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Trying to get UPPP surgery - Dr. denies me
duckydoom Wrote:I'd been on a 1200 calorie low sodium diet for about 3 months before the surgery, and before that had been working Nutrisystem and Weightwatchers for about a year with no results (that had me at around 1500-1800 cal/day). I'm pretty sure all of the loss is definitely water weight, I can tell because my poor skin is all loose where it had been stretched out so badly. I know it'll slow down, but even this is amazing... it's great not to have cracked skin and a "fat kid foot" as we used to call it. Wink
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duckydoom Wrote:So, it looks like nobody has posted for awhile, so I figure I'd post an update - I'm finally fully healed from the UPPP. My throat still gets dry if I talk too much, but according to my husband that's not necessarily a bad thing. The surgery site is a-okay, stitches are fully dissolved, and I'm good to go. I'm keeping the weight off, and slowly losing more.

I am still experiencing daytime sleepiness, and finally figured out the reason why. I had my repeat sleep study last night (the previous one was June 2009, and showed an average of 35 awakenings/hour and lots of crazy spaz movement from my arms and legs). The good news: The sleep apnea is COMPLETELY gone! There were 4 instances of paused breathing, but they were all clumped together and when I'd been startled awake. The not so good (but not horrible) news: the sleep doc was able to discern that I have alpha wave intrusion. Apparently they were not able to figure this out the first time I had the sleep study because the apnea was the primary problem. Now that it's gone, we can treat the alpha wave intrusion. He gave me an rx for 10mg of Amitriptyline, so I'm hoping that helps, too. They've taken me off the CPAP completely, which is a relief, because of all of the probs I'd had keeping it on anyways.

So - there's my update. I still concur that the UPPP/tonsillectomy is the least amount of fun I've had in my life EVER, but for me, it was worth it. I know that it can eventually lose it's effecacy (sp?), but for now, I'm glad to be able to sleep on my back again. Smile
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Misguided Wrote:Yeah, I had my tonsils out 22 years ago. Ended up back under anesthesia after hemorrhaging twice. "minor surgery" is a misnomer.

Sound like you are making progress on getting to the bottom of your issues, which is good.
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southernlady Wrote:I have had the Septal Reconstruction and a week later a UPPP in 2002 (weighed 250 at the time). At the time, I had somewhere in the range of 30+ apnea events. I was tested a month later, apnea gone. I also lost 13 lbs during the healing...the worst part was trying to eat sugar free stuff as that irritated the throat way too much. Fast forward to 2008, had a repeat sleep study, 3 apneas at that time. At that point in time, I weighed 210.

Now this year, in January, I had bariatric surgery (UPPP was a walk in the park compared to that). I am down to 135 (23 BMI) which is normal. I am not even overweight. Yet in Sept they did a new sleep study to see if I was still clear and it showed 6 apneas with very low oxygen twice.

BEST decision I ever made was to have the UPPP even tho I was told at the time it was a 70% chance of working. 70% was pretty good in my mind. It worked and remained working for almost a decade.

Quote:UVPPP rarely "cures" OSA, but it carries enough baggage for a trip to the Australian outback. For example;

Don't plan on taking a casual dive in the pool. The water pouring in though your nose would drown you in pretty short order. And nose clips won't stem the flow. Vise Grips might.

If you eat in a trendy restaurant, chew your food in small quantities and swallow carefully, otherwise your dining companion may be treated to the spectacle of a piece of vermicelli (the pasta, not the worm) falling out of your nose and onto the table with an embarassing splat.

I've had fewer colds, I can BREATHE which was difficult before the UPPP. I've never noticed an issue eating in restaurants or other places...can't speak to the diving issue as I don't dive into water (ear issues)

Talked to a new sleep doctor today...am going for a dental appliance to see if I can remain off the cpap. (was given one yesterday and will use it til I see the dentist).

If I could have the UPPP again, I would...but it's a one time shot.

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southernlady,(time=1320958906) Wrote:If I could have the UPPP again, I would...but it's a one time shot.

Glad to hear it was a success for you, Liz. That's great. UPPP seems to be one of those things where success cannot be predicted or assured... sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, sometimes it helps to a degree, but brings other annoying issues to the table...

It's good to get a wide variety of opinion on it, so people understand that while there have been successes, there are also risks and side-effects that may not have been taken into account prior to the operation.

Sleep well...

Apnea Board Administrator


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southernlady Wrote:I've had other surgeries and given even worse odds on outcomes than the UPPP...my back surgery was one with a 60% rate. I went in with my eyes wide open and not expecting a miracle...

It's like most surgeries...they aren't 100%, there are always risks and side effects that can happen.

If you get all sides and go in with the attitude that it IS surgery not a miracle cure, then it can be a viable option.

But wanted the OP and others to know that it CAN be an opti
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zonk Wrote:
Quote:But wanted the OP and others to know that it CAN be an option.
Absolutely right , be informed of all the risk and read the successes and the failures stories . Firstly imo give CPAP a fair chance it is not miracle cure but it can works for most simple and yet very effective .
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Okay, since I last posted on this thread:
I saw a second sleep doctor to see if there were other alternatives to my issue than the cpap as I feel it isn't a help to me. Esp since I also have insomnia and manage only about 4 hors a night of sleep anyway. The problems with insomnia is most of the same symptoms are also that of sleep apnea.

Anyway, the second doctor sent me to an oral maxillfacial surgeon to be evaluated. Turns out the issue isn't so easily cured with the cpap altho it can help, it's not designed to do what my body was needing. My esophagus is very skinny and the base of my tongue is too big, esp in a prone position. Positional changes during sleep aren't an option as back surgery keeps me on my back. So the end of this month, will be having the LeFort/SSRO procedure. And my insurance company approved it without an issue...since it is a medical not cosmetic procedure. What they will be doing (for those who don't know anything about that procedure) is break my jaws, move both upper and lower forward to increase the diameter of my airway and then wire it back to heal. 99% chance of curing my apnea.

I'll take those odds.

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(03-04-2012, 12:51 PM)southernlady Wrote: 99% chance of curing my apnea.

If he really said "99%" chance, run away and find another doctor.

Get the free SleepyHead software here.
Useful links.
Click here for information on the main alternative to CPAP.
If it's midnight and a DME tells you it's dark outside, go and check it yourself.
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(03-04-2012, 03:27 PM)archangle Wrote: If he really said "99%" chance, run away and find another doctor.

What he said was he had not had anyone he had done not be cured...and he's the head surgeon in a teaching hospital...you do not get there without a huge number of surgeries under your belt.


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