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Using APAP for Almost a Year with No Improvement!
Thanks again. I wish I had known about the SleepyHead software months ago so I could start to be a participant in my own care. I will increase pressures tonight!
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Please give us an update after a few nights.
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I'll take a guess at this.... I think your mask is too tight and I think your sleeping position is not optimal, and your "large leaks" are too large, which is probably because your mask is too tight. You could have other things going on of course, but for openers simple things that can be done are:

1. Go to a pillows mask, and if you need it to keep the leakage down, a chinstrap to encourage your mouth to stay shut.

2. Make sure you sleep on your side, or, if you cannot do that because of other issues, make sure the head of your bed is well elevated.

I'm not sure if all your symptoms are caused by apnea, but this would be a good place to start.

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I did not know that a pillows mask is better for leakage. I have one that I never used that I can try. I think I sleep on my side but will try to be more aware of this.
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(02-22-2015, 08:07 PM)yenrac Wrote: I did not know that a pillows mask is better for leakage. I have one that I never used that I can try. I think I sleep on my side but will try to be more aware of this.

It's not so much that it's better for controlling leakage, it's just that the nasal mask, if applied too tightly, can cause leaks --- and nasty headaches.

But I do think you'll enjoy the pillows mask better than the nasal mask.

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(02-22-2015, 08:54 PM)yenrac Wrote: I did not know that a pillows mask is better for leakage. I have one that I never used that I can try. I think I sleep on my side but will try to be more aware of this.

In 2008 I started with a nasal mask. I fairly quickly moved the Mirage LT, then the FX and recently to the Airfit P10. Each was an improvement, but I never missed that nasal mask. The newest nasal mask has a quiet air diffuser that doesn't blow on my wife, or me. It is lower profile and allows me to sleep in any position without excessive leaks. It's not perfect, but hey, we've been dealt this positive air pressure gig. Good call by retired_guy
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I had the Mirage FX also and like the fit. Recently the supplier switched me over to the AirFit N10. I will check into it. Thanks
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Airfit P10 is the shizzle! Really nice mask. If it's been less than 30 days ask for a swap.
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I'm glad you are taking an active control over your treatment. it is and probably was sub-optimal. You have noted that there are many events that can be improved by raising the min pressure. That upper pressure was reached several times during the sample night, so agree also that bumping that up a bit is the way to go. If you have any problems with starting at 10, you may want to turn ON ramp at your past minimum of 8, for 5 minutes. But only until you have gotten used to the 10 cmH2O, unless you like it.

From your respiration, it does look like you are dreaming, routinely. This is a good sign.

I agree with others, also, that if you can do well with two sleeps you ought to go for it. Once you get the really good sleep, you can transition back into one session.

a historical clip of my journey is below. you'll see we do vary quite a bit as we gain control... and check out my sessions, I took breaks a lot of those nights.

good luck


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This may not help the OP but I have a question concerning the pressure graph on the sample night. According to the scale on the Y axis, the machine was at 0 cm/H2O for a significant part of the night. I have not seen that before. How does that work?

Best Regards,


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