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Trouble with P10
I've been using the P10 medium size pillow for 3 months. After a visit to my doc in June and a pressure increase to 8-15 on a PR DreamStation Auto my AHI went from 5-8 down to <2 average.

The trouble I am having started a few weeks ago, I am now waking up around 4:00 (bedtime is about 22:30) with the pillow slipping out of place and getting a blast of air toward my eyes and the whooshing sound that wakes my partner, it's an easy adjustment to fix but seems to repeat several times until I get up at 6:00. No issues prior to 4:00. Could this be a cause of the head strap stretching at night? I have washed with hot water a few times to "shrink" it back.

My DME was supposed to send me a new pillow, this one is about six weeks of use. I say supposed to because I ordered it nine days ago and still waiting. Would I be better off trying a different mask all together or is there something else to try with the P10? I find it very comfortable to go to sleep with and like the diffused exhaust, though I've never tried any other mask.

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Sleep position may have something to do with dislodging the pillow mask. Do you turn alot or sleep on your stomach? The pillow shouldn't slip out of place (maybe occasionaly) unless it might be the wrong size pillow. Have you tried the different sizes?

BTW...if your insurance is covering your supplies, you should be getting 2 pillow replacements a month. I know some here think that's overkill, but they do get soft and floppy.
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I am a stomach sleeper but not super active. I only have medium pillows, as that was all they gave me from the initial pack with the mask. Should I ask for large or small?

I'll ask the DME about two per month if I can get them to even send the one I asked for. I'm at the end of compliance this week and they want me to keep renting, insurance said they'd buy it, now to get them to talk to each other....this is such a headache…
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Some DME's break up the mask which they shouldn't do.
The P10 mask with the blue strap comes with 3 pillows...small, medium, and large.
The P10 mask with the purple strap (for her) comes with 3 pillows...extra small, small, and medium.

I would question why they didn't give you a complete mask, then check with your insurance to see what supplies and how many pillow replacements they cover.
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For what it's worth, Several suppliers listed in the Supplier List were selling replacement pillows for the P10 (Direct Snort Injector) cheaper than my co-pay is.
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I did ask DME about splitting the package of pillows and they told me that each size has its own code to bill. Also asked them about getting a new head strap and they told me 6 months. I can get a mask at three but they'll take the head strap out because it's billed separately and isn't covered. It's such a crock...

My deductible is met for the year so I only pay 15%, pillows are $1.81 each until 12/31. Next year I'll be shopping the supplier lists for parts.
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Your supposed to wash the head straps and they are supposed to "Shrink" back to original size.

My pressures are a little higher than yours and while I found the AirFit P10's comfortable, my Dr switched me to Phillips Respironiscs DreamWear under the nose nasal mask. This mask is every bit as comfortable so you might take a look.

I'm not pushing either, it's all a matter of preference. If I had it my way, I'd not be using either Oh Well.... it is what it is...

Warning: Eating chocolate may cause your clothes to shrink!
[Image: ry6XtE9.gif] <---- That's ME!
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How's the exhaust from the Dreamwear? Is it as diffused as the P10?
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Hi, Matt. If you like the P10, you can buy replacement headgear from one of the online suppliers if you find that yours isn't lasting six months.

I just started using the P10 a couple of months ago, and I can't see how the headgear is going to make it for six months.

Right now, I take the neoprene part of the headgear off and soak it in hot water, and it seems to go back to its original size, but it's stretching out again faster and faster as time goes on.

I have also started pulling the nasal pillows away from my nose while I'm asleep and I am waking up to find them against my chin. I have only started doing this in the last couple of weeks.

You might want to take a look at your SleepyHead data to see if your nasal pillows are being displaced at a time when your pressure has increased. If that's when it occurs, it's possible that you may be pulling them away from your face.

Even if that is what you're doing, the solution is still probably replacement headgear and/or nasal pillows (or switching to a different mask.)

As far as not getting 3 sizes of nasal pillows with your P10s, I'm not sure why your DME would do that. If you look at some of the online suppliers, you'll see that there is an item called "AirFit P10 Mask System". The "System" is the fit-pack with three pillows. The idea is that a new user of the mask may need to experiment with different pillow sizes to find the one that's best for them. You might ask your DME about getting the "System" for you, although they may refuse since you already have headgear.
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They've already told me that they will not sell me headgear until November. It's not even an option, just a refusal. They also told me that down the road when new machine is needed I need to rent from them again, not purchase.

I want to have this type of business model. Wow, what a racket.
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