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Trying to understand the Sleep Report.
Trying to understand the Sleep Report.
I got the sleep report Last week. I met with the doctor but it's PCP. He did sign on prescription for the CPAP machine. I am on way to buy it from my pocket.
I have couple of questions for my report. You guys are too much knowledgeable. hope to find my answers.

1) Attachment :- first.jpg   

     Report included Position wise sleep and AHI. For right and Left the AHI is low. Will my apena will resolve if I sleep on one side and do some kind of exercise ?  I think my REM , Light and Deep percentage is ok. But still I am getting too much normal dream in night and not find refreshed in morning.

2) Attachment : Seocnd.jpg

     In Wake/Sleep stages, REM is high lighted with the red. Is that any specific meaning ?  
     My pulse rate is some time going beyond 100.  Will this be problematic ?

3) Attachment :- third.jpg
    It's suggest I have mild sleep apena. Will it be fix with some kind of exercise on longer run ?  Or should I wear the CPAP fill life. I am 35 year old.

Sorry for the long questions. But I am too much confused.
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RE: Trying to understand the Sleep Report.
Almost all of us do much better with obstructive events when we sleep on our sides versus sleeping on our backs.  Most of us keep trying to remember, when we awaken during the night, to turn onto our sides.  We tend to get better therapy, and that means better rest.

Your report says that you had an hourly AHI of 4.9, putting you well within the 'standard error of measurement' of both the machine and of your tolerance to this level of obstruction when you sleep (that's a somewhat educated guess).  What this means is that, even though you are technically a whole tenth under the 5.0 AHI limit for the medical system and the insurance industry, you do have enough of a problem that you should seriously consider getting a suitable machine.

Also, this will NOT improve over time, not even if you are fit and aging slowly as most of your age hope they do.  Rolleyes

REM sleep is always a good thing, particularly if it happens two or three times in a sleep session, and especially if it happens just prior to waking up after 6-8 hours of good sleep.  REM means you are dreaming, and it is an indicator that you probably have just climbed out of 'deep sleep'.  Most people dream for a few minutes at most during REM, sometimes only a single minute.  If it is there at all, whether recorded or not, it counts!  Your brain improves its function the next day when it has been brought to the dream state.

Your pulse probably rises during two events: dreaming and when you have gone over 11 seconds without breathing.  If you are a man, there is a bit more going on when you dream, as the term 'morning wood' will affirm.  Too-funny
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RE: Trying to understand the Sleep Report.
Thank you so much for detail explanation!

One last question.

Today, I Hhve order ResMed AirSense™ 10 AutoSet with P10 nasal pillow. 

What should be setting for the first day ?  Pressure and EPR setting ? Any other settings ?
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RE: Trying to understand the Sleep Report.
Try this:  Minimum pressure set to 7cm.  Maximum pressure set at 15cm.  
Set EPR to 3.  We can get a good feel where you are at from there, and make changes if necessary.

When you repost a chart, please follow the directions here:

When taking a Screenshot, use this: F12 key (on a Mac, Fn+F12)

Graphs needed to see:  Events, Flow Rate, Pressure, Flow Limitation and Leak Rate.
Include the left sidebar.  Eliminate the calendar and pie chart.
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RE: Trying to understand the Sleep Report.
Thank you for your kind response.
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RE: Trying to understand the Sleep Report.
Ketanerp - Regarding Question #3 above, think about sleep apnea like wearing glasses. A person gets glasses because they have a vision problem. If they wear the glasses for a few months/years, and then take the glasses off, the uncorrected vision returns to its status before the glasses were obtained. The glasses did not "cure" the vision, they just "treated" the problem. Same with CPAP. Cure, no. Treatment, yes. You can figure on using therapy forever unless you think "mild" sleep apnea can be ignored (which would be at your peril. The good news is that machines and masks have improved dramatically over the years, and thus I expect they will only get better in years to come.
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RE: Trying to understand the Sleep Report.
I agree Clownbell.  I’ll add to that by saying that using a Cpap is a lifestyle and becomes part of your bedtime routine like wearing a night guard for teeth grinding which I have to do as well. What motivates me to wear it is knowing I’m adding years to my life and improving my awareness and strength during the day! It takes a while to get used to it but once you do, it’s routine and you don’t think about it too much (but your significant other has to look at someone from outer space all night  Eat-popcorn
CA and OA decided to call HYOP and the 3 of them crashed RERA's place, and then the 4 of them decided to call Large Leak to meet in an Unclassified location while Rice95 had the best night of his life.

Bed         best sleep I've ever had...
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RE: Trying to understand the Sleep Report.
Thank you clownbell and Rice95 for your kind words. Waiting for my machine to start the treatment. Hope I feel good with the machine
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