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Turned 30, OSA dx, now CPAP
Afternoon all,
I'm a 30 y/o that just got diagnosed when I decided to set myself up with a PCP since I was turning the big three oh. I also stated that I'm pretty much tired all the time, sleep 12-14 hrs (though felt quality was good) and still took naps. Sleep study results:

Testing began at 2123 and ended at 0555, total recording time of 511.2 minutes. Sleep latency was 18.3 minutes and the latency to the first occurrence of Stage R was 105 minutes. There were 5 Stage R periods observed on this study night; 19 awakenings and 71 total stage transitions.

The patient experienced 7 apneas total. Of these, 5 were identified as obstructive, 0 were mixed, and 2 were central apneas. This resulted in an apnea index (AI) of 0.9 apneas/hour of sleep. The patient experienced 89 hypopneas in total, which resulted in a hypopnea index of 11.2 an hour. The overall apnea-hypopnea index (AHI) was 12.1 events/hr, while the AHI during Stage R sleep was 35.7 events/hr.
Desatted to 86% though average throughout the night was 97%.
The patient experienced 289 arousals in total time in bed, for an arousal index of 36.3. Of these, 82 were identified as respiratory related, 42 were PLM related, and 165 were spontaneous (no known cause).
Cardiac was good, highest rate was 96, average was 57.

Sleep apnea/hypopnea syndrome, AHI index at 12.1, lowest saturation 86%.
Limb movement index 11. Borderline limb movement with arousal index 5.3
Test done with no o2 supplementation. Increased ESS- clinical correlation needed.

They said I have sleep apnea. I never thought I would. I just got my CPAP today. It's the Resmed Airsense 10 Autoset. I thought I would only get the Elite. I'm not sure if I even need the Autoset. I liked how the Elite could detect centrals. I don't think the Autoset can.

Any tips or tricks? Tonight will be the first night I'm using the CPAP at home. I must admit, my titration sleep study was horrible and I never had a worse night sleep. For realz.

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(07-14-2016, 08:57 PM)jedirye Wrote: I thought I would only get the Elite. I'm not sure if I even need the Autoset. I liked how the Elite could detect centrals. I don't think the Autoset can.

Yes, the Autoset can detect centrals. The Autoset can run in straight CPAP mode or auto mode. Auto mode will adjust from night to night.

You'll probably use it to titrate an effective pressure window. To use the Elite they would have to have added a titration study.

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JustMongo passed away in August 2017
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Wish I had a Dx when I was your age, sucks to get one, totally sucks to need it and not know it. It does not fix itself or go away, use the machine and have a happier life.

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As PoolQ said, it sucks more to need one and not know. I'd like to get a lot of years of my life back.

As far as tips, the best one I have is to keep a positive attitude and look at the machine as an allay in getting better health and quality of life and not as a hated enemy. Then remember that it is a process, not an on/off switch. It can time some time to get used to sleeping with the mask on and the slight noise of the machine in the room with you. Some get used to it quicker than others. Keep at it, ask questions, make changes -- you can make it work for you.

Finally, install SleepyHead (link at top of page) and use it to monitor your own therapy. No one will ever care more about your health and quality of life than you do.
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Thanks for the input. Day 1 (or Night 1?) with it wasn't horrible; it was WAY better than my titration study. I still slept 11hrs though so maybe I'll stop sleeping as much eventually. I also took a 4 hour nap that day too...

I'll install this SleepHead software and see what it's about. The sleep report on the Resmed is pretty limited.

I'm definitely trying to view this CPAP as an ally but I must admit, I initially really just wanted to give surgery a go and cross my fingers. It's stupid to not give the non-invasive machine a try first, though.

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Wow, that SleepyHead software covers a lot.

My AHI index last night was 3.55. Apparently my mask was leaking way too much. Average leak rate 13.xx. 90% leak rate at like 28.xx.

I guess I'll strap that to my nose a bit tighter. I got a pretty "invasive" nasal mask because I'm a thrasher in bed. The hubs says I punch, kick, and throw pillows.

That's some good stuff. What about the built in ResMed monitoring software? Is it worth it or no? I think I have to go online to access it, etc.

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Most "consumer" level software is for a smiley face "your doing a great job, keep it up". If that floats your boat, use it.
Tighter is not always better with masks. Adjust the straps 1/8" at a time, they are quite sensitive. Don't tighten them so much that you crush the silicon seal, it need to "float" with the air pressure to seal properly. Get it set, turn on the air, pull it slightly away from you face to inflate, and let it sit back down.

A leak of 28 is only 4 above what the system can handle, so not all that bad, but some "work" to be done.

Not a bad 1st night overall, once you get the big things settled down, don't get frustrated if you find little things start bothering you more. It's a process and there are many adjustments that can be made if you need them
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Hi jedirye,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
It's good that you are trying CPAP therapy first, instead of surgery because, from what I have read here, most people that have the surgery have to wind up using a CPAP machine.
I know it can take some getting used to but, you'll get there.
Hang in there for more responses to your post and much success to you on your CPAP journey.
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I have the Eson too, and I like it a lot. The mask seal comes in three sizes. I was measured to be small, and it works, but I find the medium works just as well and is more comfortable for me. Ultimately what is important is what works for you.

PoolQ's advice was spot-on. This mask does not like to be over tightened and needs to be adjusted in very small increments to find the sweet spot for your face. If you get it too tight, it will leak even more. I don't know how you have it set now, so will leave it to you if you will tighten or loosen. It took me a few nights to get it perfect.

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regarding the sleep movements and the long sleeping times, you may find that as your body begins to "trust sleep" that you will sleep better and deeper and wake sooner. It is possible that the thrashing is your body's response to strangling... that too may become a thing of the past. Qualified with may in both cases, as we are all different and there may be other causes for your sleep disturbances in conjunction with the apnea. however... this was certainly the case for me. It has taken a while, and not instant, but I do infact sleep better, need less sleep, and move much less while sleeping.

Good luck, and
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