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Upgrade to El Capitan?
(01-18-2016, 08:09 PM)pupcamper Wrote:
(12-06-2015, 10:36 AM)49er Wrote:
(12-03-2015, 09:59 PM)cate1898 Wrote: I have never figured out why Notes on my iPhone 6 don't sync back to my iMac or MBA? If I make a note in Notes on my iMac it does sync to my iPhone. I am afraid of making any changes and lose my iPhone notes. I keep lots of stuff there I don't want to forget.

To top it off, now I'm having problems with intermittant touchscreen recognition problems where it doesn't respond or an app not even close to the one I press opens up. This iPhone 6 is a replacement for the original one I bought 1 year ago as the first one would suddenly shut completely off with tons of battery power left. Thank goodness for having bought AppleCare!

Hi Cate,

I feel your pain big time. I finally did get everything syncing by going through ICloud. But if you asked me to explain how I did it, I wouldn't be able to.Smile

Good luck in getting your problems sorted out.

I finally did upgrade to El Capitan. Can't really say I notice a difference but it is hard to say. Internet speed seems slower since I upgraded and unfortunately, my ISP, Verizon, isn't any help.

Hi, 49er. If you are still concerned about your payment info being filed with Apple, you may be able to go to your account at the App Store and remove that information. I used the App Store for years for upgrades, etc without a payment method listed. I use a prepaid credit card with a small amount on it now so it is easier to purchase music, apps, etc.

As far as I know most apps you want to sync between Apple devices need to be set up for iCloud sharing in the settings for each device you want to sync with. Some apps like Evernote and Dropbox use their own cloud systems to sync their apps and they are setup in app's settings.

I upgraded our late 2007 iMac to el Capitan and it does a good job with general web browsing, email and light applications. It doesn't do so well with larger programs, transferring large files via the internet or tasks that require multiple windows or apps to be open at the same time. It is just too slow. It does very well for my wife's scrapbooking apps. We ended up buying a new iMac to run our photo editing apps and Windows virtual machines on.

Thanks pupcamper, I got over my hesitation. Smile All jokes aside, I am not sure why this bothered me as I think this is standard procedure.

In spite of everything being set up correctly per Apple support, still have trouble with contacts and calendar syncing in going from computer to device. With the calendar, I came with a work around solution as I just need to type one character on the device and for the rest of the day, anything I type on the computer will synch over. Unfortunately, for contacts, there aren't any workarounds as I have to type everything on the device for it to sync over.

Anxiously waiting for an IOS update to solve this problem. Apple support didn't have any suggestions unfortunately.

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I haven't had a problem syncing calendar events, but I only create them on the Mac because I like the interface better so there may be a problem there I am not aware of. Creating contacts is just the opposite. I create new contacts exclusively on my iOS devices and have never had a syncing problem. I do use the Mac to group my contacts because I like to set a master ring tone for each group so the default will be for unknown numbers. That way I can let unknown numbers roll over to voice mail so I can decide if I want to call them back.
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I'm running a late 2007 iMac (like your old one) with 6 GB of RAM. OWC sells ram that will let you do this as well as Crucial Ram. Any other brands won't work. I am able have several windows open as well as running some video conversions at the same time without any problems.

My laptop is a new 13" MacBook Pro Retina with 16 GB ram. I have linked my calendar and contacts between the two without any problems. I run an Android based phone so I haven't sync'd my contacts. I have a one way sync (computer to phone) for my calendar and that works quite well. We are debating about whether to stay with Android or go to Apple in the next couple of weeks. BTW, we are also with Verizon for wireless and Comcast for the house.

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Thanks for the info. I have as much OEM ram installed as the computer will accept. I may want to change it later. Right now we are just using it for my wife's scrappbooking programs as a back up in case one of us has the new computer tied up and the other needs a computer for some reason. To tell the truth we both usually use iPads to surf the web.
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I do most of my work on the Mac as it has two monitors. I use the MacBook to surf in the living room and also when I go to meetings and such. I am the secretary for several groups at our church as well as a couple of other organizations. I use both OneDrive and DropBox to keep some of the files straight.

The MacBook is maxed out at 16 GB of Ram and has a 256 GB SSD. Even with everything on it, I still have plenty of room.

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We considered going with a SSD when we bought our iMac. I just couldn't convince my wife they are safe.
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(01-21-2016, 06:41 PM)pupcamper Wrote: We considered going with a SSD when we bought our iMac. I just couldn't convince my wife they are safe.

what isnt safe in a laptop is spindles... SSD is awesome! Faster and more reliable than spindles - makes laptop perform as well or better than your desktop!
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I'd love to put an SSD in my desktop machine, but it is too old. I have an 8 year old iMAC that runs everything I need to without any problems. I have the latest OS and the latest versions of most of the software I use. I do some graphics and A/V work and it does the job.

Hard drive went out last summer and I put in a 1 TB drive. Got it home, restored my backup and was up and running in a little over an hour from the time I plugged everything in. Key to success is to have a good backup.

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I use Cabon Copy Cloner to backup both Macs and the hard drive I use to store my picture files on every night. I learned a long time ago to backup.
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I run Time Machine for my local backup and Carbonite for off-site. I also backup to one of my external drives when I want to start doing some serious sorting work - such as deleting a whole bunch of duplicate pictures. Don't like to work without a net.

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