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Tubing Makes A Difference

About a year ago I received a Responics System One Auto CPAP, but still used replacement tubing for an old ResMed machine along with a ResMed Mirage Quattro full face mask. The tubing was not of the quality as the original.

The auto on feature on the new machine rarely worked and I questioned the provider about this as I was also concerned that since the auto on wasn't working perhaps the auto pressure while I was sleeping wasn't either. I was told that this just happens sometimes not to worry about it..

I just came home from a ten day stay in the local hospital. While there I was provided with an identical machine as the one I had at home, the only difference being the tubing and the face mask . The respiratory therapist described the mask as a throw away kind as the mask and hose are discarded after each patient. When I was released from the hospital I brought the hose and mask home.

Not really liking the mask I exchanged the new hose with the one on my machine.

What a difference!! Every time I put my mask on the machine starts up on its own. I even believe I'm sleeping better but that may because I'm just home from the hospital.

The tubing really made a difference

Though I'd pass my experience on in case anyone else had a similar problem

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Interesting. Because of the antiasphyxia valve in the elbow a full face mask, auto on sometimes does not work.
For the hose to make a difference sort of defies logic. I mean one tends to think: A hose is a hose.
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Thanks for the information, but this conclusion seems dubious. Unless the two hoses have different diameters, there aren't any other reasons I can think of for them to perform differently. That said, I suspect there is some other variable at play that can account for the difference in user experience.
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"... replacement tubing for an old ResMed machine ... " ? did the old one have any kinks or flat spots? same length as the one from hospital ?

Other than that, better check the anti asphyxia valve in your mask. If auto ON didn't work before but does now, the valve may have problems opening which is not a good thing... unless previously it was too loose.
Everything I post on this board is nothing more than an opinion expressed by an apneak. Normally, it's based on facts and experience but sometimes, I may get things wrong or not have all the facts.
I reserve the right to change my mind. Why? Because tomorrow I may know better.
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There being no doubt in my mind that the new hose is responsible for the improved performance of my machine I compared the two hoses and found the new one to be significantly bigger.

Having no way to measure the hoses I have attached a picture showing the difference.

[Image: DSC01366_zps25pwat4s.jpg]
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They both look like 22mm hoses. The top one appears to have a bigger external wire coil. But, I think they have essentially equal bore diameters.
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To answer the question about the inside diameter of the tubing I literally gave the two tubes the finger Smile. Using my middle finger I stuck it in each tube, With the old tube I could only get my finger past the first knuckle whereas with the new tube it went past my middle knuckle.

I realize my experience defies conventional wisdom but my auto CPAP now starts up 100% of the time before I can finish getting my full face mask on. This also make me wonder in what other ways the proper tubing is influencing the machine's operation.

IMO this just shows that not all tubing meets the specs of the manufacturer of the machine and that there are cheaper "knock offs" being sold.
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Tubing is relatively cheap and available everywhere online. I know the knock-off tubing feels different, and is usually stiffer. There really is not a good reason to buy a tube just because it's $6 and the good stuff costs $12. That said, I now use 15mm heated tubing, which is even more flexible and comfortable, and costs $40, and I cover it in a fleece cover. For something you use every day, and rely on to be comfortable, it doesn't make sense to get cheap.
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I admit to not liking the cheap knock-offs my DME foists upon me.
1) The knock-off is 6' in length; the genuine article is 2 meters.
2) The knock-off seems flimsy.
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They are different inside diameters so, that knock-off tubing may meet the spec for the slimline and simply require the machine to be set to 15mm.

From pg 9 of System One user manual:

Tubing Type - This setting allows you to select the correct size diameter tubing that you are using with the device. You
can choose either “22” for any Respironics 22 mm tubing, or “15” for the optional Respironics 15 mm tubing.
Everything I post on this board is nothing more than an opinion expressed by an apneak. Normally, it's based on facts and experience but sometimes, I may get things wrong or not have all the facts.
I reserve the right to change my mind. Why? Because tomorrow I may know better.
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