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Trying to get UPPP surgery - Dr. denies me
JudgeMental Wrote:Hang-in there Ducky.. We are all pulling for you .

Thanks for keeping us updated..

Tomorrows forecast!!!!!!! No pain meds.
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archangle Wrote:Be careful on the liquid/children's Tylenol. There are different formulations with vastly different strengths. Tylenol/acetaminophen overdoses are really bad for you. Be sure to read the dosing information for the formula you have.

There's an "infant's Tylenol" that is much more concentrated than "children's" Tylenol. The dosage is only a few drops. If you accidentally mistake one for the other and take a "children's" dose of the "infant's" formula, you get a dangerous dose.

However, you might find the infant's formula easier to take because the volume of liquid you have to swallow is lower. Be sure to take an appropriately smaller dose, though.
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Evy Wrote:Hey ducky et al:

Sorry for the absence. I've been riding the roller coaster too with the sore throat being worse some times rather than others. Just all part of the healing process.

I got off the percocet as soon as I possibly could. Still eating a lot of cottage cheese and yogurt and sticking with the soft foods. No crackers or popcorn or anything of that nature until the back of my throat no longer feels like I have a little ball of string caught there (no doubt caused by the stitches). I actually had quite the challenge not to lose weight. I really can't afford to right now and with the return to work tomorrow, I wanted to make sure that I healed well. Healthy fats (raw nut butters - non crunchy of course; avocado; fish oil once I was allowed to take it again), lots of soft simple proteins like egg whites, yogurt, cottage cheese, poached chicken breast; and I really was very careful with the amount of carbohydrates I ate each day. I miss my big summer salads but keep convincing myself to be patient. Same thing with the spicy food. Love Hunan, Schezwan, etc but need to let everything settle before I eat that again.

How is your larynx doing? I swear it hurts worse than the surgical site.

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duckydoom Wrote:I have wanted nothing more than a huge spinach salad with all of the works, pretty much since I got back home. I know with how sensitive my mouth is though, it's probably going to be awhile. I've also been craving garlic and ginger. I think my body is telling me it's time for some sort of a cleanse, lol. I figure once the stitches are out, I'm going to do a nice mini cleanse with some cupping, sauna time, and teas. I've been drinking some of my liver detox teas intermittently, but they're really messing with my stomach right now, which is odd.

My larynx is actually not so bad... I'm still off of work so basically just puttering around the house and not talking much until my husband gets home at night, but it does get pretty raw feeling after even a small amount of talking. My big problem right now is the soft palate area. I've found that I've been burping more than usual, and when I do, it feels as though the soft palate is ripping in half. Same sensation when I'm yawning.

I just spoke with the nurse, who was calling for a "mid point followup," and she swears I should be "almost completely 100%" by the two week mark. That's Friday, and I'm still feeling like a huge baby... so I'm not sure how much truth is in that. But we'll see. I'm just hoping for a good night's sleep schedule again, since Monday I'm up bright and early at 4 for work. That's gonna be the worst part after two weeks off!
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snowepin Wrote:I feel sorry for my wife because of my snoring problem. And yet she understand :apology2: Good for you guys you could afford to do surgery but i cant. :-/
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duckydoom Wrote:@ Snowepin - do you have insurance? Mine covered my surgery in full, I think I have a $100 copay. I had to get it approved, but it was easier than I thought. The hard part for me was saving up enough time off and getting leave approved to have it done. I'm really lucky that I have a job where I can do that, I must admit.
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Evy Wrote:snowepin:

Same here. Insurance paid for mine but only after I jumped through a few hoops including repeating the baseline sleep study (had a different insurance at the time of the original and so they wanted a new study to verify the need for a CPAP). It took almost a year to get the final approval so it isn't always that easy. Physical examination and test results demonstrated that I was an appropriate candidate for UPPP. Not everyone is. It isn't a panacea and it may be that other treatment is more appropriate.

Are you currently using a xPAP or have you had a sleep study done? Certainly better (and cheaper in the long run) to deal with the apnea rather than all its complications.

Good luck to you and your wife in finding a solution that works best for you.
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duckydoom Wrote:Okay, so the nurse *may* have been right. I'm feeling loads better overall, though I still have the pain and make a pathetic noise when I yawn/burp/hiccup. That's the only thing I really have left to complain about. Weight loss is at 13 lbs so far (which is way better than when I'd stuck religiously to different diets such as Weight Watchers and Nutrisystem for a year!), and I'm at the 2 week mark today. My shoes are fitting better - I'd been wearing birkenstocks that I'd had to cut extra holes into so they'd fit my "fat foot," and I got to take them in 2 notches on both feet! I'm able to fit into clothes that I hadn't been able to in months, which I contribute to the better breathing while I sleep, which should be helping my body process the lymphatic fluids better (or so doc say).

I go in on August 3rd for a followup, and to get any remaining stitches out. I could go on and on about how much better I feel, but I think you guys get the point Wink My major turning point is the weight loss. Seriously... even with monitored diets and exercise, and even trying a starvation diet, I'd never seen such results. Could it truly be just the increase in oxygen while I sleep? That's what my doc says, and that's what I'll happily believe Big Grin
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archangle Wrote:
duckydoom,(time=1310796051) Wrote:My major turning point is the weight loss. Seriously... even with monitored diets and exercise, and even trying a starvation diet, I'd never seen such results. Could it truly be just the increase in oxygen while I sleep? That's what my doc says, and that's what I'll happily believe Big Grin
Congratulations on the weight loss. However, don't get too happy yet. Apnea can lead to water retention. Your comment about the feet definitely sounds like water retention. Losing the extra water is a good thing, but it only goes so far. You may also be losing weight because you're not eating much because of the throat pain.

Real weight loss from your improved health is also possible. With better health, you may also be more able to diet and exercise. Just don't get discouraged if your progress slows down after a while.
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Steven Wrote:So, how much of the weight loss is due solely because of the surgery & your inability to eat what you ate before the surgery?
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