. I would suggest discussing this with your doctor. Hopefully, he/she can provide some type of short term "chill-pill" to overcome this resistance. For your knowledge, everyone has a different adjustment timespan. Some take to CPAP immediately, while others can take much longer. I'm one of the ones that it took forever to adapt. It did help implanting in my mind that I will not give up.

Good luck!
- Red
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RE: Trouble Falling Asleep With CPAP Machine On
Although I had no problems or issues from night #1 when I started, I can appreciate what you are saying. As long as your mask fits okay and it's not a problem, I'd say just give it some time for you to adapt. 

As we all know, it's NOT at all normal to wear a mask while we sleep. My SIL had issues with falling asleep when she first started CPAP therapy. I told her the same thing......give it time. 

She did and she's now dong fine with it.  Cool
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RE: Trouble Falling Asleep With CPAP Machine On
Have you tried reading a book with the mask on when you first go to bed?

Not being a big book reader these days I played solitaire and other games on my phone when first going to bed, this worked for distracting my mind just before going to sleep.. it was a simple activity that occupied my brain without being overly stimulating.
- They are not spelling/grammar errors.. I live in Australia, we do it differently Down Under  Big Grin -
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RE: Trouble Falling Asleep With CPAP Machine On
I listen to audiobooks, it distracts me from everything related to cpap therapy.
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RE: Trouble Falling Asleep With CPAP Machine On
You're wearing a full face mask. How does that work for you?

I'm claustrophobic. I haven't found a full face mask that gives me *no leaks* and that I can keep on my face. There's a new F&P full face mask that I am interested in, but haven't found in Canada that I can try without buying.... My DME supplier will loan, but don't have the mask.

So what I meant to say, maybe there is a mask style or design that would be better for you.
compliant for 35 years /// Still learning!

I'm just a cpap user like you. I don't give medical advice. Seek the advice of a physician before seeking treatment for medical conditions including sleep apnea. Sleep-well

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RE: Trouble Falling Asleep With CPAP Machine On
This may sound silly, but I kind of lean into the sensation by imagining I am scuba diving in a ... tropical sea, alien planet, kelp bed, whatever calls to you. Kinda weird, but it makes the mask "normal," and I stop worrying about this thing on my face.
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RE: Trouble Falling Asleep With CPAP Machine On
I was lucky enough to take to it from day one, but I did tear my mask off in my sleep a few times in the first month.

It didnt take long until it became like this elixir of life thing. I dunno if this feeling will go away someday (its only been 3 years), but I find it brings me a peaceful feeling knowing that Im going to wake up rested (vs the train-wreck that I was before cpap).
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