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Update [still feel tired at 10 days of use]
Update [still feel tired at 10 days of use]
Hello Guys,

According to sleepyhead and MyAir i think i have really good stats. GReat compliance, good usage low AHI etc. The problem is i still feel TIRED when i wake up. Can someone help me figure it out? is it because i am still getting used to the machine? 

I have been using it for approx 10 days now

any input would be appreciated.

Thank you

I have attached screenshots for the past 2 days

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
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RE: Update
some people 'take to it like a duck to water', others take more time. I picked up my first machine on a friday night. I was pretty excited that by monday I was going to feel back to 'normal', rarin' to go. I'm sure I'm on the extreme end of the continuum but 2.5 years later I still do not feel 'normal'. don't get me wrong, I feel much better, much less sick and noticeably less tired, but still too sleepy during the day to function 'normally'. I figure 60ish years of untreated apnea might take a while to recover from. in addition, many of us have other things going on that affect sleep. for example, I now have my ahi down quite low (almost always below 1) but I suffer from sleep fragmentation, due I believe, to periodic limb movements, which cpap doesn't treat. cpap relieves a huge part of the problem - i.e., apnea, the one with the most damaging consequences - but I still have things to work on. take comfort though that most people feel significant improvement within days to a few months depending how long it takes to get properly and optimally set up. stay with it! you might be saving your life from consequences of apnea and with perseverance you should continue to feel better as time goes on.
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RE: Update
Seven months now, and I'm still waiting for the train to pull into the station........ Dont-know
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RE: Update
Along the same theme, no perceived change, I never did feel 'off', and didn't have worried comments from others near me before being diagnosed.  It was two bouts of AFib within four weeks of each other that got ME worried.  But, just as many seem to feel no improvement, even with great numbers, I don't feel different either.  I always felt okay about sleep, and that hasn't changed appreciably now 15 months into tmt.  SSssssooooooooooo…….maybe it's just an unfortunate fact of life for so very many of us.  Our brains tell us we are 'fixed', so-to-speak, but we don't experience what we feel should be improvements along the way.  It's surprisingly common.
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RE: Update
Before being diagnosed with SA, I was diagnosed and successfully treated for A-Fib. I had a one time cardioversion treatment for the A-Fib.

I was expecting some kind of improvement in how I would feel. It never came. You would think that if your heart isn't beating normally, and someone told you so, and they said that they could fix that, you would expect to feel better. I never had high blood pressure until after I was treated. Now, that's an issue. 

Don't get me wrong! I will continue to treat my SA. I know I'm still somewhat early into the process and I'm more than willing to give it more time. I do know that my SA isn't nearly as severe as some others. If for some reason, I were to miss a week or two of treatment, I'd be fine. 

I find myself wanting to take a night off at times. For the most part, I resist the urge. But, if I have a bad day and I'm just not in the mood to gear up when it comes time for bed, I don't. I come here to learn from others and to remain motivated. This forum and it's members help out immensely. 

Anyways, growing older isn't for everyone, although everyone has to do it. As I grow older, I find myself trying to deal with it on my terms. It's not always a smooth and wrinkle-free process though.  Rolleyes
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RE: Update
Maybe this isn't going to motivate you much, but I think having a realistic set of expectations is a good thing. You already know that many PAP users complain of feeling no better on therapy, and some report feeling worse.

Now, you're in the right place to remove one possible problem - that your treatment isn't optimised.

It might be however, that you're never going to feel refreshed after sleep. I'm sorry to say that, but it's possible and it has certainly been my experience.

My guess is that PAP has side effects that aren't widely known or understood. It's an enormous, profitable - and growing - industry these days, and I'm not aware of any credible research being done into these issues. Just like the pharmas weren't interested in research aimed at preventing stomach ulcers while they were making millions out of just treating the symptoms, it's unlikely that the PAP manufacturers are going to look at cures, or even look at the downsides associated with their products unless forced to. Perhaps the medical profession, generally speaking, thinks that box has been ticked now that apnea can be 'treated'.

You do need to continue therapy though. My opinion is that the low energy is the lesser of two evils. There is a good chance that apnea caused my heart disease and heart attack and, having used CPAP for quite a few years now, I am awaked by apneas if, for some reason, the machine doesn't prevent it - and boy, do I hate them. The damage they can do is very real to me now and I shudder to think what my poor body was going through before my apnea was treated.

As others have said, PAP is a band aid, not a cure. I hope that, one day, the research will be done, the shortcomings/side effects dealt with, and a better version or better alternative developed. In the meantime, we just have to accept there are side effects, as there are to many therapies.
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RE: Update
I have been on CPAP for about 14 years. Feel great now but it took years for that to happen. Don't give up.
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RE: Update
Thanks for telling me to stick with it. 

That's what I was talking about, when I mentioned this forum and it's members.  like
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RE: Update
e46zhpm3, if you read some of our replies to be a little discouraging, think of it this way: you are one of the lucky ones whose treatment is going well right out of the gate. further, now you know you aren't alone in not feeling as energetic as you'd like and that it might take a while. at least for me, change has been so incremental it's practically not noticeable but if I think hard to remember how bad it was for me a year ago and how much worse it was 2+ years ago, the difference is night and day. I'm grateful for how much better things are even if I don't feel it's enough yet. I have to believe slow incremental improvement will continue. in addition, with your numbers looking good you can be secure in the knowledge that you've substantially reduced the negative effects of apnea, freeing you to devote your energy to determining if other issues might be negatively affecting your sleep.
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RE: Update
Thank you guys for all of your personal stories! It def seems that it is not uncommon to feel no different. I was just super motivated and hyped by reading all of the success stories about life changing feelings etc.

I guess ill stick to it, I know it has reduced many negative things with respect to Apnea however my thing is, I FEEL MORE TIRED when i wake up then without the machine. Even though the #'s are great, im REALLY hoping this is just an adjustment period. I would be happy wtih going back to how i felt before but with reduced #'s.

As it stands now, i might be taking care of negative impacts on my body BUT i FEEL worse when i wake up. 

Anyways, really happy with the feedback and support from this community. I guess i wont give up,

BTW im 32 years young, many people have been using it for years and thats amazing! Sometimes it feels hard to keep trying but i guess ill do it.  Dont-know
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