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UPPP, Septoplasty & Turbinate Reduction
(07-10-2015, 12:59 PM)meguys123 Wrote: I had the procedure done 8 days ago....I'll keep you posted

I read through this thread really hoping to find out how your surgery went !! If you have time could you let us know how things worked out ? Is your RDI lower ? How are your daytime symptoms ?

I'll detail my similar experiences in another thread one day.

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Suggest you also read Stephen Park MD's book.

Maybe your turbonates are enlarged for a reason..is reflux a possible antagonist? Surgeons might not check.
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Hi Guys:

Here is my UPPP Story:

Am on high dose Percocet so if this message is wacky, don't be surprised.

I have been using my Dreammachine CPAP Auto for about 6 weeks and it was helping alot at night. But, my large soft palate made exhalation out of my nose difficult even during the day, could not sneeze out of nose and was very frustrated with daytime breathing.

I had the turbinectomy, sinus windows and septum fixed up about 15 years ago.

I was refered to the local ENT by my sleep therapist, NP.
I have read on other sites about the problems with UPPP. I was told by the surgeon that I would see a good response to opening up my throat since it was very obvious my uvulla was way too large and my throat was too narrow.
I chose to go ahead with the UPPP. Surgery was last week on Thursday Dec 8th at a small regional hospital OP surgery dept.

. I was prepared for the pain and boy was I not disappointed. Reminded me of my tonsillectomy when I was 9 y.o. only much worse.

I am a retired IV pharmacist so I told the MD i would like to keep in my IV catheter so I could do both oral and IV hydration since it seemed that many of the horror stories about UPPP's involved pts not getting enough fluid down and plugging up/ drying up.

(no IV pain meds though....heh)

. I finally pulled the IV line last night when I noticed some swelling in my feet. I figured I was getting too aggressive with my fluids. Now I can sip fluids, cool water, or warm like hot chocolate.

Now at day 4, if I take my Percocet 7.5, using 1 tab q 4hr around the clock and Celebrex 200mg q12h I am surviving well.

. these 2 meds are godsends and I can eat soft food at about 1hr after taking my pain meds.
I am able to tolerate Malto-meal with lots of milk.....Yay!!!, soft scrambled eggs, ice cream, yogurt and yesterday for the first time some sips of mountain dew....heh. Had major caffiene loss headache for 3 days.

I still need the CPAP while napping/ sleeping due to swelling palate and pharynx.

Nice neighbors brought in food for my wife.....Kentucky Fried chicken and left overs from a Church Christman party....damn that smelled so good I tried to eat a drum stick and survived Wink
Neighbors brought over popcicles and icecream for me... The popsicles work great when I am late with a pain med dose, numbing my incisions enough to swallow my pain meds.

Well, enuf for now.. will give updates if you want. I will keep on cpap till cleared to stop.

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Hi scotty! It's good to hear you are doing well. How long do you expect before you can add some bacon with the eggs and some pie with the ice cream?

Keep us informed.
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I hope your healing well and the procedure is helping!
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(12-12-2016, 05:08 PM)Mr. Van Winkle Wrote: I hope your healing well and the procedure is helping!

Thanks all for your encouragement... two step forward, one back..

Very very hungary sic heh and decide for lunch to try some pancakes..

Tasted great! But chunks got lodged in sutures and just gently coughing the food back to chew again caused enough trauma that the last 3 hours have been baaaaaad....hick

Fortunately I still have popcicles. Ate one, slowly, and took my Percocet and should be good for another 4 hours.

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We are rooting for you.Okay
Just my personal opinion. My posts are not medical advice or a statement of fact. Please consult a qualified physician or other qualified medical personnel. Please comply with all applicable laws, codes, regulations, and protocols.
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